Siva Kesav || 2014 Latest Telugu Full Movie || 1080p || Srihari, Jayanth, Swetha Basu, Sanjana
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Siva Kesav || 2014 Latest Telugu Full Movie || 1080p || Srihari, Jayanth, Swetha Basu, Sanjana

Smoking and drinking
are injurious to health. Tobacco use leads to cancer. Heart attack, lung disorders.. ..and other deadly diseases. The characters shown
in this film or programme.. not support the use
of any type of tobacco products.. ..such Beedis,
Cigarettes, Khaini, Zarda etc. ..or their promotion in any manner. Lungs are like sponges
designed to breathe air. However, few people use
it to breathe cigarette smoke. If you could squeeze out
the cancer producing tar.. ..that goes into the lungs
of average smoker every year.. ..this is how much you get. This can make you sick! Cigarette smoking makes
you prone to deadly diseases. We treat about 50 patients everyday. In a month we treat
more than 1000 patients. Use of tobacco products accounts
for almost 80% of the oral cancer. This is Mukesh’ story. My name is Mukesh and I have
been chewing Gutka for the last 1 year. I am soon going to undergo
throat cancer operation. After surgery, there are chances
of me losing my vocal function. Unfortunately,
we were unable to save Mukesh. He was just 24 years old. Khaini, Pan, Gutka, Pan Masala.. ..are all lethal to human life. “Happy and colorful Holi
(Festival of India).” “Colourful Holi.” ” It is colourful Holi.” Hey! Stop there. How long can you go? See what I do to you,
when I find you next. Hey darling! Why do you celebrate all
festivals with just your family? Don’t you have any other relatives? What fun do you get out of it? Exactly. Instead of playing
Holi on the streets.. it with us. It will be more exciting and fun. Hey! How dare you talk like this? I’ll slipper you! You stupid. Hey!
– Shhh! Poor thing! She doesn’t understand. Hey dude! I will go first. Hey dude! I will go after him. I will go third. Hey! Stop there! Hey girl! Stop! Hey! How dare you hit our men?
Who are you? I was born 40 years ago.
I have been handling rogues like you.. the last 10 years.
My name is Hari! Sri Hari! My well wishers call me a “Real star”. If you are scared listening to
my bio data, apologise to this girl.. ..and vacate this place at once. Else, if you want to fight.. Oh! I am scared.
Why is he talking like this? I love your build up. If just teasing her
can get you this angry.. ..what will happen if
we disrobe her in front of you? Let’s see what you can do? What are you all looking at? Bring her here. Try! How dare you hit us? Do you have any idea of our background? You know who I am.
If the one behind you comes before me.. ..I’ll show him who
an lifetime enemy is. Go bring him here.
– Ouch! Cut it. Okay. Thanks, brother! Super performance. Congrats, sir!
– Thank you sir. Well done, sir. My pleasure!
– Thank you! Hi sir!
– Hello dear! I am Nandini. Are you the one Raja spoke to me about?
– Yes sir. I’ll go freshen up. We can talk after that.
– Okay. Please sit. My image is different
from what I deliver in Cinema. I take up roles to satisfy
my fans and public on the whole. I think the best mode of satisfying
public is through my roles in cinema. However, you are a lady director. Will you be able to handle all this? If I have your cooperation.. ..I am confident of delivering
100 percent justice to my job. I like your confidence. That is the spirit! We can definitely work together. Can you explain the story line to me?
– Actually, this is a love story, sir. Do you want to cast
me in a romantic film? Nice story, Nandini! Thank you sir. How have you titled your project? Love Master! Love Master! It is an impressive title. However, it doesn’t seem
to be in line with your story. But, I have a real life story.. ..that goes along with your title. I see Love as a boon
granted by God to all of us. Love is a wonderful feeling which
can make you happy or get you hurt. Thereby, I enjoy both pain
and happiness.. ..that you get out of love. Okay. I’ll check my dates and let you know.
Let’s meet again. Thank you, sir! Definitely,
I will win the best Ad Director award. People have voted in favour of our ad.
Ours will be the best. This year, among top 3 Ads contesting
for awards, 1st place goes to.. ..Mr. Siva from Nirmal Ad Agency.
“Best AD Director.” Mr. Siva! Please come on stage. “Hero is here.” “Yeah!” Congrats, my dear young boy! Is it dream again?
– Good morning, brother! Good morning, dear!
– Take your coffee! I made it specially for you. What is it, brother?
Did you have the same dream again? Yes! Don’t worry about all this.
Mankind are bound to have dreams. However,
you have the same dream everyday. I don’t feel bad about
having the same dream everyday. My worries are,
how long will this be just a dream? I wish to get first prize for my ads,
in near future. I wish to be recognised
as No.1 Ad film maker. You ads are the best. You
will soon be recognised for you work. Do you want money from me? Just Rs. 500! I knew it when you added
extra sugar in my coffee. My wallet is there.
Go and take what you want. Good morning, mom!
– Good morning! Why are you in such a hurry to leave? I have to go. I have some urgent
tasks to be completed. My boss will be here in sometime. Why are you sitting like that? Go and get ready soon.
– How will I mom? You will have to come and plait my hair. Enough of this one. Where is your hero? Lakshmi!
– Oh God! The lion is here. Lakshmi! Oh! Are you all here. Hey! Where are you going this early? I am going out for a photoshoot, dad. Is that all? That’s all. Nothing else.
– Enough! Do get involved with other affairs.
– Okay dad! Okay. Superb. Bye. Thanks.
– Pack up! Stella! Our work is done. If you are free,
we can go out, have beer and talk. How do I look to you? I am not that type of girl. Who is having beer?
– Sorry. Sorry.
– Why are you saying sorry? I don’t drink beer. But I can drink black dog. Come. Let’s go. “Oh my God!” She calls some dog as black dog. Good morning, sir!
– Good morning, sir! Good morning! Hey! How dare you sit idle in my office?
Who are you? Why are you worried about me? Go mind your business. If you have problems.. ..give me my money. I’ll leave. Hold this! How much is your salary? 2,000! I am giving you 4,000.
Two month’s salary. Get out of here.
I should never see you again. How dare he behaves like that to me?
That’s why I chucked him out. Sir! Sir! Good morning sir! When did you come? I have been waiting
for you since morning. Have I kept you here
to supervise idle people? This ain’t TTD guest
house for taking rest. What happened, sir? Don’t you know that ill mannered
fellow who was seated here? And you dare to ask me who is it?
– Oh! That guy.. tea in our office.
– Oops! Oh dear God! What is it, sir?
– Was he a tea boy? Are you feeling bad
that you screamed at him? I am not feeling bad for scolding him. I thought he was our staff
and advanced him two month’s salary.. ..and sent him out of here. Where is my suitcase? You gave it to him, sir. Does it look funny to you? If you fail to bring back
that suitcase and Rs. 4000.. ..,you will lose your job,
in turn your life. Get lost.
– Oh dear God! I will die working here. Enough of caressing her. What happened to all those
assignments that I gave you? Everything is completed, sir. What is the status of
photo shoots assigned to you? It was completed long back, sir. I don’t care when it was done.
I want it now. Sure, sir.
– Leave. Are you really dieting
hard to become thin? Where is Gopi?
– I am coming, sir. Doesn’t he any better time to call me. Have you come in
the middle of something? Nothing sir.
– Why are you wriggling like this? In a hurry to meet you,
I zipped my pant along with my tool. Check if the zip is broken. My worry is not about the zip. I only hope there is no
damage to what is behind the zip. See! A small zip can ruin your life. Okay. Where is Siva? He is right behind you, sir. Good morning, sir!
– Oh Siva! When did you come? How is our ad business progressing? You have to become
the Best Ad Director.. ..and should bring fame
and good name to our Company. Isn’t Nirmala Ads a good name already? Why? We shall leave it behind
and you suggest a good name. Men like you who are slowly learning. Will not be of any use.
– Correct. Do you have the same feeling too? Try to be like Siva! Useless fellows. Thanks for your appreciation, sir! I wasn’t appreciating you. All along
I thought you didn’t have brains. Now, I realise you don’t have
good hearing capacity either. Useless! What about me? You are an useless beast! Why do you call me a beast, sir? Look at me! Don’t I look
fresh after washing my hair? Do you have such good habits too?
Anyways, what soap do you use? Lux soap endorsed by Aishwarya Rai, sir! Which soap do you use, sir? I don’t use the same
brand as another one does. Sir, you please carry on. I will take
care of all this. Why waste time here? Okay. I will go question that girl. Thank you for saving us, dude. Else
we would have died listening to him. Anyways, Siva the weekend
party is on you this time. Okay?
– Yes, dude! “Oh! What a beauty!
What a voluptuous figure?” “I admire the air of arrogance in her.” “Boom! Boom! Oh! Beautiful Katharina.” “Boom! Boom! Fun filled Macarena!” “Boom! Boom! Look at us just one time.” “Boom! Boom! Boom!” “Boom! Boom!
She is delicious like bulls eye fish!” “Boom! Boom!
She looks fabulous in jeans!” “Boom! Boom!
We have to handle her carefully.” “Boom! Boom! Boom!” ” Hey! She is fresh like
‘Bisleri’ bottle.” “You are an awesome creation, dear!” “You are the reason
for this to be a hit night!” “Yeah! Yeah!” “Is there a model in your name?” “Your fragrance is
lingering all around here!” “All our savings
are flying into thin air.” “Fun it is!” “Take it lightly! Take it lightly!” “Take your life lightly!” “Do what you want and
get your best looks intact!” “Whether you take life lightly or no.” “Live your life happily.” “Dance! Do your best
dance in this disco!” “Disco! Disco! Disco!” “Take it lightly! Take it lightly!” “You better want to
come and have a super party.” “Take it lightly! Take it lightly.” “Do you ever gonna try
and be a little naughty?” “There is nothing like.” “Good time or bad time.” “If you wish so, all time..” “..can be a party time.” “There is definitely
no day time or night time.” “If you have the mood,
every time is your enjoyment time.” “She is a white strawberry!” “Else she is white Cadbury!” “You are so hot, my lady.” “Just like mercury.” “You are a love factory.” “If one wins you,
it is like winning a lottery.” “Please get your..” “..heart batteries recharged.” “Take it lightly! Take it lightly.” “Take your life lightly.” “Do what you want..” “..and get your best looks intact!” “Don’t complain this and that wrong.” “Don’t ever say so!” “Tell me which wrong are
we allowed to do, my dear man!” “Break up and Build up are all wrong.” “Oh Siddhu! Please wake up!” “She is a tuna fish!” “That one is salt and pepper.” “Mix it and have!” “You are all happy at heart.” “You are look are like laser rays.” “You are tearing my youthfulness apart.” “I’ll go mad over you,
if I keep looking at you.” “Not just me, but the entire mankind.” “Take it lightly! Take it lightly!” “Take your life lightly.” “Do what style you want..” “..but get your best looks intact.” “Take it lightly or no!” “Make sure to party all the time.” “Dance like this.” “Dance your best in this disco.” “This disco! This disco!” Hi Nandini!
– Hi sir! How are you?
– Fine sir! How far have your
progressed with your story? Actually, I have come to
discuss the same with you, sir. After I heard your opinion on love.. ..I didn’t want to write an
ordinary love story like everyone does. With your permission, I wish to adapt
your real life love story as Cinema. Please give me a chance
to know more about you. I will strive hard to bring
life to every word I write. Back then,
I was being a huge hit as an hero. Those days. I had to work day
and night with not even an hour to rest. I was invited to judge a dance
competition organised by TV channel. All the profits earned
out of that show.. ..was assured to be given
as donation to Akshara Foundation. It is fine if we don’t do good. But, we should never stop
someone else from doing good. Hence, I agreed to go
as judge to the competition. Welcome to dance completion
hosted by Studio Nirmal. Our participants are
ready to rock this show. Are you ready to watch it and have fun? Our judges are ready as well. Please welcome Venu Master! She wins all your heart
with her glamour. Ms. Priyanka. Can you guess who our next guest is? It is our Real Star Keshav sir. Our first participant
is ready to take up the stage. Let’s welcome Swapna to
give us a beautiful performance. “I like it! I like it this way!” “Oh yes! Oh yes!” “What do you say, my dear?” “Oh yes! Oh yes!” “Leave everything else aside now.” “Come and have fun now.” “If not now, you will never have time.” “Come on! It is now we can have fun.” I loved your performance, Swapna. Let’s ask what our Judges
have to say about it. Real Star Keshav Sir,
what marks have you given her? Thank you, sir! If you like my performance
and think that I deserve to win.. ..please type JTM “space”
Swapna and send message to 574. Sorry. Please send SMS to 474. Our next participant Asha is ready
to give us a beautiful performance. “Hey! Hey Hero!” “The one who makes all happy.” “The pressure in me is building up,
since you last glanced at me.” “Oh my king of love! Come dear.” “Come and kiss me.” “Hey Hero!” “The one who makes all happy.” Asha! Asha! When you are dancing.. ..your concentration is more on
the audience and judges than on dance. If you correct that,
you can get more marks. Thank you, sir. Are you waiting to see
who are next participant is? She has just won awards for dancing. She is none other than Maheshwari! “Hey Angelina! Angelina!” “How do you do, hollywood star?” “Anytime, anywhere.” “Feel free to kiss me, dear/” “Katrina! Katrina!
How are you my luxurious doll?” “No matter where it is,
one more time just happy.” “Oh dream wood! Love o statue!” “You are an enjoyment package.” “You were the one to fuse me
with oh silly silly, silly romance.” “And colour my world.” Venu master, what are your comments? There were mistakes here and there. I didn’t get to see anything
extraordinary in your movement. That is why I give you this mark. Maheshwari! Maheshwari! You have over confidence that
you have proved yourself in dance. I could see air of
arrogance in your dance. No matter how arrogant you are,
you should.. ..never exhibit on stage,
is my opinion. But, if you can correct all that,
you have a good future. Else– What round table discussions
are you having here? What is this Ghajini doing here? What is your name? Kavitha! What is your name? Dhanalakshmi (Goddess of wealth)! If you fold your hands like this,
we will never be able to get money. Take few sarees from
that rack and display it here. Why, sir? It is not enough if you know to drape
saree, you should also know to exhibit. What do you mean?
– Oops! I didn’t mean your saree. I
meant exhibiting sarees from that rack. That way you can attract
your customers very easily. Do you understand? Hey boy! Where have you been? I am asking you. I was waiting for a cloth to wipe lift. Why cotton?
Why don’t you see Benares sarees? Not necessary.
We don’t need such costly one. Then what kind of cloth do you need? I’ll do it with my kerchief. What smell is that? Why does it smell so awful? If you are going to use this,
customers will not come here. Go do your work.
– What? You can use this shirt. It will be good. You! What is it, sir? Close that window. Window eh? I didn’t mean the actual window.. ..instead I meant this! You naughty one! Why is she reacting this way? Oops! What are you doing here?
Aren’t you cleaning the lift? Do you know who that girl is? I don’t know. Do you know?
– It is our sales girl. By the way, who are you? Manager of this exclusive shopping mall. Then, who am I? I think you have lost all your brains. Your are head of an Ad agency. You are not the boss here! Yes. I am head of an Ad agency. Vichu! What is all this, dear? I thought it would be more
creative if we put this here. You please store your creativity
for Ad films that you direct. Look at what they are wearing!
How will it help if you place this here? Their hair style will be gone with this. Useless fellow! Take this away.
– Hey Rambabu! Bring that stand here.
– Take everything away! I have heard enough.
You say your mom is not well.. say your dad isn’t well.
Next you say the same for your grandpa. Other times, you say you are unwell. If all of them fall sick like this.
– Thanks. This is not for you! Hey give! Why do you over react to give me this? All my ill luck!
– Oh God! I can’t keep talking.. Did it break?
– Yes it did. Where?
– There! I have seen you somewhere before. I think I will die soon answering him.
He forgets everything. I have to stop all this. Hey! Get up! Do you remember? You are an ordinary boy who
brings coffee. How dare you sit here? Are you referring to me?
– Who are you? I am the manager here.
You are a delivery boy here. Go and bring me coffee. Oh! Stop it! Stop clicking, boy! She is not our model.
She is our sales supervisor. Why did she come here then? Sorry, sir! I didn’t realise. It’s okay, dear. How will you know? Come along with me.
We’ll go do a stock verification. What are you looking at, dude? Dude! Just like a piece of moon.. ..that girl seems
to be real cute and cool. If you reciting such lame poetry,
I am sure you have fallen for her. Confirmed! Do you know something? My camera didn’t click her picture.
My heart did. I have brought tea. Please take, sir.
– What has happened to you? Madam, do you want coffee or tea?
– That’s a statue. Have you gone mad? Has he never had this before? Do you want coffee or tea? Which lame guy asked
you to do this, sir? Sir, why are you serving coffee here? I am a service boy here! Oh God! You memory is growing
weak day after day. You look like Ghajini’s granddad. Did you get drunk? I have brandy.
Do you want me to have whisky? Have whisky.
I am sure you will see great results. Both will become useless.
– Oh God! Who called you a service boy? That man standing there. Did you see how that manager
misuses his poor memory? Oh God! You are our boss, sir! Ain’t I? I forgot. Grant me permission, sir.
I’ll teach him a lesson. Not required! Concentrate on your Ad films. We can deal with him later. Okay? “Love! Love! Love!” I didn’t believe in love,
till I got to see you. Being in love feels so good. Brother! What are you hiding behind you? Hey! Nothing. Leave from here. You have so many photos
in front of you.. ..yet you hide just one behind you. It is definitely something special then. I will not leave here
without seeing that photo. Show it to me, brother!
– Hey! Go away. Don’t come here. Have you stopped studying too? Dad. What is all this fuss about?
– Nothing, dad. We need a new model for a photo shoot. While I was looking at their pictures,
this monkey came and troubled me. She is always that naughty. Go and get back to studying. I didn’t want to go against your wishes
and hence let you do work of your choice. You will see a lot of good
looking girls on a daily basis. Given your age,
you will definitely fall prey to them. That is very dangerous. You must learn to control your feelings. Hey Siva! Please don’t
break the trust I have on you. Aunt!
– I am coming, Elakiya! Take this.
I have made your favourite chicken fry. Sit alone at lunch and have it. Else everyone will share with
you and you will get nothing to eat. Sure. Aunt, give me the current bill.
I’ll go pay it. The entire financial burden
of this house has fallen on your head. Your uncle takes up different
roles and go around advising people.. He finally managed
to save this house alone. Which role has he taken up today? Tiger! Upili Tiger! The Mahaveer Chakra
Award bestowed on me.. ..for saving my nation.. ..or for protecting my nation.. should not have been bestowed
to me back then, Your Honor! You should have given it to me now. What do you say, your honour? If this is your law,
I bow down to you and your law. If this is your justice,
thanks to you and your justice. Jai Hind! (May India be victorious.) Your performance is so good, that
even power star will become conscious. Thanks a lot, dear! I’ll leave for work, uncle.
– Okay! Dear Elakiya! When I ask your aunt for money.. ..she throws the money on me. I didn’t like that offer. I want to get it on my own.
Thereby I have taken up this role today. I understand your
drama very well, uncle. Okay dear! Thanks! Dear! May you be blessed with
a husband who takes good care of you. Hi! Yes, sir! What do you want? I want you. I came to meet you. I need to talk to you.
– Hmmm. Have you come to meet me? I have seen him somewhere before. Hey! I am Siva. I am the Ad Director,
who did photo shoot at your shop. So what? Take this flower and tell me your name. You look very beautiful
even when you get angry. Please understand, sir.
I work in this shop. Please don’t create nuisance here. Please leave, sir. Leave now. Siva! Why are you like this? Right from when I met that girl,
all my thoughts are with her. It is an old dialogue. Most common! Are you all teasing me? If you keep offering flowers like this,
every girl reacts this way. But I want her, dude.
– You will not get her just by saying so. She appears to be very traditional. However, we look for a trendy girls. I have just one solution to all this. You’ll have to get introduced
to her family. With her family? Why? “We all live in his grace.” “He helps you open your eyes
and start life in 10 Months time.” Wow!
– Sir! Who are you?
– Please bless me, sir. Who are you, dear?
– Please give me your blessings. What do you need? Please bless me. My blessings are with you. Get up. Now tell me. Who are you? What do you want? I am your fan, master. Please admit me as your student. I know veteran actors NT Rama Rao
and Nageshwar Rao have fans. Are there fans for
this Padhav Rao as well? One and only fan. And it’s me, uncle! Earlier you addressed me as sir.
Now you are calling me uncle. Why so? If I address you as sir, it
doesn’t have any personal touch to it. When I call you uncle,
I feel little close and personal. Oh! Oh! Come, dear! This is Siva, my fan. She is my niece boy. Why has he come here? Hi!
– Hi! Uncle, please train me
to be a big artist like you. I will help you. What are you doing now? Ad photography. Becoming an artist is not
easy like learning a camera trick. You must be talented like a king. I have little knowledge in all this.
You must help me improve, uncle. Okay. What kind of drama do we do next? We can do Romeo Juliet. I will be able to manage well. Where can we find our Juliet now? We can use this girl. Me?
– Don’t get angry, dear. He is a new to this field.
We must encourage him. Please!
– Hot! Hot Bajjis ready! Wow! Hot Bajjis are ready! My wife cooks really well. Take it. Take one. Eat it.
– Take it, dear. Nice expression! Look how many variations
he brings in his face. Hey dear! Can you also show
us that Romeo Juliet expression? Take the bag from her. Come on. Look at their performance now. “No matter which era it is.” “I will never leave
you alone even for a moment.” “No matter which era it is.” “I will never leave
you alone even for a moment.” “My life is entwined with yours.” “I cannot stay away from you.” “All day I try to
get together with you.” “Give me just one.” “No matter which era it is.” “I will never leave
you alone even for a moment.” “I am in your place.” “I look at everything in your vision.” “You are the only one with me.” “I am wondering if all
this is dream or reality.” “No matter what time it is.” “I always think about you.” “Thinking about you,
I forget everything about me.” ” We are one and the same.” “No matter which era it is.” “I will never leave
you alone even for a moment.” “I hide all my feelings for you.” “I can’t stay a minute away from you,
my dear bird.” “I wish to lead my life
in fond memories of us.” “I see misty layer all around.” ” I hope the God of love
is listening to all this.” “I wish to unite with
you and lead a happy life.” “I will die, if I don’t unite with you.” “No matter which era it is.” “I will never leave
you alone even for a moment.” “My life is entwined..” “..with yours.” “I cannot imagine..” “..a life without you.” “To be with you is all I dream of.” Oh! Wonder! Wonder! Excellent! Excellent! You did a wonderful job, dear.
Very good! Very good! I will help you.
I am sure you will reach great heights. Hi Nandini! Please sit. Will you have coffee or tea?
– No. Thanks, sir. Didn’t you award low marks
to Maheshwari and eliminate her? Did you guys meet after that?
When and where? I want to know what happened then. I will be able to
start my work after that. Oh! You want to know about Maheshwari! Actually, I wanted to give
all my love for her performance. Instead, she got hurt.
Do you know what she did then? Who is it? You? What are you doing
in my house at this time? Have you forgotten about it already?
I have come here to take my revenge. What is all this? What did I do? In that dance competition
held this morning.. accorded 80 marks to a girl. What did you see in her dance? There was a rhythm in her dance. Did you see rhythm in her body? Yes. Did you see arrogance in me? Have you ever danced before?
How will you know? Oh my God! Please leave me. If I leave you, you will kill me. You will not understand
after I acted in.. ..”Nuvasthavante Nenodantana”..
(If you wish to come, I will not say no) ..I have become a brother
to almost every teenage girl in Andhra. Except you! Hello!
– Are you safe there? I am safe.
You called me at the right moment. You don’t know anything about dance.
Yet, you eliminated me. Go learn dance first.
Then you can go for judging shows. Only then you are a real hero. What is this, sir? An action
scene in an action hero’s residence. However, with all that you say
Maheshwari seems to be a brave girl. Yes. Did you see Maheshwari’s warning
as a challenge? Yes. Day and night I did the same thing. Sir, shot ready! I will come in sometime.
– Okay, sir. Okay, Nandini. We shall meet again. You can coordinate with
Raja to get my schedule. Okay, sir.
– See you! Okay, sir. Why is she coming this way? Look! All long I was silent
when you were following me. I thought you will understand
that I am not interested and leave me. Don’t waste your time and energy on me. I don’t interact with strangers.
I never will. Both friendship and love should
begin with interests from both sides. It shouldn’t begin from a torture. Please leave me alone and go your way. We can be friends,
if you are interested. What?
– Oh! You! Dude, this one is 17 years old. Why do you say 17? Shut up! That is all. Where were you for the last two days? Did that girl fall for you? No, dude.
– Have you befriended her? How is it possible, dude? She does not wish to be my friend. Instead, she asks me
why do we have to be friends. Oh God! Love is all connected with your heart. One must like a person
to fall in love with them. At such times, even if Mahesh Babu
proposes them, they will reject him. This is why I don’t want
to accept her “No” for an answer. Congrats, dude.
Let’s go on a party to celebrate this. Which party are you guys talking about?
Are you joining some party? Nothing like that, sir. Our
Siva said he will host a party for us. Yes.
– Is Siva hosting a party tomorrow? Siva is not going to host
the party tomorrow. Then, who will host it, sir? R.K.S. Grand’s world.
– Why will they host a party, sir? They liked our Ads and want
to host a party to appreciate us. Who are all of you? Why are you sitting in my table? How dare you drink so
much and make me pay the bill? How can you forget everything, sir? We are all your staff. Oh! That gentleman there.. He is the manager of this Company. Mr. Raghuram! Ouch! How dare you address me like that? How else do I call you? I am a Managing Director of a Company. They are all my staff. While we were shooting Ad in his shop.. ..didn’t you make me
bring coffee and tea for you. Are you feeling bad for it? You usually forget everything.
How do you remember this? I forget only matters
of small importance. I will never forget what you did to me. What have our elders told ? They haven’t told me anything. Hey!
– Go and hit him. How dare you talk to
him like that before us? Are we both talking seriously? Yes.
– Why do you still respect this one? Hey! It is that girl’s uncle. Come, We’ll take him to the hospital.
– We need an ambulance. We don’t have so much
time to wait for an ambulance. Okay. Hold him.
– Yes. Carefully. Hey! Take this left. Don’t worry.
– How is he? There is nothing serious.
Doctor’s are treating him. Do you have any sense left in you? How dare you bring here
in a bike instead of an ambulance? What will you do,
if something went wrong with my uncle? Elakiya! Ambulance– Doctor! How is my husband doing? This boy had brought the patient on
time and helped us in saving his life. He has also donated
blood for your husband. Now is he all right.
You can meet the patient in sometime. Thank you. Dear. How are you? That boy brought you here on time. Had he not brought you here on time,
you wouldn’t be alive now. Sorry. I screamed at you unnecessarily. It is perfectly fine
since you screamed at me. Thanks for saving my uncle. My uncle is everything to me. I cannot bear if
anything happens to him. Nothing will happen to him. Why do you worry?
Plus, you look beautiful when you smile. Please smile! Keep smiling this forever.
You will have a happy life. Even I like it that way.
– What? Nothing! Friends? Can we go have a coffee? Why are you looking at me like that? You look very different today. Why so? Earlier, you were always irritated
with me. Today, when you walk beside.., I am unable to believe it. Have you ever missed
something in your life? I have missed the “Feeling
of missing something.” I wish you said, you missed me. Can you describe yourself
in a single line? You must be the one to tell me that. Do you want me to?
– Aren’t we friends now? Please. I thought you were like every other men. Why? Am I not same as them? No! You are a good human being. You respect everyone. Next.
– You are fabulous Ad Film Director. Please! Tell me more.
– If I have to tell more about you– A man with such good qualities.. ..will definitely be a good husband. Are you serious?
– Yes. I will never forget this day in my life.
– Hmmm. First time, I am hearing
you appreciate and compliment me. I feel like celebrating
this on a grand scale. Actually, I got introduced
to your uncle, in order to impress you. From there,
I have got a good friend like you. I know. Please have your coffee. Sir, bill.
– Hey! This is my treat. I’ll pay. Thank you, sir. Siva! It is late already. My aunt will be all alone. Bye.
– Bye. Oh God! I have just
got a 50 percent confirmation. Will she turn to look at me? We can fix on 75 percent then. “Oh piece of moon!
You look like a beauty soap.” “Please look here and
there with your lovely eyes.” “Oh my dear friend!
I know you very well.” “It is Rexona soap
which enhances my beauty.” “I can go on kissing you,
if you let me do it.” “Won’t you go sensual?” “I am hot and will
have to get the mood right.” ” I will have to tune it accordingly.” “Oh piece of moon!
You look like a beauty soap.” “Please look here and
there with your lovely eyes.” “Oh my dear friend!
I know you very well.” “It is Rexona soap
which enhances my beauty.” “Hey! Hey! Hey lovely girl.” “It is all because of you.” “All this has happened in my life.” “Hey! Hey! Hey boy!” “Oh my dear boy.” “Why do you keep calling me?” “There is no restriction as
to what we can and what we can’t do.” “We don’t have to
bother about any of it.” ” It is all as per your wish.” “Let’s do what you want.” “Where is it? Where? Where?”
– “Look it is here! Here! Here!” “Where is it? Where? Where?”
– “Look it is here! Here! Here!” “Hey! Hey girl!
It is all because of you.” “All this has happened in my life.” “Hey! Hey! Oh my dear boy.” “Why do you keep calling me?” “Hey! Hey! Hey my love.” “What has happened to us?” “Oh my girl! I love you loads.” “Come! Come! Oh my queen!” “I am feeling very shy.” ” I am unable to talk.” “I don’t know what to do with you.” “I don’t know what to do with you.” “I am going all mad for you.” “Where is it? Where? Where?”
– “Look it is here! Here! Here!” “Where is it? Where? Where?”
– “Look it is here! Here! Here!” “Oh piece of moon!
You look like a beauty soap.” “Please look here and
there with your lovely eyes.” “Oh my dear friend!
I know you very well.” “It is Rexona soap
which enhances my beauty.” “I can go on kissing you,
if you let me do it.” “Won’t you go sensual?” “I am all hot and will
have to get the mood right.” ” I will have to tune it properly.” “Oh F*** *** away!” Just like other love stories.. ..even your love story
has started from a fight. You are exactly right. I experienced something
new in my life.. ..Mahi was the reason behind it. The fight that happened
in my house that night.. ..instigated the feminity in Mahi.
My love for her increased day after day. Your’s is an interesting
love story, sir. I had to strive, as I did to become
a hero, to make her accept to this. What is your problem now? Didn’t you assure to transfer shares
to me once the factory was set up? You gave false promises
like a politician.. ..and redirected everything
in someone else’s favour. Have you forgotten all the
help and assistance I gave you? Minister sir, give us 5 days time. We’ll transfer the amount
you asked to your Swiss Bank Account. We want the Minister to resign. The one who has swindled all our money. I have to go meet the public now.
It’s time. I’ll leave. Minister should resign. Greetings!
– We want the Minister to resign. We want the Minister to resign. Wow! You have an excellent
control over them. They are not the ones
who come behind money. They have trust and faith me. They are well disciplined. Okay. How have you
all come here to meet me? Tell me what is the matter. I’ll sanction it immediately.
Everything will be done in seconds. For whom are you doing all this?
– I am doing all this for them. Are you doing this for them or
your for the benefit of your patriots? Just by bringing a few people
behind you, you can’t become a hero. Everyone knows who
are Hero and Zero here. What do you want? 2 months before election.. and your party
members had came to my town.. seek votes. You had then rallied
across the streets of the town.. ..and promised us that if we
cast votes in favour of your party.. would prohibit usage of
fluorides and such harmful chemicals. You made a lot other promises like that. I came here to remind you
about fulfilling those promises. I am no Chief Minister to stop all this. Respected Minister Sir! He didn’t jump from skies directly. Before elections,
he had also made such promises.. ..and sought votes. He said he will do whatever we ask for. Hey! I didn’t get all
of this at free of cost. I have paid for every vote.
I have paid to almost everyone. Right from election
officials to pigs like them. Hey! Aren’t you ashamed to call them pigs? Don’t think you have bought
them all for next 5 years.. paying money and distributing
biryani packets to them. The same public can
reverse the entire thing.. ..can make you run around.. ..and make me sit in your seat. Be careful! Careful– Care– What is all this? Don’t you know
the difference between day and night? Last night you troubled me at home.
Today you trouble me here. At least let’s sit and talk.
Please sit down. Such kind of dialogues.. ..does not match with
your figure or personality. Though, you eliminated me.. ..I won in the audience poll.
Tomorrow is the finale. Oh! Did you come all
the way to tell me this? You could have conveyed
this over a phone call. Hello! If I see you there.. ..I will destroy your shooting here. “One! Come let’s have fun.” “Two! Give me some clue.” “Three! Let me free!” “Go on! Go on! Let’s dance.” “I am all posh and enthusiastic.” “Just touch and try me.” “I feel the night effect all around me.” “I am crazy about you.” “Hey shorty!
Lets party. Lets prove it. Get naughty.” “Come on! There is Anticipation,
palpitation. I like this party.” How many marks will you award
to this beautiful performance? I wish to give– I have awarded– Thank you, sir! Next participant to
perform before us is Asha. “I am 16 years old till date.” ” These naughty boys
glance and touch me at times.” “I am 16 years old till date.” ” These naughty boys
glance and touch me at times.” “I don’t like anyone,
wish to stay alone.” “Who is the one.” You have done an excellent job. However, I think you could
have been a bit more graceful. Better luck next time. I wish to award– I give you– Thank you very much, sir. The last and final contestant Maheshwari
is here to give a beautiful performance. “Mandagini! Mandagini!” “I have a small job
to be done with you.” “All this is yours, dear.” “Come on! Let’s go dancing, dear.” “Come on!
Come on baby! We have a lot to do.” “Come lets show our
talent before everyone.” Maheshwari, Super performance. Good. I wish to give you– Maheshwari! Queen of dancing! Do you want me to tell you your score? Don’t you want to know? Yes! This dance competition has
been organised by Nirmal Studio. Ms. Maheshwari has won
Rs. 5 Lakhs sponsored.. Sree Mahalakshmi
Finance Corporation. Congrats, Maheshwari!
– Thank you! Thank you, Judges! Thanks a lot, audience. Maheshwari! If you don’t mind. Can I have a dance with you? Dance eh?
– Yes. “Dance! Come lets dance baby.” “Come on! Come on! Step up baby!” “Oh love! Let’s dance, baby!” “Come on! Come on! Come on!” “Come! Let’s get dancing!” “Why do we have to wait?” “We rock.” “Oh my dear boyfriend!
Why wait anymore?” “Oh my dear handsome!” I love you! So, an action hero has
changed to a dancing hero. Hi!
– Hi Siva! Come! I’ll drop you home. It’s okay.
My house is quite near. I’ll walk. Sure. In that case, I’ll walk with you. Oh!
– Come. Oh! You and your lame jokes. Which fool will let this damsel
walk rather than taking her on bike? Will you come with me, sweetie? Idiot! Didn’t you address me as idiot, dear? You said
“I Do Only Ishq Tumse (I Love you)”. Then, why do you go
without doing anything? What?
– Let her go, boss. I am telling you the same thing. Leave her behind and go. I will send her back once
we are done with our romance. Hey! Go bring her here. Who are you? He is Cinema Hero Keshav. Hey Hero!
This is none of your business. Leave. I am no coward to leave
as soon as you ask me to go. We aren’t like those duplicate rogues,
with whom you fight in cinema. And this ain’t a Cinema Shooting. All of this is original. Had this been cinema. I would have followed the stunt
master’s instruction to hit you. If you call yourselves original.. ..I will hit you all in my style. Stop with all these
cinema dialogues and leave. The second option
is the right one for you. Come!
– Hey! Go. Come lets go. Sir! Thank you, sir. Thank you so much, sir. Though, you are a big star.. have fought for us on the roads. If you see behind the stardom,
I am an ordinary man too. Sir! Excuse me for a second.
I’ll go bring my bag. Who is she to you? Friends, sir.
– Do you want me to believe this? Err.. I still haven’t
proposed to her, sir. Why? Haven’t you found
an auspicious time yet? You spend hours talking on Facebook.
Why don’t you do the same in person? Anyhow, you guys make a good pair. Please convey your feelings
to your girl at the earliest. Okay, sir.
– Okay. Sir!
– You haven’t told me your names yet. My name is Siva!
I am an Ad Film Director. My name is Elaikiya, Sir. Hello!
– Hello sir! Okay, Siva! I am getting late. I’ll take your leave.
– Okay, sir. Thank you, sir.
– All the best. God bless you. Sir! Sir! We need your autograph. Sure! Bye. Bye.
– Thank you, sir. Hey! Are you a big hero? How dare you hit my brother
for teasing some random girl? I did hit him like a hero does.
Had I hit him like how I usually do.. ..he must have died by now. Right now he
is the hospital with multiple fractures. However, if he irritates me again,
I’ll kill him. If I want, I can kill you right here. I too have the same feeling. Oh! Do you have the courage? Your brother told you about everything. Didn’t he tell about my courage? Kill him! Cut! Cut! Cut! Sir! Wonderful performance. If we have an item song now,
the film will be a huge hit. “Hey! Producers have
spent lots of money.” “in making this film.” “Distributors will make huge profits.” “By distributing this wonderful film.” “Audience will appreciate.” “And will say.” “This is the best telugu movie.” “This is not a matter of 10,
50 or 75 days.” “This cinema will definitely
be screened for 100 days.” “It is not Silver Jubilee,
Golden Jubilee or Diamond Jubilee.” “But this film will
have a Platinum Jubilee.” “Dirty Picture won’t
remain the dirtiest anymore.” “Malayalam movies will
be less exciting than this one.” “Dirty Picture won’t
remain the dirtiest anymore.” “Malayalam movies will
be less exciting than this one.” “Top angle,
low angle, side angle, wide angle.” “Front angle,
back angle, this film is the best.” How is the cinema different? “You must have seen
so many movies like this.” “But this ain’t an ordinary movie,
but a super hit film.” “You must have seen
so many movies like this.” “But this ain’t an ordinary movie,
but a super hit film.” “This is not a matter of 10,
50 or 75days.” “This cinema will definitely
be screened for 100 days.” “It is not just Silver Jubilee,
Golden Jubilee or Diamond Jubilee.” “But this film will
have a Platinum Jubilee.” “Come! Come! I will take you higher.” “Oh higher! So that you
can become the star of the year.” “Come! Come! I will make you greater.” “My story brings you lots of glory.
Trust me, Oh my guy!” “There are night scenes
without lighting.” “There are lot of fight scenes.” “There are scenes
to excite the audience.” “There is a scene of playing cards.” “Close your eyes!
If you close your eyes.” “You will miss the important scenes.” ” If you watch it with attention,
I am sure you will appreciate it.” “Youth, elders, Married couples.” “All of you will watch
this film over and over again.” “This is family entertainer.” “You must have seen
so many movies like this.” “But this ain’t an ordinary movie,
but a super hit film.” “You must have seen
so many movies like this.” “But this ain’t an ordinary movie,
but a super hit film.” “Blockbuster!
Boom burster! This cinema is houseful.” “Full fan club is here.
You are star of cinema screen.” “There is no difference
between ‘A’ class or ‘B’ class.” “You can decide if this
is a class movie or a mass movie.” “Morning show,
matinee show nothing is free.” “Even the mid night shows are full.” “Small poster. Wall poster.” “We’ll get you excited
with just our wall poster.” “If you see the poster twice, you will
definitely come here to watch this.” “In Andhara, Naizam, Singapore.” “US and UK,
this movie will run worldwide.” “Ain’t this a routine thing?” “You must have seen
so many movies like this.” “Come and see my solo
action in this film.” “You must have seen
so many movies like this.” “Come and see my solo
action in this film.” We know how much strained
to get her acquaintance. However, you should
never keep a girl waiting. Tell him strongly, dude. This is the only good thing
that this brainless guy has done. But–
– But what? My dad!
– He is a very good man. He is very good. However.. ..that is my problem. Yes dude. One day, when both of us
were returning home together.. ..some random guy was
proposing to some girl on road. The girl didn’t accept
and this guy kept trying. Hey! Stop the car.
– Please accept my proposal. I will die if you don’t accept to it. Hey! Either you will die if
you don’t get her or you’ll kill her. Is this love? Sir! Is she your daughter? I didn’t know that she is your daughter. Had you proposed to my daughter,
I wouldn’t have stopped with hitting. I would have killed you.
– So. This one is not your daughter. In that case, why did you hit me, sir? Is it wrong to fall in love?
– I don’t know if it is right or wrong. You aren’t old enough to fall in love. Love has become a new fashion
for the younger generation. Parents feel scared to
let their daughters travel alone. They are scared if useless
ones like you will spoil her life. Father! Everyone is looking at us.
Let’s leave. Hey! Let them see. They must also understand. We must stop this nonsense,
that these guys do in the name of love. Only then these rascals
will learn their lessons. Sir, stop abusing love
as though it is a huge crime. Isn’t he your son? When he loves someone
and that girl leaves. Only then you will be able
to understand the pain involved in it. Anyways, what do you know about love? I am not required to answer
to useless ones like you. My son will never go against my wishes. He has infused the same
confusion in my love story too. Will you be able to forget that girl? As long as I am alive,
till I draw my last breath.. ..I will continue to love her.
I can’t imagine a life without her. Oh!
– Hey! History proves that love fails,
but lovers don’t. Everything will be fine soon. Come. Let’s leave.
– Hello Madam! Physically present here,
mentally elsewhere. How far has your love story come? We have moved from seeing
phase to talking phase. Not bad! That’s a good improvement. Once upon a time,
he used to trouble me. I used to hate him. However, since he befriended me.. ..I have lost all the hatred
and have developed liking for him. You wait for him to tell.
He waits for you to tell. If you keep waiting like this. Someone else might enter the picture. Shit! This is just a namesake Ad Agency. I committed myself here in the dream
of colorful life and costly figures. There is nothing extraordinary here. Stop ogling at her. Looks like you
will flood the office with your spittle. Excuse me! Yes. Use me. May I come in, sir? Why do you need my permission?
Get in and complete your work. What? Hi, sir! I am Vaishali from Mumbai. Why do shake hands with me? Sir, you are the MD of this Company. I know that.
I haven’t forgetten that. Tell me. You had appointed me as
the new model of your company. Sandy sent me here. Other day, I spoke to you over phone. You had asked me to come. With all that she says,
I must have called her. I shouldn’t let her
know about my poor memory– Let me introduce her to our staff! My dear staff! This one. Sorry. This girl.. ..has joined our team. She is a model. Her name is Vaishali from Mumbai. I am Venu from Venkatapuram.
Creative head of this Company. He thinks so. He is neither creative,
nor the head person. It is like that.
– Sir! I am Ram Babu. Who are you?
Looks like you came from animal kingdom. Sir, I am your cameraman. I don’t care if you
are cameraman or Doberman. Why do come like this? Go stand behind.
– No! Hi Siva!
– Hello sir! Vaishali, he is Mr. Siva. Hi! Hello!
– Very genius. There are 2 strong
pillars of this Company. It’s me.
– I am one of them.. ..Siva is the other one. Hello!
– Hi. Something special. Get back to work. Go and do your work properly.
– Leave! Come on, guys! Let’s get back to work. This seems to be very dangerous. I must definitely
watch over these rogues! Else, they will change my profession
from Ad Company to something else. Thank God! You have come. Welcome. Aunt! The house seems empty and silent.
What is the matter? Isn’t uncle at home? As we celebrate harvest festival today,
our community hall.. ..has arranged for a drama.
You uncle has gone to participate in it. In that case, come.
Let’s go see him perform. Agni! Jamadagni! Who had arranged for all this? Who started the celebrations here? Who had promised to cut my head off? Speak out! Are you scared? Aren’t you able to open your mouth? Tell me! Come on! Who is the brave one who
promised to cut my head? Tell me. Come on! Tell me who is it? If Lord Shiva opens his third eye! If this Jamadagni starts counting.. ..There will be fire. What will be left is
only ashes will remain. Hey! How many times will
you repeat the same thing? Introduce the new trend. Do you think I am ordinary
rogue like you to fear death? Rathore! Vikram Rathore! I am not scared of death.
Death is scared of me. Not having the courage to face me,
you have been chasing me like dog. You will need a huge manpower
to bring this one man down. “I promise on the pride
I have in my mustache” “I promise on my own daughter’s life” “Even if one of you is spared, or
if I die a minute earlier than you..” “..ask them to remove
my mustache and bury me.” Look there, aunt. Uncle is
putting up such a wonderful show. He will definitely
become a big artist soon. Very true.
I keep screaming at him all the time. I would have missed this chance,
had you not brought me here. This is the matter! I will somehow have
to propose her today. Tell her! Elakiya.. I want to–
– Are you in love with her? No! No! Not at all! Why do you say no, no? No. It’s nothing. Hey! Express your love to her. Tell. Tell her now. Oh! Okay. Okay. We beg you to tell her. Please. Siva! I have to go now.
I’ll meet you tomorrow. Okay.
– Bye! Bye!
– Bye! Hey Siva! Do you have any sense?
You have missed a golden opportunity. Anyways, why were you struggling
to express your love to here. I planned to tell her, dude. Then, I was reminded
of dad and couldn’t tell her. Dads are biggest villain for love. My dad isn’t a villain, dude. Why did he warn that guy then? My dad does not trust
this generation’s idea of love. That is why he gets angry
on hearing about love or lovers. In that case, do this.
– What is it? Get to know your mother’s opinion
on love. Things will become easier then. Mom! You sacrifice so much for us. Right from providing
bed coffee to dad.. ..till serving us coffee, Tiffin etc.
you do everything. After that, you will have
help sister in going to school. You will have to help
me and dad go to office. Do you get to rest at least after that? Nope. You will have to
get our lunch boxes ready. Then again in the evening, you
are required to work like this for us. Dear! I must be the one to sulk. You seem to be sulking for me instead.
Tell me what you want? I have a small doubt. Why is dad against love or lovers?
Why does he get irritated with it? Mom! What are you thinking about?
Is it something that I shouldn’t know? Looking at all the atrocities that
are happening in the name of love.. ..he has changed and
become indifferent to love. I am sure you wouldn’t have
thought so much, if this is the answer. Though you don’t want to tell me,
I thought I had right to ask you this, Hey! Do you know what actually happened?
– Lakshmi! We don’t have to tell
our stories to our children. Instead, we have to tell them
that which benefits their future. Dear! What do you want to know? Don’t waste your time
on unnecessary things. Work harder to reach your aim. Okay?
– Sure, dad! Go! What is all this? Lakshmi! If you have respect for me.. ..please don’t say
such things to children. It is better not
to tell them about this. Who is it at this hour? Hello!
– Hi darling! Darling eh? Who is it? Don’t you know me?
– That’s why I asked you. Try guessing.
– I am not interested in knowing you. I guess you have called a wrong number. Hey! Hey! It’s me Vaishali. Vaishu, Is it you? What are you doing, Sharukh? Sharukh eh? Why do you call me Sharukh? I like two men in this world. One is Sharukh.
Other one is my dream hero Siva! Why am I your dream hero? Yes. You are my dream hero. Do you know why? When I joined work,
everyone showed interest in me. But you are different from them. You have impressed me. That is why. Everyone likes this Vaishu.
However, Vaishu likes you. Listen! Don’t get your hopes too high. Cut the call and go to sleep. If I open my eyes.. ..I can see you everywhere. If I close my eyes, you come as dream. Go bathe in cold water and go to sleep. Stop with all this stupid thoughts. I want you to look fresh
for the photoshoot tomorrow. It can help you and our Company. Good night!
– Hey! Hey! Sharukh! Do you think I’ll let you go,
if you cut the call. I’ll leave for work, uncle.
– Dear Elaikiya! I have to discuss something with you. What is it about?
– Please sit. I want to discuss about your wedding. What is it the hurry now? If your parents were alive,
they must have got you married by now. While they died,
they had entrusted you to me. So if I get you married,
my burden will come down. Am I a burden to you, uncle? Why do you say so, dear? You have taken good care of me,
more than a parent does. True! However,
I haven’t saved anything for you. I have used all my
assets to become an artist. Now, I have only this house for you. As long as I am alive,
I will not let you suffer. However, after sometime when I die. Don’t say so, uncle. True. I wish to get you
married while I am still alive. Do you like Siva? What is your opinion? Siva is a very good person. In order to impress me,
he got introduced to you. However,
I don’t know what his plans are. It is nothing difficult.
We can find it out in a second. No need, uncle. I’ll find it out myself. If you ask him to marry,
he may out of his respect.. ..and love for you, agree to it.
There is no meaning in it. He has to be interested in it.
He must be loving and caring. Oh! Oh! Okay then. When you both accept,
I will get you married. I will not talk on this again till then. Okay, uncle. Turn this side! ” Oh my dear!
Why do you stay away from me?” “Won’t you be my friend?” “Oh dear! Aren’t you going to love me?” “Come let us quench
our thirst of love.” “Your two beautiful hands.” “Looks like a musical instruments.” “You make me yearn for you.” “It is like a small knife in me.” “Let’s get it started.” ” And do this over and again!” “Oh my dear!
Why do you stay away from me?” “Won’t you be my friend?” “Oh dear!
Aren’t you going to love me?” “Come let us quench our thirst of love.” “Oh my love!” “Oh my love!” “Oh my love!” ” I am feeling shy and have
whirlpool of feelings in me dear.” “I am here to set it right in
few seconds, my dear” “I have a lot of desires
and wish to be with you.” “I’ll satisfy your rain of desires,
my darling!” “This is the right time to get together,
there’s no better moment.” “Let’s get together at once thens.” “If we get together..” “..We will rock everything around.” ” Oh my dear!” “Why do you stay away from me?” “Come let us quench our thirst of love.” ” My breathing pattern..” “..seems to be different.” “It is like this. Let me help you.” “This seems to be combination
of pain and happiness.” “This is of different kind.” “Don’t you want to try it?” “I have new kind of feelings..” “..and I keep wondering about it.” ” It is common in love.” ” Enjoy it.” “I seem to have..” “..lost myself in this.” Hey Elaikiya! Why are you leaving? Nothing. I came here to talk to you. You seem to be busy.
I didn’t want to disturb you. So I am leaving. Busy eh? No one is busy here. I am never busy. Who is she?
Why were you touching her like that? Hey! She is our Company model.
I was setting her costumes. That’s all. This is my profession.
Don’t feel bad about it. Let’s go out and have a coffee. Come. I don’t drink cold coffee at this time. I have work to do. Bye. Why did she leave now? Hey! Why did you
ask me to come urgently? You also look very tensed. What is it? Earlier, he was setting her hair. She is from Mumbai and will not know
to braid her hair. So I let him do it. After that, despite my presence.. ..he is pulling her dress
up and down in the name of setting it. When I asked him about it, he
says all this is common in media field. Okay. But why did you go there? I– I felt like seeing him. So I went there. Okay. What happened then?
– He was in some photoshoot. That is his job! Oh God! I don’t know how to explain this to you. It looked like he was
playing veena on her navel.. ..she was standing still,
like one does before Niagara falls. Darling! Don’t we call this jealousy? I feel like hitting her. Just wait. He is a director. He may want to try
proposing in a new style. Tomorrow is Valentine’s day.
He may express it tomorrow. Why has she not come yet? Hey! Come fast. If Siva does not propose me today,
I will propose him. Let’s see. Hi Siva!
– Hi! Happy Valentine’s day! Wish you the same. Come. Hey Siva. Happy Valentine’s day! Come on.
– Hey. Leave me. What happened? Couldn’t you control yourself? Hi! Hello! Good evening dear friends! All those lovers and friends here.. the ones who are going
to have a love marriage. Welcome to happy valentines day! You can dedicate a love
song to your loved one. Thereby you can express
your love for them. This is a wonderful opportunity. Who is the first participant? “Oh my heart! Go ahead and tell it.” “My heart wishes to tell you something.” “I don’t know why all this–”
– Yeah! Yeah! Yes! “Oh my moon! I yearn to see you..” “..I will do anything for you.” “Oh my darling!
I feel so bad when I don’t see you.” ” I am singing this song for you” “Oh Moon! I yearn to see you.” “I will do anything for you.” He sang that song with true emotions. You also go and express your love. “Hey Rakhi! Rakhi! You are my Kawasaki.” “This gun aims the bullet at you.” I had a good opportunity.
I don’t why she came in between. When did we make this Ad? This ain’t an Ad. It is a Map. Why have you called me here? What concept did I tell you?
What have you done? Did you do it on purpose? I feel creation is more important
than the concept. So I did it on my own. That’s why it has come out well. Who are you to decide that it is good? Why? Haven’t you decided yet?
– It is not me. They haven’t decided yet. Can you come a bit closer? Go! He has hit you.
Why are you laughing now? I am not laughing at him hitting me. I was reminded of the punishment
that Client had given to our MD. Why was our boss punished? Don’t you know.
That Company’s MD is a teacher. Just like how a teacher punishes
students who have made mistake. Oh God! Didn’t I tell you that you
will be shocked on seeing them? This doesn’t look like a School Ad.
It looks like a condom company’s Ad. Condom companies are doing good.
– Shut up! I asked you to do a school ad.
Why have you done it like a condom ad? Condom ad eh? Can I see the pictures? Sir! These days school
ads are required to be like this. Else, students won’t
have any attraction. What are you searching?
Are you for Cheque Book? No. I am looking for my gun.
– Why do you need a gun? Are you going to hold it this way.. ..and pose like James Bond? Nope. I am going to
shoot you down with it. Shooting eh? Sir! Aren’t you the Head Master here? Give me punishment like
kneeling down or caning! Don’t shoot me down with your gun.
– Thanks for reminding me. Go and kneel down there! It won’t look nice if I do it with suit.
– Go do it with your underpants. I forgot to wear to my underpants. Okay. Go and do it in this then. Go! Can’t you lend me yours? Look! I have done it. You have to stay this way till evening. That’s the matter. Hey! Hey! Sharukh! Can you drop me? Hey! Sorry Vaishu! I have some urgent work to do.
– Please, Sharukh! Oh God! Looks like she won’t let me go. Sit down! Why is Elaikiya calling me? Has she seen me with her? Hello!
– Where are you? I am in office now.
– Oh! Are you busy? I am very busy.
I am doing a photoshoot here. Okay. Why did you call? I thought you will
be free and we can go out. You seem to be busy. Okay. Bye. Oh Goddess!! I have missed
a good opportunity because of you. What happened, Sharukh?
– Stop calling me Sharukh! What happened? Why are you dull? I am thinking about Siva.
– What happened? That day, when I asked him as to why
he touched her. He said it is his job. Now he takes her around on
his bike and lies to me about it. He behaves the exact
same way with her.. he does with me. Is it so?
– Earlier, I did hate him. Days later, I developed liking for him. However, looking at his attitude now,
I really don’t know what to do. Is his love for me genuine? Go on circumambulation.
– Okay dad! Come. Brother! There is a film shoot there. Shall we go see? Let’s get done with this first. Hey brother!
Look there! Hero Keshav is here. Let’s go talk to him. Please. Okay. I’ll go first.
You come when I call you. Till then keep going around the temple. If the lion (Dad) comes to know about
this, both of us will be done forever. Come.
– Okay. You will definitely earn great fame.
All the best. Thank you! Can we get started with shooting? Sir! Just a minute. Hello hero! How are you?
– I am no hero, sir. Oh! You had fought with rogues to save
your girl. You are definitely a hero. Oh! Did you mean that way? Have you come alone or? Sir! I haven’t proceeded
further with it. I have come here with my family. Dear! Where is your brother? Dad! He is near that shooting spot. We can go tell–
– Hey Siva! Yes dad! Meet Keshav Sir! What have work have you here? Don’t you recognise who he is?
He is Cinema star. He may be Hero to others. But, I don’t see him that way.
Come with me. Dad!
– Come along. Hi Nandini!
– Hello Sir! Please sit. How far has your story come? Sir said he will tell
me the rest of the story today. I heard his call sheet
got cancelled and I came home. Hey! Hey! Who are you? Where are you going? Please wait. Keshav Sir.
– Don’t go. Who are you? What do you want?
– I want to meet Keshav sir. Do you have an appointment? He knows me well. There are lot of people who tell this.
– Hey! Move! Keshav Sir!
– Please stop! Keshav Sir!
– Stop! What do you want, Siva? I want to know the truth. My dad got angry when
he met you at the temple. I want to know the true
reason behind that anger. Why is my sister’s photo here? How is my family related to you? Come. I’ll tell you. Please sit. Every story has a twist.
There is a twist in my story too. Only today, I have got
a chance to narrate this to you. Both of you should know this. Your sister was everything to me. We both were in love with each other. Do you know.. much of love
I had for your sister? “Hari! Hari! Srihari!
Hari! Hari! Srihari!” “Hari! Hari! Srihari!
Hari! Hari! Srihari!” “Hari! Hari! Srihari!
Hari! Hari! Srihari!” “Hari! Hari! Srihari!
Hari! Hari! Srihari!” “Hari! Hari!
Sri Hari! This maiden is all yours!” “She wishes to be united with you.” “Hari! Hari! Srihari!
Hari! Hari! Srihari!” “Hari! Hari! Srihari!
Hari! Hari! Srihari!” “I am king of love.” “Leave your shyness behind.” “What are you going to do with me?” “Will you make me go all sensual?” ” My love for you has increased.” “It will be perfect
if you come next to me.” “Sri! Hurry Burry!
Hurry Burry! Narayana.” “I am all shy now.” “This ain’t something ordinary.” “Why don’t you come along with me?” “Hari! Hari!
Sri Hari! This maiden is all yours!” “She wishes to be united with you.” “I am king of love.” “Leave your shyness behind.” ” My heart yearns for Hari! Hari!” “This is a hit pair.” “I have tasted honey before.” “Hari! Hari! Sri Hari!” “Why do you look at me like that?” “Hari! Hari! Sri Hari!” “My love can cure you,
just like a honey does.” “It will remove all the impurities.” “I can take care of myself.” ” I don’t need your help or medicines.” “Oh my girl! Please give it to me.” “I will bring you all the comforts.” “Hurry Burry! Hurry Burry! Narayana!” “I am all shy now.” “This ain’t something ordinary.” “Why don’t you come along with me?” “Hari! Hari!
Sri Hari! This damsel is all yours.” “She wishes to be united with you.” “I am king of love.” “Leave your shyness behind.” “Oh! We have our Real Star.” “Give them all the encouragement.” “He is our master real star!
He is the real star.” “Let the world see this.” “I was like a flower before.” “Hari! Hari! Sri Hari.” “Why did you infect it with love arrow?” “Hari! Hari! Sri Hari.” “I did that in order
to attain the hunter’s aim.” “To make sure it is mine.” ” My room is locked.” “I love you so much.” ” I will celebrate my victory over it.
Come on! Let’s enjoy.” “Hurry Burry! Hurry Burry! Narayana.” “I am all shy now.” “This ain’t something ordinary.” “Why don’t you come along with me?” “Hari! Sri Hari!
This maiden is all yours.” “She wishes to be united with you.” “I am the king of love.” “Leave you shyness
behind and come with me.” Will we always be this happy? Any doubt? 100 percent. In that case,
lets get married at the earliest. Why do you say at the earliest?
We can get married now. Oh! Do you want to get married now? Before that,
you have to convince my dad. I will talk to him. We’ll have to get
consent of all at home. We shall get it. We should get married
at an auspicious hour. Here. Is that okay with you? 100 percent. What happened, Keshav?
– Sit down! Horrible! There is cheating everywhere. Government has allotted crores
of rupees for development of our city. It has been provided in this paper. No development programme is successful. We don’t get even the basic
need such as clean drinking water. This is why I wish to
adopt my town and protect it. When I was young.. ..a lot of families left my
town to move into a developed city. They had to leave everything behind.
It is still fresh in my memory. I will not spare. I will
not spare anyone involved in this. Right from the lowest cadre
employee to highest.. ..whoever is involved in this scam.. ..I am not going to spare anyone. Keshav! Let’s not get involved in this. I have studied law. We’ll use it for some good purpose.
I feel very happy. I will send him a notice immediately. Thank you, my dear. Life partner is not
meant to share a life alone. They will have to share
their dreams and aspirations too. I love you! Dad! Thank you! I have been waiting
to tell you something. I know what you are going to tell me. Who is he?
– His name is Keshav. Knowing his name isn’t sufficient. You must know everything about
him before you take it to your elders. You also know him, dad. Keshavnath. Film Star. May be you are the first girl he loves. How can you be sure that
he won’t go behind someone else? Keshav is a good human being. It is not like what you think.
He is different from others. He is a real good man. I strongly believe that
he will take good care of me. What makes you feel confident about it? Who has given you this courage?
– Your way of raising me, dad. I have always been behind you. Do you know why?
In case you happen to slip.. ..I will be there to hold you. Do you think your
dad won’t understand you? Had you fell in love
with a normal person. I would have been the happiest one. However, you love an actor. Their lifestyle is not same as ours. Today it is you, tomorrow
he will like someone else. Knowing all this,
I cannot let you marry him. It is not like that, dad. Old articles can be exchanged
for new articles at market But, this is life. If your calculation goes wrong.. will have to bear the
consequences throughout your life. Any father who loves his daughter,
will react this way. I am really sorry. In the name of arranging
a property in Ring Road.. ..and having taken settlements from me,
how dare you file a compliant. Useless one!
No piece of land escapes from my sight. Nor does any man. Take this away. What is that paper in your hand? Has our boss received any award
in appreciation of his social service. Has he been awarded Padmashri,
or Chakra award? Hey! We have never done a good deed.
Nor will we get an award. Tell me what it is. It reads that.. ..funds worth 150 crores sanctioned
by Government for development of city.. ..has been used by us.
It states that.. ..not a penny was spent in favour
of the public and all money has been.. ..used for personal use.
Maheshwari, a lawyer.. ..has sent you this legal notice. What is this legal notice?
What do we have to do? You will have to account for funds
that was allotted by the Government. The Honourable Court will then
set up a Committee, Commissioner.. investigate this. When they find
out the truth, our game will be over. What is that lawyer’s name?
– Maheshwari! Maheshwari! Does the groom want to
talk to the bride in private? I don’t think that is required, sir. There is nothing more to talk. We, elders shall talk and finalise this. We know about your daughter very well. You have raised her. It is more like an ISI certification. In that case, can we go ahead
and fix dates for engagement? Greetings! I am Prajapathi! I am here to meet the lawyer madam. I want to discuss
certain things with her. I am the lawyer. What do you want? Greetings, ma’am! With God’s blessings,
all my dreams have come true. When I begin to enjoy,
you have asked me for accounts. You have sent me an legal notice.
If the public comes to know of this.. ..I will lose my respect. Public should know the true color of
men like you. That is why I sent notice. If you want to discuss something,
you can do it at the court. Please get out! Look MLA sir!
We have a occasion happening here. Please don’t disturb us now. Please leave. I promise on my mother. I haven’t come here
to disturb all of you. I came here to discuss
a legal issue with lawyer. Please wait, dad.
I’ll go talk and get back. Come. Lawyer Madam, please withdraw the case. Else–
– Are you trying to threaten me? You have misused the funds
allotted for public welfare. You have taken every
penny for your personal use. I am not like any other
ordinary citizen to remain quiet. I am a responsible lawyer. Oh my God! You talk perfect sense. Everyone is going ahead in life. Will I remain quiet
and let people go ahead of me? I won’t let go. I came here to discuss
and request you to.. ..listen to me. But you didn’t. Do you know how much I have
strived to come to this post? Do you think I will remain
quiet if I lose this post? What will you do?
– I will do anything. Mahi! Mahi! Mahi! Dad!
– Oh God! Dad! Stop crying, Lakshmi. Did my daughter tell
you anything about this? Yes, uncle.
– What happened? What actually happened on that day was– I love you! We can send a legal notice. Sir! Have you come to see
if Mahi is alive or dead? Actually–
– Please don’t say anything. I don’t want anyone staying here. Please get out. Sir! I will leave. It is a deep cut. Kidneys have been damaged. She was bleeding profusely. We tried our best. I am sorry. It does not matter as to who is right,
who is to be blamed.. Mahi will never return. That is why I have all
her memories stored in my heart. To love and to be loved is a luck. If the love ends in wedding,
both of them share a happy life. It is a boon. However,
I have been unfortunate with it. I don’t want anyone
else to undergo this pain. That’s why I encouraged
you to express your love. Does your father know
about your love for her? Nope.
– First, go and tell this to your dad. Convince him somehow. Be brave enough to face things.
Get married with his consent. Spend your life with that girl. If you want any help.. ..I am there to help you. Do you want to say something to me?
– Nothing, dad! Stop there! I think I have raised
my children with love. If that is true. You will not leave
without telling what it is. It is nothing serious, dad. I wanted to tell you that– Are you in love with someone?
Have you? I have been waiting to
tell you this for a long time. What? What did you just say? Love! Love! I tried my best to save.. family from the
clutches of this love. Revenge. The love has
taken its revenge on me. It is not like that, dad. I never expected this. I definitely didn’t
expect this from you. I have lots of hopes and dreams for you. I had full faith on you.
– No, dad. You are still discussing about something
that happened earlier. What are you saying? Your sister’s death
is still vivid in my memory. I hate love and the man
who is responsible for it. I will never accept to it. Dad! I have never objected to
anything that you have told me so far. Just this once, I beg to differ. Please forgive me. You have raised sister for 25 years. I understand how bad
you feel about losing her. But there is something that
none of you know. Do I tell it? Poor Keshav sir! He was in love with
her for just 20 days. But he still hasn’t forgotten
her and lives with her memories. Though he has everything,
he leads his life all alone. Do you know what
is the reason behind it? It is the 4 letter word that you hate.
It is his LOVE for her. What do you mean?
Do you mean to say that love is the on. If you see, there are only dreams in it. Didn’t you tell me
this when I was young? People standing on shore
don’t know the depth of the sea. However people in sea will
know both the depth and the shore. Did you see, Lakshmi? Your son has learn to talk well. If he stands on shore,
he can be more clear. I am not an outsider to ask
you chose between me or that girl. I am your dad. However, love is no river,
where we can measure the depth. It is an ocean. My love has the strength
to measure the ocean, dad. Please understand. Hello!
– Hello Elaikiya! I want to discuss something with you. Can you please come
to the park immediately? What is it about? You come there. I’ll let you know. Please come fast. Okay. Okay. I will come immediately. What is it, Siva?
Why did you ask me to come immediately? I have been wanting to tell
you this for a long time now. What is it about? I love you. I love you, Elaikiya. Elaikiya! Elaikiya!
– Siva! This is your feeling towards me. What are you saying, Elaikiya? Yes, Siva. I have always seen
you as my good friend. I have never considered
being in relationship with you. Love is something
to do with one’s heart. If I had love for you,
I would have expressed it long back. You can hide your feelings. However,
eyes will always tell the truth. Right now, your eyes shows
that you have immense love for me. This is not love. This is–
– Yes. much of love that I have for you.
Are you looking out for words? Oh God! Siva! My silence does mean
that I accept to what you say. Please understand. We are friends. Just best friends. That is all. Please Elaikiya! Please consider your thoughts about me. You need just a second
to understand my love. I wish you to hold your
hands like this for a lifetime. Siva! I can agree for a cup
of coffee with your convincing. However, I can’t do
the same thing with my life. Hey! Why can’t you attend the call? Hello!
– Aunty! This is Vaishali calling
from Siva’s office. Siva has got the
“Best Ad Film Director” award. I couldn’t reach him on his phone. Please tell him this good news aunty. I will definitely tell him. Very happy! Siva! Siva! Your dream has finally come true. You have won the
“Best Ad Film Director” award. Vaishali had called few minutes back. Siva! What is wrong with you? What happened? What is this? Oh! Why did you do this? Dear! Why did you do this? Please tell something. Honey! Mom!
– What is it, Lakshmi? He has consumed poison
because of love failure. Brother! Brother!
– Look at him! Brother! Brother! Dear! Nothing will happen to him. Don’t worry. Dad! Will brother be fine? Nothing is wrong with him. Sister! I wish to meet Siva. Room no.204 sir! Why have you come again?
He is not dead yet. Earlier, in the name of love,
you had taken my daughter away . Today, for the same reason,
he is on the deathbed. Are you happy now? What is all this, dear? Sir! I didn’t expect this to happen. Look here! My son has taken
such a drastic step because of you. I am not here to comment
if he is lucky or unlucky. But having rejected his love,
I am sure you are the unlucky one. All this happened because of her. He will come and say “I love you”. If you say “Love you too”. You will always continue
to have this doubt about him. What should I do then? Please reject his proposal. Don’t get shocked. You are going to say no just for today. If he comes behind you,
even after you reject him.. ..that is genuine love. Else, if he goes behind that girl.. ..That Vaishu.. ..your doubts will get cleared. I made a big mistake
of listening to her. I love Siva a lot. Siva is everything to me. Look Elaikiya! Loving someone is okay. But it is very important
to understand the one you love. Though a lot of girls were interested
in him, he has never seen anyone. Right from when he met you,
he followed you like a mad man. You are not the only
one to make mistake, dear. Of late everyone does. This generation which has
misunderstood the concept of love. I feel scared looking
at this generation. You make huge issue
out of meaningless things. Love means trust.
Love without trust does not stand long. Earlier, Elders were
the only threat for love. These days, even the lovers
are being threat to love. First, you clearly decide
if it is love or a mere attraction Then, go ahead and fall in love. Now he is fine. You can go and see him. Sorry, dear. I am very very sorry. How can I stay without you?
Why did you do something like this? I loved you the very
moment you saved my uncle. I wish to stay with
you for every second. I love you.
– I have always loved you. Look Siva! I wish to tell this to the ones
who are in love. Please fall in love. But don’t try to play
around in the name of love. Sir! I feel very happy today. You seem to have accepted their love. I feel very proud. To have loved your
daughter more than you do. Yes I did. Right from a young age,
I have stayed all alone. I had just one person for me. Only my Mahi. But when she died,
you didn’t let me see her face too. How can you do this to me, sir? Sir! Mahi’s photo is just on your wall. But I have it in my heart. Is it wrong for cinema
stars to fall in love? We do wear different kinds of make up. But we don’t let
that bother our identity. We also have feelings. I wanted to say all of this on that day. But you didn’t give
me a chance to speak. Sir! I will never.. ..ever disturb you again. Please forgive me if I hurt you.
I’ll take your leave. My arrogance didn’t
let me see the human in you. You are a star loved by crores of
people. But, you still love my daughter. I am sure my daughter is in your heart. If you stay with us,
it is like Mahi is staying with us. Please stay with us.
– Please stay with us, dear. Please Keshav! Sir! It is difficult.
– What is it? Wedding is over right.
When will the lunch be served? I think it is time already. There is no watch there.
Neither is this a wedding hall. Oh! Has someone come of age? God! We’ll die managing
with your poor memory. Who are you?
You and your face cut. Get out. Nurse! Nurse!
– Greetings! I have business and settled
with a good position. From when?
– What? Why is asking from when?
– He is not a nurse. He is a doctor. You and your memory! “This is not a matter of 10,
50 or 75days.” “This cinema will definitely
be screened for 100 days.” “It is not Silver Jubilee,
Golden Jubilee or Diamond Jubilee.” “But this film will
have a Platinum Jubilee.” “Dirty Picture won’t
remain the dirtiest anymore.” “Malayalam movies will
be less exciting than this one.” “Dirty Picture won’t
remain the dirtiest anymore.” “Malayalam movies will
be less exciting than this one.” “Top angle,
low angle, side angle, wide angle.” “Front angle,
back angle, this film is the best.” How is this cinema different? “You must have seen
so many movies like this.” “But this ain’t an ordinary movie,
but a super hit film.” “You must have seen
so many movies like this.” “But this ain’t an ordinary movie,
but a super hit film.” “This is not a matter of 10,
50 or 75days.” “This cinema will definitely
be screened for 100 days.” “It is not Silver Jubilee,
Golden Jubilee or Diamond Jubilee.” “But this film will
have a Platinum Jubilee.”

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