Social Listening – Tori McClellan – Stukent Expert Session
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Social Listening – Tori McClellan – Stukent Expert Session

hello everyone welcome to another Stukent
expert session my name is Trevor Erickson and today
we’re excited to have Tory McClellan here to teach us about social listening
Torre is a social business manager for IBM and has been working for IBM in the
past two years she’s going to share insider tips and
strategies on how to build a brand through understanding the social market
place within an online community as well as talk about some of the best tools of
the trade let’s turn the time over to Tori and
learn all about social listening okay well my name is Tori : I am a
recent graduate from BYU idaho and graduating about six weeks ago and I’m a
social business manager at IBM now I’ve been working for two years and learning
how to the digital marketing space and wanted to share with you today some of
the things that I’ve learned that I didn’t realize were involved in social
and and one of the things that I’ve learned how to do the most would be
social listening it’s something that I never really heard of before the
workforce I never really been taught in school so i thought it would be incredibly
important to teach you before the workforce so what social listening is its building
your brand through doing research of what’s already out there on the market I’m going to go through what it is why
you need it how to do it and certain tools that I’ve
found useful in making my social listening successful so like i was
saying social listening in the process of monitoring digital media channels to
develop strategy that will better influence consumers so what you’re doing is you’re going
into your social media of choice I prefer to use twitter to do social
listening and discovering what buyers sellers and other influential people in the market are
saying about either your brand, your product or a topic of interest so that
you can take that and develop a strategy to better align yourself with the people
that you want to involve yourself with so it’s very important for a lot of
reasons so allows you to enter a conversation
instead of just creating one when you are entering a conversation as a brand
you have to start from scratch generally speaking there’s not a huge conversation
around a start-up brand so you have to create one but in order
to create a successful one we have to enter a popular conversation it also allows you to solve problems for
your brand looking at these conversations allows
you to see what qualms or missed steps are happening in the market so that you
can enter for your brand as a problem solver and
find those people can find solutions to their issues it also allows you to generate more
leads so this you can see the conversation that people
are having and contact them and include them on your buyers journey this also allows you to identify
influencers, communities and similar channels which I’ll talk about a little
bit later social media is also a great place to
get customer service and to provide excellent service and to see what your
consumer shows about you so you can get feedback on your product
on your content other parts of your business and less importantly it helps
you develop a strategy did allow yourself to do all the things
mentioned previously that you can create a brand that is social and incredibly
active so it sounds like a lot to start but it’s actually really easy and once
you get into it it doesn’t feel hard at all so to start you can search for popular hashtags and
phrases so like I was saying before in order to
enter a conversation and create a conversation create a conversation entering
your conversation means that you are going into a very broad overarching
conversation and entering yourself as a leader in that conversation so given the example at the end i work
in the tech space of Internet of Things and so that is a huge space right now on
social media is and in the market but I wouldn’t want to go in to technology overall
that’s way too broad of a region it doesn’t really speak to just the brand
that i want to i would search for internet of things iot or other things
with the next space like AI and robotics or machine learning and then I would go
and continue those searches for other branded handles to see what they’re
talking about so that i can tailor my channel – – where the most conversation is
happening when you’re doing social listening however most people don’t
mention the brand they are talking about they don’t use an at mentioned or tag they usually just mentioned it in there
hundred characters or three sentences post on linkedin facebook so when you’re getting social listening
it actually identifies these people as well you don’t miss out on any conversation another important and a byproduct of
looking at popular hashtags and phrases is identifying sentiment so you can see if people are have a
positive or negative or neutral experience with your product or brand what an influencer is as a person
on social media that is highly involved and highly credible and has a lot of
followers and a lot of traction on social media these are the people you want to be in
contact with you advocate for your brand because seventy-four percent of
consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decision and generally
speaking they want to hear it from another consumer not just your brand
advocating for your brand they want to hear it from other people real life
customer stories and this is where influencers are key in your buyers
journey they will identify themselves in their bio with hashtags or @mentions a
certain brand of things that they specify and so for example in my work I
would look for somebody that says that they love IOT or big data or social media in
general I would identify those people and see what kind of conversations they’re
having need to reach out or follow their lead in their conversation so when we say they lead you follow I mean see what kind of conversations
they’re having and create similar one not copy and paste not recreate but have a conversation in line with
theirs I’m respond to their post create or @mention them and say these are the things that we’re doing in social media
or these are the things that my brand is doing content-wise if you would
like to read it but it’s they are creating a negative conversation you
wouldn’t want to join it and you wouldn’t want you to get your brand with a
negative conversation is like that to avoid those at all costs some tools that
I’ve used since working for IBM and i have used many tools because the brand
that I’m in is functioning asa a start-up right now so we’re looking at a
lot of different tools so Hootsuite these are the tools that I’ve used that
have worked the best Hootsuite is a platform manager and it allows for you to put all
of your brain handles in one place you can manage facebook twitter google+ and
instagram and if you’re using instagram and we don’t use Instagram so I didn’t
include it but you can include those and linkedin does not allow third-party apps
to post from to you have to manage linkedin within linkedin it’s a great tool because you can set up
lists and go through and see what top influencers are talking about and you can
also set up a place with hashtags like I would pick hashtag IOT and see what
people are what kind of content is available in the market what people have
questions about you can see all of that in one state and real-time Spredfast
is another tool that I feel like it’s very user friendly it monitors impression sentiment
activity and content just like Hootsuite but it allows you to see who who is viewing your content how many
people and how far of a reach it has gone one of my
favorite tools within Spredfast is Share of Voice can compare yourself as a brand to other big accounts in the market so we would compare ourselves to
other GE things like that but you wouldn’t have to if you are a smaller
brand you can compare yourself to other smaller brands that I get to compare
yourself against the big guys only but you can you continue to compare
yourself against you based on your biggest competitors sprout is another tool it allows you to
gather a trend report so you can poll and see what popular
conversations and phrases are happening around your brand it allows you to see who’s talking when
I’m and if they have had a positive experience with your brand it also allows it attaches up incoming
conversation with the popular one you can stay ahead of the game in
learning about your social space and is a link shortener which
might seem weird to include here however you can track click through
rates which is really important and you can also track where where people click
that link so you can see if they click on facebook you can see if they click it on
twitter you can see if they clicked it on a google search because popular tweets now come up Twitter and Google have
worked together and popular tweets come back on the search page when you search
for certain things so and can tell you where that
link was clicked on which is really important to you know where to focus
your social efforts and this great article on Forbes about why
social listening is important and it ended by saying by understanding what is
possible by properly using social listening tools it enables the business and its
employees to truly march in harmony with their customers so instead of just putting all your
social media out there it tailors the conversation so that you
and your consumers can work together to create a more efficient and useful buyers
journey as well as informing the public the general public of what they want to
know so if you have any question and feel
free to connect with me on LinkedIn i love to answer questions or send me an
email at my social media manager email i hope to hear from you soon

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