So I hacked muselk’s fortnite account . . . 😈
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So I hacked muselk’s fortnite account . . . 😈

Ladies and gentlemen I have hacked another fortnite youtubers accounts right now I’ve got to blurt out on the screen so you guys have no idea what youtuber I hacked But just go ahead and guess for a second who it is down below in the comments all right if you get it I’ll give you a free Sucker all right can we get a drum roll, please? But da daa Muselk! Unlike the video I did earlier this week where I hacked Kenny’s account who well he trolled me Muselk is uh he’s a little bit different Uh muselk, and I you know we’ve only played really like one game of fortnite together, and it went pretty well You’re my baby’s daddies. Mom’s a guy, and if I lose. I’m playing ping no no welcome. Don’t lose I need to get the Muselk views so I can just title this video Muselk I’m coming I’m coming, no one like TBNR Just shoot you shoot randomly are you curious? like Lachlan like this is why we can’t hit it like it’s not even nice things. It’s just nothing in general I mean Lachlan died at the beginning of the game And I really wasn’t too upset because I was like hey Muselk can I get a bond more and then breezy like Lachlan kind? Of dipped out halfway through anyways I got no bad blood with Muselk I met him once in 2017 at e3 in Los Angeles and we basically connected like six to eight months later one Fortnite came out because he plays with Lachlan all the time and So you know Lachlan was kind of like the middle man. I was like hey. I know you know this cool guy Muselk I like him a lot more than you can you introduce me? Okay, the conversation might not have gone exactly just like that, but you get the point You know Muselk’s really never done anything bad to me. I kind of just want to reward him You know what I mean like. I just want to buy the guy a hundred thousand V-bucks Is that weird maybe it is a little weird, but you know what I’m gonna be buying Muselk today one hundred Thousand V-bucks and like I was saying I’m liking the video I did when I hacked Kenny’s accounts which by the way if you haven’t watched that click the card or link down below in the description and spoiler real quick so mute if you don’t want to hear this I Changed his name for two weeks to TBNRfrags fan 687 so Muselk doesn’t really have any idea what I’m doing on his account Nor do I know if he actually knows that I’m on his account right now So Shh don’t tell them who hacked his account so since I am buying Muselk 100,000 V-bucks in fortnite I expect one hundred thousand likes on this video No less, okay, I mean This is a pretty big flippin deal so what I have to do is I actually have to minimize the game and I have to Go onto the epic games launcher add my credit card information To his account buy the v-bucks and then take off my credit card information, so just give me give me some moments here Please two thousand years later hahahaha Look at it go up guys. We have just purchased our first amount of V bucks for the good old fashioned Muselk and now we got to keep on going just Rip my bank account cheeks and the half hours later So I just had to call my bank accounts to verify that I was making a lot of transactions for the Epic Games company So we are now back in action I got declined after the first actually the second attempt to buy more V bucks, which hey it’s good good Good job bank account. I appreciate you guys keeping my money safe, but I’m trying to buy a lot of V bucks And I’m getting interrupted over here. They need a higher amount if I could just buy 100,000 V bucks for like 750 bucks this would be great But now I got to make like 9 separate transactions pretty much look at this is that 53? 54 thousand V bucks, haha oh My gosh. He is going to freak out when he logs into his account. He’s gonna be like yo did I just get a hacked or did Christmas just happen almost to the hundred thousand ladies and gentlemen. No, are you kidding me. You’ve gotta be kidding me Just got blocked from purchasing anymore v. Bucks. You know what I’m still calling this hundred thousand V bucks, man I was going for the hundred thousand, and then I got I got I got a epic game blocked This is like when you’re like shooting at a John wick skin And he’s just 180s headshots you with a pump-action Never ever did I think that I would be blocked so one thing I need to do right now is I need to change all of his stuff So I’m gonna reset everything to default I know him yourselves gonna hate me just deal with a brim hack in your account Okay, and then I need to change his building slots. That’s gonna be B. That’s gonna be this one. That’s gonna be that one Trap slots, I think I have this as caps lock. I switched a quick bar I don’t actually even need that one hot keyed check it out, man. I I’m gonna like customizes account What skins does this guy have no he’s got the skull trooper. I always wanted this I unfortunately was not really big into fortnite, or I was just getting oh my god This is amazing the amount of items that he has okay. We are not queuing in oceanic servers. That’s basically like middle of nowhere We’re going in a we’re going in a West. Okay. We’re not killing oceanic. That’d be ridiculous. I don’t trust it I think somebody’s in there. We’re getting nuked buddy. He’s in there. I knew it. It’s the John wick from earlier Let’s talk about this John John John Stop, there’s a guy behind you If you’re watching this video Do me a favor never ever ever ever ever ever hack Elliott’s AKA Muselk’s account. It’s it’s cursed I have played more Fortnite games today Than I’ve ever played I think in a single day that might not be true But I’ve also lost some more fortnite games than I have ever lost in the history Ever on Elliot’s account. I’m having a really bad day guys Elliot’s account is just it’s not like what you think could be think it’d be like this Glorious youtubers account yes instant wins no no no no no it’s nothing but instant losses and death and destruction And and pain and suffering and everything that’s wrong with this world You don’t want to play on Elliot’s account guys you just don’t it’s cursed Like look at this this is absolute. No, this is wieners. That’s How did he manage to do 15 damage to me oh My I hate my life right now Still hate my life still hate it What are you doing don’t dance on his body? God, I’m a one shot if anybody wants to just shoot me once Be my guest this is why need some bandages if I can clutch up some bandages guys. That’d be huge Please bandages, please oh You are such a scrub I’m drinking it. I’m drinking it. I don’t believe that I’m gonna find it. I’m coming to kill you woman. Oh 18 damage with a shotgun Keep it cool Preston keep it cool man. Keep it cool. Keep it cool Keep it cool. Keep a nice and chill, nice and chill, nice and chill I’m med kitting up in the most obvious spot ever I don’t even care. I’m popping this I’m popping this you don’t understand the luck I’ve had today It’s been unreal and not the good kind of like oh man that luck was unreal on that kill No, not the good kind of unreal alright. The only the only the bad kind oh Great, we got another Murphy get here Murphy What are you doing? Murphy This is when I really wish I didn’t drop those grenades What’s he doing Oh God why would you do that? What are you doing? This guy’s a mad lad Get dominated all right luck is turning around. I don’t want to say anything for sure yet, but oh the man had some stuff too Man was not playing around in the items. He was carrying. Give me the chug jug. I’ll take it. Thank you. We’re in No, it’s a bush How did I miss that? I’m so bad Come here Bush, um bloom. Please. now I see why he ran I I’m bad. I am so bad at the game Maybe it’s not maybe I’m not cursed. Maybe I’m just bad. I’m starting to really think that guys And I’m also starting to get depressed shop has been set I’m not moving from this spot You know I’m just gonna go and add some more more thic Cena’s to this that’s a little Ford of mine. Oh great There’s John Wick over there just building Just like the memes I’m running. I’m not feeling comfortable about this spot anymore guys set up shop elsewhere Wick if you shoot me even once I will be very upset with you. We will no longer be friends Wick I Would I would like to stay your friend acquaintance at the very least anybody and everybody can be behind these trees? I’m seeing so many dead bodies Is this guy lagging is it just me. Anybody else seeing this What is going on with this guy’s account, it’s got what is it? I told you the curse the curse of Muselk 16 damage 16 damage, are you kidding me? No, if you even hit me once. I’m gonna be triggered. Thank God. Oh I was about to get mad boys that border coming in now borders definitely coming in I’ll put he had a legendary sniper oh It’s a sad day right now for me guys. I’m dropping this. I’m picking this up. We’re going big heavy on the explosives guys I Know there’s a wick skin somewhere in here mr. Wick Stay away from me. I will scream. What has this game become I’m freaking out right what what is this guy doing? Oh? My god, I’m worse than her She’s low at least a minute shot to save my life. All right woman. You got to die It needs to happen oh That final shot though beautimous beautimous maximus She looking at this board over here. Oh, no I Should let her fight it out She was gonna Hadouken it with this guy. I might have ruined something beautiful. Oh She wasn’t doing it oh no hey hey Hey Let’s talk about this let’s talk about this. Let’s talk about this. I said let’s talk we could talk Oh, this guy’s not gonna be having any of this talking. Are you kidding me? Oh? My god. I’m almost dead. How’s this guy so good? I’m Beyond perplex right now. I got a drink at least two of these goodness When the chug jug comes in handy let me drink this give me a few more seconds oh Please please please please please please he’s bad. Oh, thank god Okay, he’s above me though. He’s got the high ground can I build this? Are you kidding me this guy and his nades, bro, I’m fine, but just perplexed All right, that’s it, bro. You’ve irritated me. What’s he doing? Where’s he going there’s still other people left by the way just in case you didn’t notice What is this guy doing come on man I’m going down What’s he doing What have we created we created this infested baby looks disgusting oh God is he gonna do this He’s going in Oh, he’s getting he’s getting it. He’s getting it. He’s getting it He’s getting it. What’s he doing? This guy’s almost worse than a John wick skin Got him I’m out of here boys God that engagement gave me a disease And I got no building materials now. I’m just in the open just hopping around hopping around guys If somebody’s a man he’s getting nucleared. You know. I don’t trust it. I think somebody’s in there. You’re getting nuked buddy He’s in there, I knew it it’s the John wick from earlier no way No John let’s talk about this John Let’s talk about this John John John Stop there’s a guy behind. There’s literally a guy behind you John John Okay, two John’s God dude. I’m done. Muselk your accounts cursed. I’m done. I’m done Later I’ll see you guys next time never ever hack Elliott’s account. It’s cursed. I’m done

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  2. You hacked muselks fortnite account I know that because you named your video so I hacked muselks fortnite account 😈

  3. Preston if they added 100,000 v bucks that would be 1,000 dollars no one other than insane people would hit that button

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