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Here’s your wifi password… I’ve recently read a news it said wait times have doubled because of customers being busy with their screens. ok… usfie time! Hey Irene! Have you got any news for me? waiting for Irene’s call? don’t worry, she’ll call you ah.. woah oh ohh… what? put it back I need to take a photo click your salad instead stop lying to your followers move the wine bottle Pizza gets way more likes than a stupid salad so many stupid fat bitches have decided to become fashion bloggers they don’t even have any sense of style they just call themselves that look at this one… she doesn’t have style and this one here has more followers than me she… just because she’s got deeper cleavage why did you create my account… I said I don’t need one… oh.. shut up! I’ve decided something… what? my pout photos get more likes than my smile photos… so? so, tomorrow I’m going to get a collagen injection what!? Are you crazy? why a… I mean you’re beautiful you don’t… you don’t need this… this social media of your’s has got into your head (God damn it) you don’t support me You don’t respect me (I thought) you never support me in anything I do (It was all a joke when you told me ’bout your 3/4th smile theory) it’s nothing oh my god you’re just jealous Or perhaps I’m just a like for you, that’s all you’re just jealous, coz I have more followers than you do. (Congratulations! you’ve been selected) (the photo shoot’s on Saturday.) Oh my God! what? (yeah, it’s your time baby!) Are you serious? (you’re gonna trend, everywhere!) oh my God! I love you for the perfect selfie you need to make sure that your mouth is 3 quarter open, okay? never fully open yeah it was very important look I got to go…

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