Share – An Instagram star at a crossroads
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Share – An Instagram star at a crossroads

[Phone alarm] [Tim laughing] [Tim laughing] So how did this all begin? So I started Instagram five years ago, when I was in the 8th grade, because I had no friends, and I wanted to do something on Instagram. And because of my page, I’ve been
contacted by some companies to do marketing, and now I work at a
startup where I help manage their Instagram pages and
I do some creative work. Yeah, four’s fine. So, do we want to convince
them that memes are good? I’m trying to explain to
them like, hey we can make, you know, these milk memes that will
get people excited about milk. They want to be like classy memes, like, classy content. It got 800 likes in 30
minutes, that’s pretty bad. That’s pretty OK. Mmm … the other one did. Yeah, it’s not that good. And we noticed
you have a pinned post that’s really different from
the rest of your meme posts. So basically, like,
I really care about like social justice, and like mental
health, because I went through, like, a similar
depression situation, because, I’m gay. And my family is just not
really, like, happy about it at all. I mean, they don’t know,
but, like, from gathering information and their comments,
like, you know you can just tell when your family doesn’t like something and they really don’t
like gay people at all. And like, my dad was
like, one day in the car, he was like ‘I’m gonna jump
off the Golden Gate Bridge if one of you is gay’ or like,
if you’re gay, and I’m like … And he wasn’t …
he was saying it like as a joke, you know, like … Like when you know that your … You know even as a joke,
you know, it hurts a lot that your dad would say
something like that. [YouTube Clip]
Why is he doing this to me? [YouTube Clip]
Why did he do this? [YouTube Clip]
Well, God can do anything, why doesn’t he heal me? How did you get through
this difficult time period? Well, I met my best friend now, online, and she owns another meme page. And we became friends, and
we became better and better friends … I wanted to
tell her that I was gay and … I told her, and then she
helped me get through a lot. It’s just easier to talk to people online. That’s why I really care about helping others’ mental health. You know, if I can just
save like one life, or if I can make someone’s day better like that’s so important. But, I haven’t come out to my family yet. Some people are going to
have a problem with this. I know that, this could kind
of change everything for me, but it shouldn’t have to,
and that’s why I’m making this video and that’s why I think it’s important
that people make these … [YouTube clip]
OK, so go ahead. [YouTube clip]
It’s not easy to say. [YouTube clip]
OK. [YouTube clip]
And you’re going to be very shocked. [YouTube clip]
Uh oh. You got us worried. [YouTube clip]
Don’t get worried. Hello? [Michelle] Do you see me? [Michelle] I just realised I’m so dumb, look. [Michelle] I’m so stupid
– You’re so stupid. Are you alone in your room? – [Michelle] Yeah, oh my God. OK, so I’m calling you because, a big part of this documentary is about my personal life, and I’m pretty sure
you suspected this before, you know, that I’m gay, right? I mean, it’s pretty obvious because we’re like pretty close, right? – [Michelle] Oh my gosh,
I’m going to kill you! You just told me! Right? And it’s like really hard for me, because you know, my family like … I’m going to cry but … [Michelle] Awww, Timmy. I really thought you would never tell me. Because, you know, it’s like … Everyone is always like … You can’t be like this,
right? Like, in our family. Fucking immigrants and shit.
Just kidding but, you know. [Michelle] Aww it’s OK. Wait did you tell them? No, because my dad, you know,
he’s … really doesn’t like that stuff. [Michelle] Yeah. And yeah, I just wanted to tell you because you’re my favourite cousin, besides Sean, Sean’s my favourite. But yeah. [Michelle] Are you OK? Yes, because I know you
wouldn’t hate me for it! You know, like most … [Michelle] No! I would never, dude! Of course I’d never. [Michelle] I’m so happy for you,
like, I just wanted you to tell me. I know. [Michelle] Aww, wait
so your dad doesn’t know? I think I’m going to tell them next week. [Michelle] Did you tell Tommy and Steph? No, because Tommy’s
always like, you know, like, ‘that’s so gay’ and ‘stop
being so gay’ and stuff. [Michelle] Yeah. It’s OK. Yeah, it’s OK. [Michelle] They’ll understand. No, I don’t think my dad will, I don’t know what will happen. [Michelle] But my mom
told me that your dad said it was OK, like, he was fine with it. What? Are you kidding me? [Michelle] They talked
about it, like, a while ago. Nobody told me this. [Michelle] He said
that he was fine with it. Are you sure? [Michelle]
I know, I’m sure, he did say that, dude, he loves you. Because I was just, you
know, so scared that, you know, he wouldn’t love me anymore. [Michelle]
No, that’s not at all, dude. It’s OK. They’re always going, like,
love you, no matter what.

43 thoughts on “Share – An Instagram star at a crossroads

  1. Look it is not your fault you are gay. You probably have a small INAH-3 in your brain. If your dad doesn't like you being gay then blame him for the brain you inherited.

  2. This truly breaks my heart to the core hearing this young man craving for acceptance. My daughter was scared to tell me she was bisexual. I don’t like the lifestyle for myself.. But People have a right to love who they want to love. I don’t care what goes on with my children. My love for them is unconditional and infinity. This world is already hard enough for our kids with so many challenges. Why would I add more burdens on my child? Some of our children are crying out for help. Some people are so caught up in what they want and worried about what other people think until they neglect their love ones feelings and desires.. I can’t even imagine the loneliness and pain this young child is going through. I pray his family understands that he needs them more than ever. Don’t wait until it’s too late😢😢Just know you aren’t the only one going through this. Please, reach out to different organizations in the gay community to help you cope with coming out to your family. The more you talk about it the more you can heal from the pain of feeling unaccepted. I am praying for peace, comfort, strength and encouragement for you young man. Blessings be upon you❤️

  3. this guy is an example of why you shouldn't live through social media, too much pressure and feeds into a persons ego and vanity, does nothing for your mental well being. Sure it can be a living but at what cost? i'd think more highly of him if he worked in a shop, at least he's providing a service and not feeling like he has to get everyone's approval

  4. I really liked this doc. Made me cry. But it ended without us knowing how it went, or if he even did come out to his parents. I guess if they see this video his secret is out…

  5. Thank you for sharing your story w us !! Ur really awesome and u have a lotta love for u it just may be hidden sometimes asjjsksks

  6. This is sooo amazing to watch, I’ve followed this acct for a while now and watching someone go through the same stuff as me, being LGBT+ and dealing with mental health issues, and still be able to change other peoples lives through something as wack as a meme acct is literally so cool

  7. i've been following tim since i was in middle school when he had thousands of followers, and for the last several years i've always looked forward to opening instagram just to see his posts and captions. i wish him the best and tim if you're reading this you have done so much to make my friends and i happy and you deserve all of the best in the world 🙂

  8. i enjoyed this documentary, it made me cry. ofc knowing my soft self but it made me happy knowing that we could get to see the feelings of the other person behind the screen of our funny, wholesome memes

  9. Tim I am so proud of you. Don’t ever stop being who you are and keep using your platform to speak up!! It matters and you matter! ❤️❤️

  10. I love you Tim and so proud of you! Please stay strong and don’t let these negative comments affect you. They’re probably written by 50 year old white dudes named Bill who votes Republican. I hope your future journey will be one filled with pure bliss and happiness!

  11. Incredible. My parents make the exact same joke and it’s honestly heartbreaking. I’m so proud of you for telling your family. I’m not quite ready yet but this video did help motivate me to do it soon. ❤️

  12. Evidently nowadays it seems the only qualifications required to be a journalist is a pair of shoes 😉 – sorry doesn't cut it!

  13. I’m sorry that he went through such a hard time but that doesn’t change the fact that he makes money off of other people’s content, most of the time without their consent.

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