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Social Media Dangers

There is a long and ever-growing list of dangers posed by social media. The website provides free information on a wide variety of these social media dangers. We explain the issue, put it in context with
examples, then point you to laws that may apply, as well as possible options.
Dangers unique to social media include cyberbullying, cyberstalking and cyberharassment, social media shaming, geolocation, sexting and revenge porn, social media feuds and clickbait.
Social media facilitates the spread of bad news so we have pages devoted to inappropriate activity, lack of awareness, virality, private information leaks, invasion of privacy, and social media monitoring. The content of social media is often the subject of legal battles. Issues such as free speech, fair use, false accusations, retaliation,
content ownership, intellectual property, and mature content.
Social media law applies to business through consumer protection, online reviews and
ratings, government regulations, employment law as well as sweepstakes and contests.
Legal problems also persist in the areas of social media account ownership, hacking, security, the Internet of Things, virtual property, account termination, and what
happens to your accounts after you die. New social media legal problems pop up all the time so we are constantly adding to this list.
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As always this video contains general information and nothing in it should be considered legal advice. For legal advice contact a licensed attorney. I’m Kent Ninomiya.

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