Singaporeans Try: Instagram Story Riddles
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Singaporeans Try: Instagram Story Riddles

He is an extraterrestrial being, he came from mars. Hi! Hi! What is your favourite social media platform? My favourite social media application would probably be Instagram. I like how you can be very artsy about it. Instagram, because it’s quick. You just scroll scroll scroll. What are some creative things you’ve seen on Instagram recently? Instastory! You know got the mouth one? The AHHHHH and then like the thing keeps on going. Oh the bingo thing. Ok you know like there’s a lot of Instagram accounts, then they’d give out templates. You just screenshot and then you just cancel. Okay… Ya that’s the trend now. Do y’all know about the Instagram riddles? OMG! NO!! When you lose to the person, and you fail to give the correct answer, you’ll have to repost it. I will always need to repost one. I tried 2, I got both wrong. Once you get the catch, then wah, you feel damn shiok. No I feel quite stupid. If there are 12 fishes, two are eaten up by a cat, and out of the remaining, half drown. How many are there left? Ok this is definitely not a math question, because it is testing on science. Isn’t it 5? 12 fish, 2 eaten, half drown, 5 la! I know the answer. As in left in the box, or??? Left alive? What box? Tank, you mean. Tank! Ah! I know. OH! I get it already. 10! 10! 10!
Half! ‘Cause 2 eaten already what, but the remaining are still dead inside the bowl, right? The answer is 10, but your explanation is wrong! Fish can drown meh? Fish cannot drown! Why cannot drown? OHHH YA!!! You walk into a room and see a bed with 2 cats, 4 dogs and 1 cow on it. You see 2 chickens flying over it. How many legs are there on the floor? Damn cheem sia! 8, 4… 8+16 is 16… (?????) You walk into a room and see a bed with 2 cats…
I know I know I know I know!!! *continues counting* 24! It saying… The bed right? On it… So they are all on the bed right? I think quite confident la, quite confident… 2! 4! 2!
4! 2!
4! Because the bed got 4 legs. 2 because the human got 2 legs only. ‘Cause 2 chickens what, 2 chickens, each has 2 legs right? So… 2×2, 4! But they were flying! They fly over then they don’t need to land ah? Chickens can’t fly… Kind of? But they can actually flap across the bed la. Take it like you’re taking a picture right, then the bird is like… The answer is 6! The bed has 4 and you have 2. Tada! Help la! Omg no! If there are 15 apples, you take away 4. 3 of them are rotten and your mother eats 6. How many do you have? 15-4 is 11 OH I KNOW! 11-3… Wait! is 8… Your mother ate 6, so 2 lor. Oh, I know!
I know also. 4! 6!
4. 4!
1. 3 of them were rotten what, so 4-3 is 1! Eh! Ya hor? ‘Cause you take away 4, then you still have 2 left what, so you add the 2- plus 2, so 6! You only take 4, so 4 la! There is a lady who lived in a one-storey who loves pink. The sofa was pink, the TV was pink, everything was pink. What was the colour of her stairs? Stairs of what, barbie house? Ah….. I know the answer already. Transparent.
No colour. No colour.
Nothing. There is no stairs. Oh really ah? Omg.
Look at this, teamwork yo! YEAH!! OMG I got one question correct! A man was driving a car in 1991 but he was born in 2000. How is this possible? So he’s 9 years old right? No, the numbers don’t make sense! He’s born in 2000, he’s about 18 years old now? Ya. Let me break it down. A man, one man, was driving a car in 1991. He was born in 2000. So that means he’s a baby. Is it a street name? What kind of street calls itself 1991? I don’t know… OHHH!!! He was born at 8 o’clock. Correct? It’s the timing what. Then what about 1991? That means… Doesn’t matter what. Thailand has a different year as well right? Thailand is… What’s the year in Thailand? It is possible because he is an alien. A man la, not alien! He is an extraterrestrial being. He was playing a video game. A man in a car sees a door, he was playing a video game! a gold door behind it, another diamond door behind it and a silver door at the back. Which door did he open first? He sees a door… I’m so confident but like… A gold door behind it… Gold, diamond, silver. Which door does he open first? The car door. Car door! Car door.
Door. To get off the car, what do you open first? The car door. High five! Oh, CAR! My friend was playing with a book and tore out pages 7, 8, 101, 102, 222, 223. How many pages did he tear out? Wait but which page does page 1 start from? Playing with a book… Tore out pages 7, 8, 101, 102, 222, 223. 6. 6×2=12 la. A piece of paper has 2 pages on it, so, 12. 1, behind is 2. That’s 1 page. Next one, 3, 4. 3!
4! Wait what? 12. 3.
6. If it’s a one-sided book… PD: Who prints one-sided books? Give me an author. J. K. Lowling. 7, 8 is one page. So 101, 102 is one page. 222 is one side, 223 is another side. Oh! I get it now I get it now. I never actually pay attention to books sia, I’d just flip flip flip flip flip. Not that bad! Some were pretty easy. Some are pretty straightforward. But there are some that are so tricky you can’t even… It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense. The thing is, I like it because it challenges your brain. What do you think about the recent Instagram trends? I want to know who started all these trends. I don’t know what kind of bingo you see on Instagram, but for me, in all the Instagram stories I see, people from different schools like for a boys’ school, there would be ‘sparred in toilet’. If it’s for dance, there’d be dance bingos. It’s very interesting, because you can see part of that person’s life. I think quite interesting la, cracks your mind a little bit. Have some fun around… Interaction with your friends. Remember to like, share and subscribe, and check out here for more details. What details? Videos! Redo redo redo!

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  1. Hi guys! The old cast are still around but we want to introduce some of our other TSL family members in our videos too!!! We love them and they all have great personalities = good things must share! So please be kind to them and welcome them on our channel! 😀 – Q

  2. Riddle 2 don’t really make sense bc I’ve seen beds without legs HAHA and those atas circle beds ALSO MIGHT NOT HAVE 4 LEGS WHAT.

  3. I got all the questions correct, and I've not seen any of these puzzles on Instagram before! What does that mean? :')

  4. ask them to do a geography test like naming countries in the WORLD. they r going to fail so bad

  5. I would like to point out that while rare, fishes do drown if there is insufficient oxygen in the water….

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