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Social Media and Privacy Concerns | NordVPN

Using social media? Here are the key privacy concerns: Number one. Cyberstalking. Cyberstalking affects both men and women online. A large part of it is done by complete strangers,
who can get the location information that is turned on by default for most smartphones. Do you geotag the pictures on your social
media profiles? You’re making it easy for cyberstalkers. Number two. Social profiling. Social profiling means assessing a person
based on their interaction and influence on social media. An estimated 43% of employers have decided
not to hire someone based on information found online. 40% of employers use social media to screen
candidates, including their social conduct. Watch out what you’re sharing publicly. Number three. Third-party information sharing. This is where the tracking comes in. When you visit a website, you get cookies. We are talking about digital trackers that
can identify your behaviour patterns online. Do you see ads for something you have just
been looking at online? That’s your cookie. Number four. Warrantless searches. Any person who willingly makes information
public is not protected by the Fourth Amendment in the US. That means accessing that information requires
no warrant. The NSA is known to have worked with Facebook,
Google and others to get users’ email content, search history, live chats and file transfers. So think twice before posting. For more online security tips, don’t forget
to subscribe to the NordVPN YouTube channel.

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  1. Can I use this VPN to download from torrent sites? My ISP has already sent me my first warning to stop downloading from torrent sites.

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