Social Media Buzz Words – Free English lesson to learn trending words
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Social Media Buzz Words – Free English lesson to learn trending words

Hi guys, have you liked my facebook fan page?
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What is hash tag? Are you wondering what is hash tag? Well this sign is called a hash
tag and in this lesson we are going to find out how can we use hash tag to talk about
social media terms. So hash tag is a buzzword and today we are looking at many more words
that have created a buzz. So stay tuned with me, I am Michelle. Okay, so guys here we are and we have a lot
of words with us which are actually called buzzwords which means that they have created
a buzz on the social media platform. What do we mean by buzz? Buzz means a lot of noise.
So when people talk about something they create a buzz about it. Okay, so these words have
created a buzz on the social media platform. The first word that we have with us is, uhh,
how do we pronounce this? I’m sure you may have come across this word but you are actually
may be pronouncing it as meme or meme. Well that’s not the correct pronunciation. The
correct pronunciation of this word rhymes with the word dream. So the way you say dream,
the same way you say this word which is meme. So the correct pronunciation for this word
is meme and you say it just like you say dream. Okay, now we look at rest of the words that
we have with us. Oh hold on what do we really mean by a meme? What is a meme? So meme is
a very popular message which could be a picture or a joke or a video or a text message that
becomes so popular that everyone starts sharing it, either on twitter, instagram, face book
or any other social media platform. So anything that becomes viral is called meme. So anything
that becomes popular, a popular message. If you heard me carefully, I said that becomes
viral is a meme. So viral is when something becomes so popular that almost everyone is
sharing it. So it could be any meme, like it could be a text message, it could be a
picture or a video. And when everyone around you, you know you open your face book page
and you see that so many people have shared the same video, that’s when you know that,
that video is viral which means that it’s very, very popular. Very popular. The next
word that we have with us is a thread. So what is a thread? So thread is actually a
very long string. Okay as we know of it. As a noun thread is a very long string. But how
can we actually use it in social media terminology? Alright so whenever someone posts a picture
okay when someone posts a picture or a message or maybe even a video and there are lot of
people commenting over it, right. And if there’s a particular comment which has many comments
in response, that’s when there’s a thread over the video, which means that there are
lot of comments and in response to those comments, there are more comments. So this is what thread
is. Comments in response to an original post, comments on an original post. And this kind
of a thread usually only develops on an original post. You cannot have it on a shared post,
it’s always on an original post and there are people commenting one after the other
and it actually becomes a discussion where people are discussing about the video or may
be some other topic. Okay, the next one we have is blogosphere.
So this word is a combination of two words which are blog and atmosphere. So who lives
in the atmosphere? We all live in the atmosphere. But who lives in blogosphere? Blogs live in
blogosphere. So blogosphere is a network of blogs where there are a lot of bloggers who
are constantly blogging and sometimes there are certain topics which most of the bloggers
are talking about. So sometimes it could be a celebrity right or it could be a news. So
like if you could say that Ellen Spritzer scandal is the topic of the blogosphere which
means that all the bloggers are talking about the scandal or this news. So blogosphere is
blog atmosphere where blogs and bloggers live. So are you living in a blogosphere? Okay these
days most of us are. Alright we can also have vlogospshere which means that where videos
live. Video blogs and atmosphere come together to form vlogospshere. So at this moment we
are all in vlogospshere because you are watching my video.
Okay, now the next one we have is micro blogging. So micro means something which is very tiny,
okay very small or tiny. Micro means tiny. And blogging you surely know. A log on the
web is a blog, right, where you write something on the web, that’s called a blog. Now when
you have a very small blog, a tiny blog, that’s called micro blogging. So where do you find
tiny blogs? You find them on twitter, right. When you write a tweet it’s called a micro
blog because it’s so tiny and there are certain set of numbers that you must follow to write
a tweet on twitter. You cannot cross that number. So you cannot write a tweet for 500
or 800 words. You have to follow the give number of words. So micro blogging or tiny
blogs. Okay, with this we come to the buzz word or the word of the lesson. WOTL which
means word of the lesson. Okay so hash tag is used for social tagging. So if there’s
a particular topic and there are lot of people talking about it and they want to find out
about the topic on the social platform, it could be twitter, face book, instagram or
any other social platform, then they have to hash tag it which is social tagging to
find out about it. So if you want to find out about my face book page, then you need
to #MichelleESL and you’ll reach my face book page. The same way we have other common hash
tags which are very popular and people around the world follow them okay.
The first one that we have is here on my t-shirt. What do you read? It’s TBT. So TBT is throwback
Thursday. I’ll come to the meaning in a moment. So you use this hash tag, throwback Thursday,
when you talk about a memory from the past. So if you’ve visited France last year on the
same date, you will tag it as TBT and you will post a picture of your visit in France
last year. TBT menas throwback Thursday which means that you are remembering a memory from
the past. Let’s look at the next common hash tag, which is TTYL. So when you are really
bored and you don’t want to talk to someone, you tell them talk to you later. IF we #TTYL.
Okay IDK, this short for I don’t know. So #IDK and if you actually type #IDK, you will
have so much information on the internet. The next we have is, #FTW, FTW means for the
win. So when you win something, you feel very excited, you can use this hash tag to show
your excitement and say for the win or #FTW and if you have a picture or a video posted
along with all these hash tags to make it more popular and searchable. Because the whole
purpose of a hash tag is for people to be able to find out what you are posting. Alright
now we look at the next word that we have and this trending. So do you know what a feed
is? Feed and trending are very related because when you use your face book, there’s a right
column on the page that you see where you have a lot of news coming up. Right, this
news could be from your own friends, what are they liking, whose pictures are they liking?
Etc, etc. or else it could be regular news which is becoming very popular. So when there’s
news that is becoming very popular, that’s when you call that is trending. So news that’s
becoming very popular and feed is the part of the page, your face
book page or your face book profile homepage where you can see information from other users
about what they are liking. So updates from other users is seen on feed but you can only
see it for the people who are in your friend list, you cannot see it for people who are
not in your friend list. So updates from others. And this is not only true for face book. You
can also get such updates on YouTube and if you want an update for my new lessons, then
you need to subscribe to my channel, so that you can stay constantly updated about my trending
channel, trending videos. Alright now we come to the last word that
we have for the day and this is a handle. Are we talking about door handle? Contrary
to a door handle. We are talking about a twitter username right now. Twitter username. So a
username on twitter is actually called a handle. Don’t get very confused if someone asks
you, hey what’s your twitter handle? And you’ll be like does twitter also have a handle? No
they are actually talking to you about your twitter username.
Great so here we are at the end of the lesson and we have learnt some buzzwords and some
awesome vocabulary related to social media. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel for
the trending videos. Thank you so much for staying with me; this is Michelle signing
off, bye.

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  9. Social media buzz words:
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