Social Media Facts and Statistics
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Social Media Facts and Statistics

Social Media 62% of adults worldwide now use social media.
An average internet user spends 16 hours online a month,
while an average American spends 32 hours online. 79% of USA population is online (244 million),
which puts it in 5th place. Countries with a higher percentage are
Japan 80% (102 million), France 80% (52 million),
Germany (82%) and United Kingdom 85% (53 million).
456 people online make China the country with the most people online (only 34% of population) Facebook is the biggest social network
and it now has over 900 Million users worldwide. 43% of its users are male and 57% female. Average users will spent 20 minutes on facebook,
per visit, they will like 2.7 billion pages a day,
and upload 250 million photos. An average Facebook user has 130 friends
and likes 80 pages. Brazil has the highest number of online friends,
with an average of 481 per user and Japan the lowest, with an average of just
29 per user. Twitter is the world’s second largest social
network, which has over 140 million active users
who tweet 340 million times a day. An average Twitter user has 126 followers.
40% of Twitter users do not tweet anything. 0.05% of total twitter population attracts
almost 50% of all the users. 25% of all Twitter users have no followers.
8% of Americans use Twitter. YouTube is the world’s largest video network.
It has over 800 million unique visitors each month.
In 2011 YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 views for every person on earth.
While you have watched this video over 150 hours
of other videos have been uploaded to YouTube.

51 thoughts on “Social Media Facts and Statistics

  1. I think you may have gotten your stats wrong. I'm about 90% sure that South Korea has 100% connectivity.

  2. Great video, although when it said the average person is online for 16 hours a month, I was thinking 16 hours per day, right? xD

  3. Infographics like this are the reason why people don't understand descriptive statistics. If you're going to portray data visually, make sure that sizes are proportional and in context (see rankings of % of population online as represented by country flags). Very pretty, very misleading. Especially when the China flag, representing a much smaller % dwarfs all others.

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