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Social Media Anxiety

*sniff-sniff* Technology has become predominant over everyone’s lives in the past 20 years People now have smartphones and Smart TV’s Everything is smart. With people having a cellphone on them 24/7 It’s impossible to not check your social media sites and see what your friends, classmates or family are up to, and we love it Staying in touch is so much easier now, and with just a click of a button We can see cute animal pictures, recipe videos and every photo our best friends have ever posted But with that great power comes great responsibility And sometimes it can even cause anxiety Let’s be clear. It’s not the actual sites that can cause that anxious feeling. It’s the addiction to checking the site I mean, I can put my phone down whenever, right? But wait, I just want to see who that new girl Erin is dating now. Ohh! Look at that yummy recipe video, and *oh my goodness!* another cute dog It’s hard not to get sucked into the social media sinkhole It’s so easy to say to ourselves “One more scroll”, while putting off responsibilities like homework, walking your not Instagram-famous dog and Doing the dishes Unfortunately, the more you let yourself scroll, the harder it is to get back out When you’re finally in a situation where you can’t check or update social media like when you forget your phone Or you’re in an important lesson, you feel anxious You keep thinking about checking what everyone’s up to and you can’t stop reaching for your smart device that may or may not even be there That’s what we mean by Social media anxiety It’s almost like an addiction Compulsively checking for updates can cause unnecessary anxiety in your life Which takes away all the fun of social media. If you aren’t sure whether you’ve Experienced social media anxiety or not here are some ways to know: Do you compulsively check social media every few minutes? Do you feel anxious or nervous if you aren’t able to check it? When having a real-life conversation with someone, are you scrolling through social media? If you said yes to any of those, you might be experiencing more anxiety than you need to be Luckily there are some ways to get rid of it Instead of compulsively or habitually reaching for your phone make it a conscious choice By saying to yourself: “I am going to check my social media”. Then you are staying in control of the scroll Keep your phone in your pocket if you’re having a face-to-face conversation with someone, unless you’re showing each other cool vacation photos This is another way to exert control on your social media scrolling by not splitting your attention as you do it Remind yourself that there will just be more to look through if you don’t have access to your social media for a while This turns any anxiety you might feel into excitement and will let you get back to focusing on the task at hand Social Media is a great resource to use to communicate with friends and family It’s always nice to see pictures from someone’s trip and I’m positive everyone would like to see a picture of your adorable pet I love social Media, but I don’t like the anxiety that can come with it We hope that by integrating these tips your social media experience stays fun forever We can’t wait to see more cute pictures of your pet Don’t forget to comment and subscribe below, so you can stay up to date when you do jump on Social Media

100 thoughts on “Social Media Anxiety

  1. Is YouTube a Social Media? I kinda treat it like a TV, the only social media I consume is twitter and I don't spend lots of time in it. But if you said I could only consume one app, I would choose YouTube

  2. social media helps me getting rid of reality thats why im so obsessed with it. I'm enjoying watching other peoples lives rather than caring about mine.

  3. The only social media I use are Youtube and Deviantart, and then Facebook for messaging my sister who's in Australia. I mean, my only friends are animals so it's not that surprising.

  4. I get too anxious when I text someone, and they don't reply instead reads "opened" by them but no reply.

  5. I thought this would be about being scared to post on social media and talk to people on it like I am. I definitely don't have what this is actually about though.

  6. This takes me back to my old days of being addicted to scrolling through memes. Actually now that I think about it, I wasn't even addicted, I made myself believe that I was addicted to have an excuse for myself to not do my homework.

  7. I thought this video would be more about how social anxiety would affect someone's social media use.
    I don't really post a lot on social media (for various reasons, but mostly I'm quiet in real life too and don't like sharing things about my own life), and when I do post something, I'll overthink about it and delete it afterwards (and cringe whenever I remember something I posted years ago). I also overthink about liking or sharing something on social media (I worry about what others would think, which I know is ridiculous). I deleted my Instagram and Snapchat because what's the point if I don't even use it?
    lol is anyone else like this? I feel like it's my social anxiety. Could you do a video on this, if it's an actual thing?

  8. i thought that this video is all about being anxious caused by the social media situation. that's what im going through now.

  9. I had to deactivate my facebook and delete my twitter because I couldn't stand for my anxiety anymore. Know I only see instagram and YouTube sometimes. I feel so much better and even my memory and conversation were improved.

  10. The fear of your crush who you thought was single suddenly posts a picture of him with someone and you start thinking are they dating or not!?

  11. I get why it's called Social Media Anxiety, but the video seems to be covering Social Media Addiction tbh

  12. My anxiety about social media is mostly the fear that ANOTHER bully will come along…. I never get any nice comments… 😢

  13. All my friends are on their phones 24/7, it is really disturbing but it's the norm and I'm the weirdo. (without one)


  14. the name sounds wrong for putting this along with anxiety
    its sounds better with obessessive or addiction
    social media addiction
    if its anxiety it should be about people too worried of what people think of them so they get so hooked into constantly updating their fb and trying hard to create this fake persona of being cool and perfect

  15. Sorry guys but this was one of your more flawed videos. Let me explain my reasoning:
    0:15 "Technology has become predominant in everyone's lives over the last 20 years" – more like starting around the 1950s on a global scale. And even then, there are still reaches of the world that do not share the "first world"'s preoccupation with technology dominating every single aspect of one's own life. This demographic is shrinking, yes, but still worth noting.
    0:19 "People now have smartphones and smart TVs, everything is smart" – not a good philosophy to encourage, honestly. Especially when it isn't true. George Carlin once said a few years ago, "If a company feels the need to tell you that their product is 'smart' – it probably isn't." It's the kind of thinking that advertisers and marketers want you to believe – they're some of the most detestable people in the world with the most cancerous thinking I've ever seen.
    0:35 "Cute animal pictures, recipe videos, and every photo our best friends have ever posted" – I'd just like to remind everyone that the number one search term in every single major search engine in the world, is "porn". I'm not even kidding.
    Now encouraging smartphone addicts to relax their addiction to this stuff is fine, and there is some solid science and studies backing the addiction theory.
    3:06 "It's always nice to see pictures from someone's trip, and I'm positive everyone would like to see a picture of your adorable pet" – unless this is missed sarcasm…nobody really wants to see this stuff at all. Not a good behavior to encourage if they were serious. That kind of "HEY everyone look at me and my totally interesting life!" behavior is exactly what enables the smartphone addiction this video is trying to subdue in the first place.
    I usually like your videos and never comment at all, but this one had too many holes in it that I could not look past. With all due respect.

  16. I don't care about social media and my friends don't either but when it comes to YouTube I can get anxious when thier is a new video and I can only watch it at one time during the day and when you say you use your social media when your talking with someone I use it as an excuse to ignore them

  17. I Think Social Media is cancerous , Everytime i scroll for 10 minutes or smth i feel dull and Life seems meaningless. Everyone showing "what they want to be" everything shiny and fake.
     and you sit there and wonder, why everyone elses lifes are full of Joy without the struggles you face all the time.

  18. I think a big part of why i can't keep up most friendships is that they have their phone always at hand and respond immediately to messages while i often send a message and then forget about my phone for the next 3 hours.

  19. when i have social medias on my phone (mostly snapchat) it just make me feel bad, like i was hearing a background noise
    so i unistalled snapchat and i'm fine now

  20. The only social media anxiety I have is knowing that when I do scroll through it I'm just gunna read something else stupid that the government did or something else wrong going on in the world. It's nice to stay oblivious sometimes 😂

  21. I always feel anxious whenever my phone has died and I'm in a place where I cant connect to the internet. I have social anxiety and being in a place without my phone just makes me more aware of the people around me and my thoughts. Im not so much addicted to the social media. It's more like a distraction from my anxiety in real life.

  22. "it's almost like an addiction" -> it is.

    "how to know if you're having anxiety" … "do you feel anxious?" ok thanks

  23. I am scared of getting addicted to my cellphone. I got a new cellphone a week ago, and I am trying to use it as little as I can so I won't get addicted to it. If you are trying to be productive but the phone is distracting you, I have two tips. One of them is slightly weird, but it works. The first one is an app called "Forest". Basically, you set a timer, and as the time goes by, a tree grows. You can't leave the app unless someone calls you (and then you just answer it, talk on the phone, but when you finish you're still in the app), and if you leave the app, the tree dies. You can check your forest, that shows you how many trees you've planted, and how many trees you've killed.
    The second one is weird. I found a video called "15 Minutes of Dotto". I converted the video to a mp3 file, uploaded it to my mp3 player, and every time I want to be productive but the computer or the phone keep distracting me, I listen to Dotto on my mp3 player, and I can't stop what I'm doing while Dotto is playing, unless I am done with all of the things I had to do. But this works only with physical activities like cleaning the house, packing my backpack, etc. Don't try doing homework while listening to Dotto, it fills your entire brain and you can't think of anything.
    But of course, if you have an actual serious addiction, these two small tips probably won't help, and you should follow the tips in the video, or seek medical treatment.

  24. Well, thanks for making me aware that I suffer from this. Now I can try to reduce my addiction/anxiety.

  25. Great video as always !! Tbh people like this often really annoys me like I hate talking to someone scrolling through his feed

  26. I could imagine this with one of my friends who always has an excuse to use my phone to check her facebook;
    Her at the start: I an going to check my social media
    Her after a while: I am going to stop checking my social media after I say goodbye to this friend
    Her after that friend says goodbye: I am not going to stop checking social media

  27. hiii just wanna suggest if maybe you could add captions/subtitles next time so its also easier to understand for everyone 🙂

  28. In my opinion, having a social media profile is good when 1) you need or want to show/expose more of your work, less of yourself, because the impact your words/art/actions do may be bigger if you use the internet with responsibility 2) have a place where its easier to find people that are important to you, like family, people you admire and friends.

    Nevertheless, I dislike social media sites vehemently. They have the power to promote the worse (and rarely the best…) of people. All kind of people. But some of these sites might help, when used wisely. There's a lot of GOOD people outta there, famous or not. I deleted my Facebook so many times I lost count.

    The secret is being aware of what is better and worse for you and the others, and do not care this much about what other people think of you and how they compare their life to yours. But If they do things to warm/destroy your life, then, you should do something. It's common since school… There's always someone who's just waiting to be copycat, a judge of your life or simply a bully. And most of the time they are fakes, living a lie even when showing their faces.

    Ignore the bad things from the inside and outside, do your thing and try to be happy and productive. Inspire and be inspired by the good things. As said by Moon Aesthetic (another comment here) she's living a happy life in the real world, I think most people should do the same if social media is a problem to them. This way the right people will be around when you need. I wish I could be living the same.

  29. I used to be addicted to social media and it gave me a lot of anxiety. When I went trough the worst period of my depression, Social media was actually a cause of panic attacks. Nowadays I barely use them and it saves you lot of time that you can expend on hobbies or real life socializing

  30. One day I found someone who ruined my life irl on instagram. I didn't fuss around, straight to Google Play to uninstall Instagram.

  31. I just feel nervous because I always worry that my friends are in trouble or struggling and I always want to be there for them… does that count as an addiction?

  32. You mean asocial media? I noticed that when I was actively participating in the ordeal my actual social life was filled with physical loneliness, but I thought I wasn't alone. It's a scary thing how fast you can lose yourself in doing comparisons and in living through pictures and videos the parts of life that other people want you to see, somehow prompting you to craft your life around appearances and not authenticity…

  33. I don't have social media anxiety, as much as I love technology I can live without it for a year the most ….. I've deleted a/c's time and time again just to go without it …. to challenge myself.

  34. This is as close as I come to social media anymore. My mom joined Facebook, and I never looked back. Honestly, it's liberating. I'm also spending this year refusing to text. Everyone hates me now.

  35. Smoke a fat ass blunt nigga thats how you get rid of this bitch ass social media bullshit anxiety

  36. I used to have this when I first got Facebook, then I realized I didn't care what everyone was doing because people only create false images of what they are doing in their lives. And now I no longer have Facebook.

  37. I just have a Reddit account…..and I only use it for asking thinks like opinions and flaws in my ideas……

  38. I have Mystic Messenger Anxiety
    i cant do different routes in a row or i will get too dependent and have a nervous breakdown

  39. i get anxious when i'm away from my phone bc i think some big emergency is happening and i'm not there to witness it, and it'll be my fault if something goes wrong

  40. i think i have exo media anxiety, i dont even use sns to talk or make new friends but eventually used it to see new exo upsates2

  41. I had an amino account. Keyword "had". But whenever someone would text me, I'd get super anxious. How should I reply? What should I say? What will they think of me? And stuff like that, so I'd just uninstall the whole app. Never had it since, because it lowkey gave me a panic attack. :p

  42. Best thing..

    I HATE Social Medias just a literal piece of trash

    For me, I've never tried to go on a Social Media app or site eyeing how many people get triggered over some posts that is your opinion as well as these problems of anxiety

  43. Idk if its a name for this…but I'm going to explain some things..

    Okay so …I have 2 sides of me, but I'm not fake, like I have a weird side of me and a cool side of me. Idk what its called. Like I have different personalities , but I'm not 2 faced.

    Second thing is…. I cry a lot. ALLLOOTT And I just feel depressed , and I am rlly suicidal . but I feel like I'm not, like I wouldn't call myself that. Its just deep inside I am rlly awkward and people will look at me different, cause they thought I was cool, or weird …..

  44. Social media has it's few benefits but it's what made people nowadays just plain assholes

    There are those who are so stuck up their own behinds in modern day to day life, that they become unknowingly greedy. The world is so broken. Everyone in this generation is judged from popularity/likes, it's what makes 90% of people on earth trying to be something else personality wise. In other words everyone's an asshole. Yet it's almost like we're forced to stay glued onto social media platforms even though technically no one's REALLY forcing us to stay fixated on our profiles/accounts. It's just became the norm.

    Fuck social media ヽ(`⌒´)ノ

    You will get judged heavily thanks to the way people now see things. It's almost like you're forced to change. It's what breeds anxiety and paranoia. Almost like some people feel like they're simply not good enough as they are.

    Just saying, if you're one of the few sane ones left who have taken the time to read this to the bottom, you're a great person. And I love you for who you are, for doing just this. For taking the time to read this ridiculous rant of a youtube comment, to care about another person's perspective. I love you and you deserve something that's so rare these days, when another person actually genuinely cares about YOU and not themselves. I don't care what race you are or what you look like, I love you as you are. You deserve a medal today.


  45. I know I don't have social Anixety but I do get nervous online,whenever I talk to anyone,except my friends.

  46. For me i barely post something because of my nervousness even though I know people are going to take no interest in my post

  47. it’s kind of weird bc in my situation most people would think im addicted to my phone since im always using it but actually i just use it all day bc i’m depressed and thanks to that my life is pretty empty and i have nothing to do but study for school but i can be apart from social media for a week and not give a damn

  48. I never post pictures because I'm too anxious about not getting a lot/enough likes or being judged about what I post :/ which is why I deleted all my pictures

  49. h am i the only 13 year old who doesn't have any social media, because she doesn't w a n t to catch up with her.. uhm… "friends"
    also my only family is… at home…. and in a another country, and they're all old, and don't have social media

  50. The stuff you find on Facebook is some real bottom-of-the-barrel basic shit….
    Never could get attached to garbage like that…

  51. Well, when I saw the title of the video I thought « finally! Someone understands ! », but it’s actually the exact opposite of what I feel. I get anxious when I don’t use social media because everything goes so quick and I’m afraid I’d miss something, but I get even more anxious when I use them. I only use Instagram. I don’t know, I see all the pictures, all my friends hang out with other friends, and I’m just alone ; or I see all the pictures of my ancient friends and it’s even worse because I remember how we used to have fun together, I realize how quickly they’ve replaced me and how alone I am, again. And I never receive any message from my friends, I know this is weird, I know they send each other messages but I’m apart of it and I don’t know how to feel about it. They told me how long they could chat with someone and how deep could get the conversation. So when I use social media, I get sad, I realize how alone I am, and I ask myself why people don’t want to talk with me, like am i boring or something ? Well, sorry for this long comment… if anyone has read it, don’t pay attention to the grammatical mistakes I’ve probably made : 1) I’m French 2) I’m 15 and 3) it’s 1:00 AM here
    Does anyone feel the same way about social media? Maybe everyone does and I’m just over reacting about it

  52. Me: well, house is clean… already saw every movie I own 500 times. The dog's asleep. I worked on my story and spent an hour brooding. I guess I can check facebook. Not that it's going to be anything new.

    5 minutes later… yep, humanity is still stupid.

  53. it's the other way around for me I am more like I get anxious from the idea of using these application I hate opening these programs and the sound of messages annoys me. I need to open them more cause it's affecting my social and academic life negatively . what do i do?

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