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Smart Pipe | Infomercials | Adult Swim

100 thoughts on “Smart Pipe | Infomercials | Adult Swim

  1. Why is congress so nearsighted? This product could save millions of lives but no, the DUMBocrats won’t let it happen. Way to go, Obamatards!

  2. They have shit like this and you don't even know it using your info TV's cable boxes refrigerator's phone's laptops rumba's Alexa Siri all that spy's on you covertly and you let it in your house blindly good going people

  3. I mean a pipe that could analyze your excrements and searches for signs of diseases and other contents, would probably be useful for a lot of people with a medical history (or even one step further athletes and insurance companies),

  4. ever wonder what kind of dumbfuck tries to make a intellectual argument on a adult swim youtube channel when though it has some technical merit it is a joke episode about pipes used to track and sell records of your shit? no me either but it's funny to laugh at them

  5. It fucking funny and ironic watching a real life commercial from the purple boys be for a fake one from adult swim.

  6. At 4:09, instead of “Flustered” he should have said “Flush-Tered”.. how did they miss that obvious pun?

  7. So the message I'm getting is that it's a satire on the internet (more specifically Google Facebook etc) and how it's a major violation of your privacy so much so that they made a device that monitors every thing about you taking a shit and when it says that it puts you in control you really aren't they make you think that you know everything that's happening and that your in control of social media you aren't the big corporation has been and always will be in control

  8. It's time to say "no" to pro-death obstructionism. #itsmyanus

    Now if you don't mind, I'm going to pause this at 9:42 for about six minutes.

  9. As a plumbet im still waitn to piggy back in this and make some $$! Hey smart pipe u got a plumber ready to install 👏👏

  10. Yo, it is supposed to be paid for by the buyer, like all those other 'smart' products that also sell user data

  11. Worse is, there are people who willingly would accept not only this kind of product, but the way the CEO of this kind of companies think.

    Just give a look at the comments, some of these people would give their own mothers willingly because they don't see those whose data is being harvested but as the harvesters.

    What a shit timeline to be alive.

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