Social Media and Networking To Grow Your Business
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Social Media and Networking To Grow Your Business

Hello hello hello I’m coach Manny
Rodriguez always helping you focus on using social media for your business in
this video I want to talk about social media with networking and bringing it
together you see that’s one of the biggest things
that helped me grow my business is bring in social media marketing that’s what I
do that’s my expertise that’s what I help people with social media marketing
for their business but one of the things that helped my business grow fast right
out of the gate was networking networking and building relationships
with people see there’s a right way to social media marketing there’s a wrong
way there’s a right way to networking there’s a wrong way what I want to share
with you is how you can bring social media marketing networking together the
right way and help you grow your business you see I found it the social
media networking group the social media networking group is for business owners
entrepreneurs home-based entrepreneurs anyone who’s looking to grow a business
anyone who’s a part of a business wanting to grow that business we have
Realtors we have photographers we have I mean we have business owners of all all
different sorts and what we do is we come we network together get to know one
another get to know what their business is about what they’re about we learn
social media together and then we take action together with action steps in our
group in that class are our class sessions are two hours so it’s
networking basically and a class because you’re networking and you’re learning
and you’re taking action and a lot of times there is homework but you don’t
get in trouble if you don’t do your homework
it’s only it’s all about your business but when it comes to networking what I
notice is a lot of people have maybe they have a networking presence but they
don’t have a social media presence you know and let’s be real
people are searching you they’re checking out your company they’re
checking out who you are and how do you show up on social media do you show up
as an authority figure that really shows their expertise in the industry in your
industry you know at the same time maybe you have a social media presence but
you’re not networking you’re not networking building those relationships
creating that sphere of influence around you you know so it’s key to understand
these simple little things that you can be doing for your business and that’s
exactly what I want to invite you to I want to invite you to free training free
networking free learning and at the end of the day we just want to help you grow
your business you don’t this is not a place to spam your business this is a
place to learn how to use social media marketing and networking together so
make sure you click on that button over there over there whatever that buttons
on that side where you can join our Facebook group it’s free you’re probably
already on Facebook group most of the world is it seems like anyway I’m coach
Manny I hope you got some value from this and I look forward to seeing you in
the group I look forward to seeing your lives if you’re not ready to do lives
we’ll work on that there is a fear holding you back and we’ll work on that
so I look forward to seeing you in a group I’m coach Manny have an amazing
day and I look forward to serving you in our group peace

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