Smart Meter Connected Devices – Register Your Device
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Smart Meter Connected Devices – Register Your Device

Congratulations on your recent purchase
of an energy monitoring smart device you’re about to tap into the awesome
power of a smart reader to help you manage electricity use at home. Ready to
get started? visit to sign in or create an online account. A ComEd
online account is required to register your device. Don’t worry
entering the info is fast and easy! How fast? it’ll take you longer to toast a
bagel than it will to submit the information using your online account.
ComEd will use this information to make sure your smart device is synced with
the smart meter installed at your home. Let’s get started first make sure your
smart device is powered up in place no more than 50 feet from the smart meter
your smart device will not properly think if it’s powered down or not placed
in close proximity to the smart meter. Go to and login enter your user
name and password in the fields. Select your active account and click view this
will take you to the account summary page keep in mind a smart meter must
already be installed at your house before you can connect to an in-home
display look under the tool bar to verify smart meter status for your
account access my usage from the tool bar and find the my connected devices
link select connect device information must be entered into all the
required fields before your smart device can be wirelessly connected to the smart
meter at your home start by selecting the hand device manufacturer and device
model from the drop down menu you can also manually enter the device
information if your unit is not listed on the website next input the 16
character MAC address and the hand device install code this information can
be found on the units packaging around the back of the device itself enter the
price option you can use the current kilowatt hour pricing found on your
electric bills or enter a customized price if a price is not entered ComEd’s
current fixed price will be used provide an alternate email address is desired
and click Submit it’s that easy you’ll receive an email notification to plug in
and place your smart device in range of the meter once this is done within one
business day you’ll get another email confirming a successful connection has
been made between the device and the smart meter at your home any questions
email us at [email protected] or call 630-437-2521 ComEd. powering lives

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