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Social Media Command Center Banco Santander- Zeus

I’m Diego Iglesias, social network analyst at Santander Group. We’re in the corporate communication department and basically we analyze the social networks activity of the group, both the commercial and the reputation activity. I’m Eduardo Bendala, I’m the corporative director at internet communication leader of the Santander group What we do basically, is tracking, monitoring and interpreting everything that is being published about us on the internet, both in the online mediums and the social networks, as well as forums or any other digital domain. We have chosen Zeus, as the solution to see all of our Social Networks data grouped in the same panel. First, because it is a Spanish company, It’s a local company, very enterprising and very creative and we value it very much from the Santander group and it allows us to have a global vision of the more than 200 profiles that we have in the group such as trading accounts, universities, sponsorships and other business accounts. Thanks to the Video Wall of Zeus what we do is integrate, we make a global vision. Simultaneously, we can see all that’s happening in all the countries and we can relate things, we can relate one news with the viral movement in Social Networks we can see simultaneously what is happening in our internet campaigns, whether they are from words or from social networks. We can see what is happening in our profiles in Social Networks. And that was something that before we couldn’t do easily since we had to work with reports, documents or sending mails. Now we can simply come together around the Video Wall and explain step by step what they see if there’s any doubt. Our Video Wall is really one of the most complicated in the market because it not only covers the social networks, but also marketing and communication data. Through a smart phone app we have the ability to control which panels we see and expand those that interest us in any moment. Being able to connect all the social networks of the group and all the social noise that happens on the internet in general through the graphics and simple metrics allows us sometimes even not to open the email. It is enough to combine the screen to really know what we should care about now and where we can direct our attention.

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