So you need a website or web-hosting video | #webhosting | #website
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So you need a website or web-hosting video | #webhosting | #website

So you probably already know that whatever field during you need a website right but have you thought about the technical side of having one you know to enable your website to be accessible to your perspective customers and needs to be hosted somewhere this means that there must be a computer constantly connected to the Internet a server which will do the job now you basically got three options the first one is setting up your own computer as a server although this may look like the easiest way it’s probably the worst and most expensive choice first of all remember that your computer will need to be powered need to be powered twenty four seven and that any Internet instability or slowdown with culture website to become unavailable secondly setting up the server can get pretty tricky do you really want to deal with all the ip addresses to dns records or sql databases now trust me you know option number two is to use a free hosting service but as with anything else in life free rarely means anything good usually with such a service your site is hosted at some strange address which always raises concerns about your credibility not only for website visitors but also for search engines also these hosting services usually only offer limited space If your contact can be very unreliable in lack quality human support if there’s any at all the last and best option is to simply go with us these are the top five reasons to join our happy customers and using our hosting services you can easily choose a credible easy to remember website address plus get as many email accounts as you want our installation process is fast and easy so your website is only a few clicks away and in case of any problems our professionally trained support is always here for you our service support All major software so whatever you need we got you covered oh and of course your website reliability in data security are our top priorities and in the case of a disaster all your data is regularly backed up with all that said our hosting plans started very very reasonable prices so if you’re looking for a safe home for your website look no further contact us today

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