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Sim Racing Games You Need To Play | The Bestest | Donut Media

whether you’re into rally racing Formula one oval racing or sports cars there is a perfect sim racing game out there to satisfy your motorsport fix each game has their own perks and some have come a long way from their humble beginnings while others are considered classics that will never be matched this week I’m covering the bestest sim racing games ever created old and new and why you need to play them let’s start off with a classic rally game that is still considered one of the best Richard burns rally originally released on PC back in 2004 it’s still considered one of the most realistic rally games ever created PC gamer review called it the scariest driving game we’ve ever played due to the sense of savage speed and acceleration and thanks to a dedicated community of modders you can now experience the game with hundreds of additional tracks and cars including au though the updates also improved physics sounds and visuals with rally stages that run over ten minutes long you get a sense of tension and concentration that gives you practical skills that you can use in real life the only thing missing from this game is rallycross rallycross has become more popular in the past few years and there’s a bunch of new games that include it on top of traditional rally stage modes the most popular being dirt 4 available on PC ps4 and Xbox one it’s the 12th game in the Colin McRae Rally Series and the 6th version to carry the dirt name so it’s come a long way and has huge improvements over their original versions it also comes with various dirt racing modes like stadium trucks and buggy racing and includes a bunch of time period cars like group a group and and the infamous route B however it doesn’t include any WRC cars because WRC has the rights reserved for their own game but it does have rallycross supercars and rallycross lights although the rallycross mode is one of the funnest ways to go rallying dirt 4 is less of a true simulator and therefore more accessible to a larger audience meaning it’s a lot of fun to play and will keep you entertained at all times it won’t translate into real-world skills the first game to feature a true rallycross sim was featured in the recently released project cars 2p cars – offers various racing modes other than rallycross so I’ve found the online presence of rallycross rooms to be sort of lacking the rallycross feature is overshadowed by the game’s primary focus on road racing you can race NASCAR indycar historical and modern racecars that they’ve laser scanned into the game the entire game is supported through VR and the details are incredible it is truly a motorsport in nerdfest you can recreate historical races down to the tee with historical racetracks and multi group opponents it’s more of a Sim than most of the games you’re gonna come across so expect a learning curve I’ve yet to see someone drive the McLaren 650s gt3 without spinning out on the first lap but hey that’s how you learn in the madness engine that controls the game’s physics is constantly improving so expect this game to get better as time goes on the most popular motor sport in the world Formula One has the fewest options when it comes to a true sim racing experience with real drivers and real cars from the real world that’s because Formula One has the rights locked in for their own video game series just like WRC and yes it’s a great game if you follow the sport stepping into the shoes of your favorite driver and team can be a lot of fun especially for me racing with Alonso and the mclaren honda i can get a real sense for how slow the car actually is and I’ll never be rewarded with the first place regardless of how hard I Drive so really I’m able to learn anger management skills that translate directly into real life the real upside to this game is being able to learn every track featured in the season this makes watching Formula One races in real life much more enjoyable because you have a better feel for what’s going on but if you’re a die-hard sim racer and a thrilling f1 season is what you’re after you can go back in time and find a very special game that will probably never be topped the closest you’re gonna get to a true Formula One season simulation is with a game called Grand Prix for the game is a recreation of the 2001 Formula One season yes the season with the screaming engines that everyone can’t stop talking about the game was released back in 2002 with a revised graphic engine and updated physics containing the best wet weather driving experience to this day it was created by the godfather of racing simulators Jeff Kremen Jeff created the first sim racing game to feature a real racing circuit all the way back in the 80s he was a perfectionist focusing on the smallest details eventually leading to his greatest and last sim racing game GP for since then the modding community has added a bunch of new track and fixed a bunch of bugs that plagued the game when it was first released while you can challenge other people by taking turns per race online gameplay was not possible due to licensing restrictions if a competitive online racing experience is what you’re after one of the most thrilling can be found in a game I play religiously Gran Turismo sport the game has come a long way from its humble beginnings and in this latest version the game is entirely focused on creating a competitive online community while the number of cars offered in this game is a huge step down from the 1000 plus cars offered in Gran Turismo 5 it completely makes up for it with its revised online sport mode players are ranked on their skills and how fairly they drive so you’re gonna be matched up with people on the same caliber as you that means the racing gets super competitive and out of all the races I’ve played online every single one has been a race to the finish yes sometimes I get matched up with the best players in the world so rarely do I get rewarded with the first place but the game makes it clear that it’s not about winning it’s about playing fair and improving your skills and if you’re down with that you can add me on ps4 my username is green brains shout out to some of my GT friends around the world McLaren design mag drew easy ubz Louis underscore Hamilton there’s too many awesome people in the community to list and the way the online system is set up you’ll immediately find clean competitive races who knows you might be seeing donut on Twitch very soon and I guarantee you we’re gonna be playing a lot of Gran Turismo sport simply because the online action is so fun to watch if penalties drive you mad and you’re a firm believer that rubbing is racing which I 100% agree with you won’t find yourself in a sweaty pool of frustration while playing assetto corsa this game does require some skill before racing as it is more focused on being a true sim rather than say Forza which is considered more of a sim Kade and that doesn’t mean it’s not a really fun game for a lot of people regardless of their skill level and don’t even try comparing Forza to Gran Turismo that’s a taboo discussion on this show anyway the handling characteristics of a set of Corsa are highly praised their physics engine is made in-house so it’s a huge accomplishment for their developers it also has spectacular visuals and engine noises that cannot be matched by most games their goal here was to create the most immersive racing experience possible and they nailed it well the career mode is a bit challenging to say the least it does have a solid online experience with a decent browse feature and lag free racing but you’re gonna be running into the same online issues that Gran Turismo 5 and 6 were having with their online rooms like maniac drivers that won’t leave you alone unless you completely smoke them on the track so multi-car pileups will be common unless you find a solid group of guys and girls to play with if you want to true sim with plenty of add-ons in a massive racing community then our factor 2 is probably the best out there it’s game engine by is I was specifically altered for R factor to have an open architecture with tools for modders this same engine also laid down the foundation for R factor Pro which is used by racing teams and car manufacturers like most of the current Formula One and NASCAR teams our factor 2 is the product of these two games and is considered by some to be the best sim racing game out there for serious players this is the game that GT Academy uses to train its winners from Gran Turismo before they actually hit the track it has the most detailed and accurate tire models in sim racing including things like flat spotting and tire deformation although the tracks are not laser scan like P Cars 2 in a set of Corsa you get accurate racetracks with features like 24-hour weather cycles drying racing lines and rubber building online is free and although extra cars and tracks will need to be purchased as an add-on rf2 is one of the largest endurance racing leagues in the online world plus you can race them whatever kind of league you want Formula One style cars NASCAR IndyCar historical custom literally anything you want the game is constantly being approved and evolving so what’s a must-have for any hardcore sim racer that wants to grow their skills in one platform last but not least the most hardcore game out there is I racing this game is the real deal for competitive online racers that want a true sim racing experience of all the rules trials and tribulations of real-life competition the game has come a long way since its introduction in 2008 with incredibly detailed laser scanned tracks and a serious community of online racers a lot of pro drivers regularly train in online events and some of those events offer cash prizes to season champions similar to GT sport drivers must earn licenses but those licenses are based on results and avoiding accidents but not really comparable because accidents are not taken lightly climbing the ranks takes a lot of patience and persistence because those accidents have consequences that can set you back weeks and even months of progress and you know just by this game you pay a subscription to play it like 100 bucks for two years but they offer discounts for beginners for one month and three month tiers but you need a PC to play it just like our factor – and some people play on rigs costing well over a few grand I’ve heard of rigs going over 150 grand that’s how serious it gets because of the realism many seasoned veterans of I racing have become successful in real life in fact professional organizations like NASCAR and Skip Barber Racing use this sim to help train their drivers that being said you can’t just pop into AI racing and expect to enter a competitive race like you would and P cars to a set of course or GT sport you’re going to need to do some research and watch plenty of how-to videos so you don’t become overwhelmed when you first start playing you’ll need to be motivated to learn and to practice it’s clearly the final destination for anyone who has played any of the previous games and wants to take their skills and competition to the next level so what’s your sim racing game of choice I know there’s a bunch of old ones out there that people still play so let us know in the comments how pissed are you that it didn’t include Forza Fujima what up don’t forget to add me if you have ps4 and remember practice makes perfect lots and lots and lots of practice support us by picking up some of our merch at shop donut media while you’re at it add me on IG at secret skills see you next Friday

100 thoughts on “Sim Racing Games You Need To Play | The Bestest | Donut Media

  1. you started very well with the Richard Burns Rally, but for christ sake, how did u forget to mention NR2003 and Automobilista?

  2. Im all about assetto corsa but i found a free one on steam called raceroom racing experience which is free and good to get into sim racing

  3. People butt hurt gts is a ps exclusive! Haha it has the fucking gt academy, and people transfer their skill onto real cats, how the fuck is gt sport not accurate?!

  4. I don’t know whether to buy a PS4 for GT Sport or Xbox for Forza. I own several old GT games but I’ve never played Forza so it’s an impossible decision :/

  5. We all laughed when you said "Project Carts" Is Probably the most Sim you can get. Bro you don't drive, it is obvious.

  6. your awkward camera angle makes the video unwatchable. We know you are narrating no need to remind us everytime. Iam giving up in the middle. Can't watch.

  7. To anyone who believes that GT or Forza games are Sims. Try and find a way to race a historic car around the nordschleife in asetto corsa, automobilista or the rfactor games with all assits off. Then you will understand…

  8. You should make another video with less known sims.
    You forget RaceRoom with the amazing sound and GTR 1,2 with the ravishing handling…
    Also Live for Speed especially for drift

  9. I'm confused. If RF2 its used to train GT Academy and other drivers BEFORE they drive an actual race car, why is iRacing considered the top simulator. I even read somewhere that tire companies use RF-Pro to test tire new tire modeling before being put into production. I don't know about you, but that sound like a pretty serious simulator to me.

  10. I tried playing assetto corsa but I couldn't turn at all… did I do something wrong or is it just really hard to turn

  11. I'm so pissed that you did not include Forza! However because I am a much bigger person than you I Subscribed and thumbed up anyway! LOL, I am pissed though… I think you probably don't have the ability to review it, right? I'm building a simulator to race with iRacing. Was a great video, thanks! I wish you would have reviewed Forza though, it would have given me better context, since that's the one I have the most experience with. Thanks for the review though!

  12. 1:46 i play dirt 4 and it has an arcade mode and a simulator mode when you choose ''i want to be challenged'' in the begin of the carrear mode i also desativated all types of assists and i use the clutch though there is no clutch wear or pratical need to shift with it, but it's kind fun to hold it and realease in crest so your car loses less control while airborn

  13. More then half the games were just arcade racers… no mention of GTR 1,2,3 or evolution, GT Legends, Race 07, Automobilista
    … surprised there wasn't a Need for Speed game in there.

  14. I don't know about you but I think Mario Kart has the best physics in a sim racing game. You can feel the oversteer when you hit a banana peel.🤣🤣🤣

  15. I guess the pc elitist life turns you into a bigger douche then the guy who thinks Forza is trash. Iv never unsubscribed a channel because of one video, firsties

  16. 9:07 why would you buy one of those steering wheel set ups for 150k buy ur self a used 80k lambs and go to your local track 😂😂😂

  17. Simulation-wise, I'm biased towards Gran Turismo. But fun-wise the best in my opinion is the Forza Horizon series

  18. Haven’t bought a racing game in a long time, but I played the shit out of NFS: Shift 2. Definitely a simcade, but was one the only games that actually made it seem scary when you’re screaming down a straight into a chicane.

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