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Hi, Ben. Welcome to Social 101. Okay. This is our Social 101, episode 6, recruiting
and social media. We have Ben Yim here. He’s a Blue Diamond, in Vancouver, right? Yes. It’s Vancouver. Okay, just making sure. Okay, so Ben, tell us a little bit about your
story. You’ve done most of your recruiting just through
social media, right? That’s right. Right. So I started—a little bit about myself. I actually was in the banking industry for
6 years. I got introduced to Nu Skin through a friend,
through products as well. But when I first know about Nu Skin, there’s
hardly any guys around my age who are doing it, so I was thinking, how can we actually
do it? Like it’s very different I guess, a girl
compared to a guy. So I had to reach out to strangers. But right now it’s the most convenient time
to do stranger market is because there’s so much social media, so much platform, like
Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook. There’s so, so many, yeah. Tell me how you would recruit on Snapchat. Snapchat is more of like a present thing,
where when they find you on social media and they see ‘oh, I’m interested in Nu Skin,
or I’m curious about Nu Skin’ so they will always ask like, “So what do you do as a
full time Nu Skin?” Because they can’t imagine doing Nu Skin full
time. A lot of people are like, “What do you do? There’s no time table, there’s no like store
you go to.” So it’s more of a lifestyle that they’re
wondering, ‘oh, so what does Nu Skin full time entrepreneur look like?’ So Snapchat is easier for them to kinda take
a peek in my life. So I always keep them posted, I post stuff
and then kind of post a little bit when I’m in meetings or with clients or testing products
with new clients. So just my life pretty much, like a lifestyle
kind of thing. And they’ll be pretty surprised, cause they’ll
be like, “Oh, like that’s what you do.” And most of the times, that lifestyle intrigues
them and kinda get them thinking, ‘oh, I want that too’ or ‘I don’t mind having
that on the side.’ So that just stirs up a lot of interest in
people. So they’ll chat with you after you post something,
and then do you move it to a different channel? Do you move it to text message? I mean how do you then—cause Snapchat, it’s
not permanent, right, it goes away. So you start that chat thread but then do
you move it somewhere more permanent, or do you just keep it there? Well it really depends on that person. Like if we’re engaging in the conversation,
I usually tell them, ‘oh, why don’t you add me on other platforms.’ So I use WhatsApp, or we chat Line, like a
lot of like free instead messaging things that you can have on your phone. Cause a lot of clients and maybe recruitments
are not local, so I can’t expect them to text me, right. So the furthest one I had was in Africa, which
pretty crazy. Africa, Mexico, Japan and Taiwan, those are
the ones that I was like, ‘oh, hi guys.’ But like it’s very interesting, because
social media, you can never control where people are coming from, but that’s the interesting
part, because Nu Skin is about global, and we can use this platform to actually utilize
the global platform of Nu Skin and social media. I love that. So you just then direct them to a messaging
social like WeChat, Line, and whichever one they’re comfortable with. So you have groups in those where you answer
questions and support at that point, or just single, one on one, or however that works? It really depends. So most of the time when they reach out, they
would want to see oh, who you are, they just want to know more, usually it is about the
business side for me, particularly because I do more on the recruitment side on the business
side. So they ask me questions over whatever, maybe
Facebook, Instagram, direct message, or whatever it is, they ask simple questions. Once if they get into like more complicated,
I move them into a different platform or different app and then we start chatting. Because apps are easier to send pictures,
and like with our new app that we’ve developed it’s very good. You send links to them and you can sign up
through via the app, right. So the new app is amazing, because it makes
the whole process online a way lot easier, and just more convenient for both parties. And through that, like you slowly open groups,
because they will be ‘oh, I have another friend or I have another recruitment who is
interested on my end.’ Then you have small groups, or even individuals
where ‘oh, I have product problems, or clients that have problems’ so they would just ask
via the app or via the messaging system. Oh that’s perfect. So that’s the social sharing app that you’ll
use? Right. And you’ll just send them something based
on what you’ve already been talking about. You’ve already got a relationship with them. And then that’s to close the deal, basically. You don’t start with the social sharing app,
that’s more once you’ve already got them intrigued and you’ve talked to them, then
you’re sending them that kind of ‘hey here’s a product you want to buy, or here’s how you
sign up.’ Yeah. So like just a little link is so much easier. Or even like the info thumbnails that we have
now that we just sent them, and they can click. Instead of getting them to browsing the whole
website, right, you isolate one thing and just send them one thing, which makes the
whole process easier for the user end. Yeah, I love that. And then once you have them and they’ve signed
up, then I’m assuming you continue supporting them through social media, because that’s
where the majority of your relationship started and continues, right. And you work with your team on social media
at that point. And it’s very interesting on social media,
because sometimes you work with them for such a long period of time but you haven’t really
met them in person. Like you probably Skype like this and like
WeChat, like just something on your phone, but it’s different, where it’s like, oh
you never see them. But in the past in our team we’ve met them
only through success trips. So that’s a very nice way to meet your group
members is getting them qualified to the regional success trip and then we meet there. And then actually seeing them there, it’s
kinda like, oh I’m familiar with you already but I’ve never seen you in person. So it’s a very neat like experience. Because I’ve traveled between Vancouver and
Toronto, and I don’t know anyone in Toronto, but one of my newest Blue Diamonds are from
Toronto. So how I found them was they found me through
a blog like Twitter. And then they actually keep reading my stuff
for a year. So you guys have to keep in mind, social media
is not like magic. Like it’s fast but it’s not magic. You have to be consistent and you have to
keep on doing it like day in and day out. Because people actually follow you. They might not like your stuff, they might
not follow you or whatever, but like this particular downline have been reading my stuff
for a year, before he initially messaged me. And then from there we spun out to like products
and then to business, and then finally he became a Ruby and then he flipped another
Blue Diamond under him. So the whole process is a journey. But mind you, a lot of people ask me oh, how
do I do it? I’m like, you need to be consistent. No matter what platform, Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, Snapchat, you have to be consistent. Like think about it. If you have a favorite coffee shop and if
you go there and it’s like, oh it’s closed. It’s kinda like the same with social media. Like if I want to follow you, I want to see
you almost every day, or at least once a week, right. So for that particular case it was very interesting,
because I never thought of coming to Toronto and knowing no one, but through social media
I could bring my business to another city. Which is a very nice experience I think. Well, and I love that you said he was following
you but he wasn’t necessarily interacting with you, so you didn’t even realize that
you were building a relationship with somebody for a whole year, and then whatever it was,
something triggered him to finally interact with you. Whatever that piece was, right. And then he already had so much background
on you it wasn’t like you were having to introduce what you did. That’s a very phenomenon that social media
creates, where he knows all about you but you don’t even know who this person is at
this point. It’s kind of scary. It’s like you (? ? crosstalk) you do. But it’s powerful. It is, because you don’t have to explain yourself
any more. With social media so open nowadays, like Facebook,
Twitter, anything, you have to be pretty open. Like there’s no hiding of anything. And the good thing about Nu Skin is we’re
publicly traded too, so every information that we spread we talk about it’s online
and it’s publicly posted. So I think in that sense it gives a lot of
security to new people or people who are interested, versus other network marketing companies. Because when we talk with direct sell, there’s
a stigma to it, right. There’s always like ‘oh, oh, don’t talk
to me’ kind of thing. But in the end, because I’m all on social
media, and our company’s publicly traded, everything is open and just on the table,
so there’s no hidden fee or like whatsoever kind of thing. So when they approach you they’ll be like,
“I’m ready. I’m ready to move, teach me how to move.” Instead of “Oh, I just want to check it
out, I just want to listen.” It’s a whole different ball game. But mind you, it takes time. Like I’m not saying it’s magic. Like this is something that you guys have
to remember is not magic. You have to be consistent. Like imagine someone reading your stuff without
following you for a year. So they’re technically creeping on you, but
you can’t blame them. I mean if you’re serious about a business,
you want to check it out. You want to understand them, who their partner
is. And you can’t blame them for understanding
you for a whole year, seeing if you’re consistent, seeing if you’re actually someone that they
want to be with, right, a positive influencing leader, instead of like some average Joe just
bumming around. So whatever you portray on social media, it’s
important too, because they are gonna connect with you. They’re gonna be a team member with you. And I always say to my team members, “We
are like a family. Because I mean if we’re continuing this business
on, it could be 5, 10, 20 years, right.” So you can’t blame them for creeping up on
you for a whole year. It’s just something that they need to do
to affirm themself ‘I have the right leader, I have the right partner.’ Yeah, and they watched you do the same business
for a year, and realize the legitimacy of it too. Because I’m sure that the way that you learn
and talk about Nu Skin throughout a year in the business, from starting it to becoming
Blue Diamond, you know, your passion will change and they’ll see your lifestyle start
to change, that you’re traveling more. They’re gonna see you go on a success trip. They’re gonna experience a lot of that with
you, especially over a long period of time, if you’re consistent and you’re talking about—again,
you’re not talking the business, you’re talking about you and the business in your life, right,
and the products in your life. And it’s just those true interactions and
the daily pieces, like you said, kind of a Snapchat. It’s just ‘here’s what I do, this is just
who I am.’ And there’s a lot of power to that, that people
didn’t have before, where if you went up and you said, “Oh, yeah, I do Nu Skin,” but
they haven’t really seen what “I do Nu Skin” means. Right. And I think that people are really skeptical. And like I said before, the industry, or just
joining something is very hard. Even for myself, I went from a 9 to 5 to entrepreneur
to Nu Skin. That scared me. But I want to know what I’m getting into,
right. So if I’m able to take a peek at someone who
is actually doing it for a long time, like 2 or 3 years, how their life is running, I
can imagine like ‘oh, I can change my life into that too,’ right. So even for students, moms, or like 9 to 5
people, they want to say, ‘oh, I don’t mind doing this part time so I can have this kind
of lifestyle, or part of that lifestyle in the future.’ So the Snapchat or Instagram, whatever you’re
doing, YouTube, like it just gives them a glimpse of hope, or a lifestyle that they
would want. I love it. Any other parting thoughts on what you love
the most about social, or your one piece of advice that you give your team about social? I feel like we’ve covered some awesome stuff
on how to be you and how to recruit in social, but other kind of thoughts you have? Be real. Like, you have to be you, or else if you’re
portraying a image online and then when they meet you or start working with you and you
don’t have that trait or kind of lifestyle, then it’s kinda a lie too. So, be you. That’s the most thing. Because that’s the whole point of social
media, is they want to know you and not someone who they made up. Yeah. And you’re going to meet them eventually,
if it really is going to be someone who’s gonna join your team or your business. So yeah, you need to be posting your life
and your experiences. And they need to get to know you not just
you posting a picture of products, but get to know you, right, so that it’s not more
awkward on that success trip when you first meet than it has to be. Right. And it’s funny too, like I always make fun
of myself. I’m like, “It’s hard for me to like do
a selfie with a spa machine and sell, versus a girl doing it, right.” But that stirs up curiosity as well because
they’re like, “How can you, a guy, do this business for 4 years, and still make it?” And I’m like, “Well, it’s social media,
and that’s the new way to go.” I mean every industry is leveraging social
media. And we could too. And it’s okay for guys to use the spa. Right. Brad Pittsburgh used it too, so why not. You’re okay. It’s good to look good. It’s good, yeah. And have perfect skin. Look at you, have no wrinkles. Perfect. Okay, anything else? If not I think that we have given some great
training and advice to people on how to be real and to recruit through social, and then
how to kinda transition all those different channels using our own tools and really getting
people and building relationships. I feel like building relationships and being
yourself is always—that’s kind of what I’ve taken from this. That’s just so key. That’s great. Awesome. Thanks, Ben. Thank you.


  1. Hi Ben, I just saw this video today, and you mentioned that the farthest place that you have recruited was from Africa. I'm just wondering if it's in South Africa? Coz someone from Africa sent me a message and asked how can she join Nu Skin, she's from Uganda. I hope you can suggest something for people who are interested to join from this country. Thank you.

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