Snapchat vs Instagram | R.C. Startup Rap Battles
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Snapchat vs Instagram | R.C. Startup Rap Battles

Welcome to Startup rap battles, everybody
make some noise! We are out here in Oakland California
I am Aplus from the mighty Souls of Mischief Hieroglyphics crew
I will be your host for tonight’s festivities Y’all ready for some battles?
Ok we have a real good one today We have the social butterfly matchup.
Introducing the rapper to my left All the way from the Bay Area
The queen of the selphy, make some noise for Instagram!
And to my right from SoCal, Los Angeles California The ghost of the internet
Make some noise for Snap Chat Ah this is gonna be good. Round one, Instagram what you gonna do, on
you! First of all, I’m a boss a$$ bitch, I am
the GM I’m looking fly when you see em, they tryna
slide in my dms I’m just doing this for user hype and promo
After this they’ll all ghost on you, kinda like your logo
Sending d!ck pics, that’s the reputation of snap,
So – congrats, now you’re ever basic f*ck boy’s favorite app.
You’re just a way for perverts to snoop on some girls
No surprise your CEO’s the biggest douche in the world
He looks like michael cera had sex with a Cheetoh
Facebook offered yall hella c-notes! You coulda popped like pellegrino
But you refused with your sensitive ego, F**king evan spiegel,
He couldn’t let go of his precious, we should call him Evan Smeagol
This is a f**k face runt vs a cupcake butt I’d say update your style but your updates
suck I doubt your company will exist in a year,
So do it just like your app, 10 seconds and disappear Ok, Ok, I’m liking how this is going. Round 1, she’s snappin. Snapchat protect yourself. When instagram dropped, the whole world laughed at you
You should have had a back tattoo that says snapchat 2, hashtag boo.
You never gave us credit, you got lost in the glory,
It’s like journalism plagiarism, you copied our stories,
Tried to bite our style dog -you caused the drama
If we went on maury- theyd say snapchat you are the father
In every companies life, you make a decision, are you a player or peasant?
Y’all sold out to facebook, we stayed independent Who cares if your bigger when you let a company
coach you? I bet when he gets mad.. y’all let Zuckerberg
poke you So true, you let facebook in, now begin the
corruption, Just more info that they can sell to the Russians
Dog, my grandma’s on Facebook, posting carnations. My mom is on Instagram, postin’ her day
trips. Your numbers look high now, you bet that I’m
patient. your user base dies out, I’m the next generation.
Your app — is for grandads having flashbacks, Our app — handcrafted and now we up on the
nasdaq You think snapchat’s to be laughed at? We’ll
see who has the last laugh When your tombstone’s only used for an ad
and a hashtag Instagram:
Talking about insta models? Your ideas need adjusting
Our nudity is tasteful, your nudity’s disgusting I’d rather have a tanline and a nip slip
Then see a man’s thighs and a d!ck pic So you made fun of domestic violence, thought
their fans would find it funny, Then Rihanna dropped their stock, like b!tch
better have my money How much did they lose? Experts estimate hella,
Wish you signed to facebook now, to be under their umbrella
Of course you’re clowning domestic violence with a culture full of jerks,
Rihanna posts an insta story, now none of yall have a place to work work work work
Oh so you’re a legitimate news source? Let’s be honest the sh!ts fake,
If snapchat put out a mixtape it’d be called clickbait
Swipe left, swipe right, that shit gets abused, At this point, your app is just tinder for
news, Oh you got the app for the youth that helps
babies read? After their ABCs they learn ADD,
The fans of your app have the attention spans of a nat,
You can’t put a filter on a panic attack, Oh you’re an anime bat? Or the cat in the
hat? Give the zoo their f**king animals back.
You got these kids playing with filters for hella hours,
Catfishing on bumble with coachella flowers Our app is for influencers, celebrities, were
verified Your app is the worst parts of puberty personified Oh oh my goodness, I can’t believe what I’m seeing Snapchat round 2, it’s on you. What you gonna do? She’s talking about a dick and man thighs
and a little tan line, I’m saying free the nipple cuz those tits
are land mines We pull up to the instagram hive, like get
your hands high Till Everyone leaves the room, like instagram
live And about that rihanna sh**, I got a final
thing to say about that, (lawyer cameo) That advert has been removed and doesn’t
reflect our corporate values or guidelines Calling us fake news? Thats a claim yall made hastily. Yall are photographers with fake angles and models with fake agencys
We help people connect, show em the whole picture Your whole style is a lie, like #nofilter We keep it spicy like pico de gallo on cinco
de mayo, You got a bunch of soundcloud rappers saying
link in my bio Oh your filters are unique? Posting pictures
of a peach? Or that avocado toast that you didnt even
eat? See your brand and data create these shallow patters Where every white girl with an iPhone Thinks she’s Ansel Adams Instagram is why society is getting so ruined,
For people who want to be brands but forget to be human You ain’t human, I’m snappin Crazy crazy battle, razor thin. I can’t tell who won, we wanna know what you guys think. Comment below and we’ll see you next time. Startup Rap Battles!

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  1. What the fuck, no uploads in 5 years, and then yesterday I had the chorus from the Mac or Pc rap in my head, and now an upload. I'm not saying i'm God but I might be

  2. Wow, after 5 years of inactivity, Pantless Knights are back. Well, under a new channel name. Actually, is anyone from the original team still present?

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