Seth Rollins reacts to negative fan feedback: WWE After the Bell, Oct. 30, 2019
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Seth Rollins reacts to negative fan feedback: WWE After the Bell, Oct. 30, 2019

100 thoughts on “Seth Rollins reacts to negative fan feedback: WWE After the Bell, Oct. 30, 2019

  1. Seth Rollins clearly doesn't understand what's coming from the audience. The difference between back then when he was working his way to the top and now when he is at the top is completely different. He's made immature decisions on social media along the way and he's just in a different position than before. Half of it isn't his fault. It's creative and Vince that's ruining WWE sd well. Many of the promos are taken to Twitter for such god forsaken reason. Bray Wyatt as the fiend became the hottest new commodity when he returned, so the audience went with him. Sure he has his flaws and apparently has no offensive prowess, but people like him. I like that he's new. I don't like that he can't do anything except jump people from behind or in the dark. So really his value has gone down for me. But it's still better than Rollins right now because of what creative has him doing and because of the poor decisions he's making.

  2. Hardly hard hitting to the point questions, seth should go to an actual independent interviewer if he wants folks to take him seriously.

  3. It wasn't that people didn't get what they want, it was that the ending was poorly booked!
    Just how out of touch are you?

  4. Rollins was always lame to me. Ambrose had great mic skills. Roman had a great look. But Rollins did nothing for me. He's a dork who tries to act face when he's really 100% a whiny snarky heel.

  5. Yeah these new era of fans are morons nothing but cry babies and think they know everything about wrestling and wwe but they don't know a damn thing new fans now days idiot's and complete morons don't know what they want smh

  6. Yeah so when shield was new flavor of ice cream and you were getting all the attention it was fine. Now that Bray got some attention that he rightfully deserve in the first place, Seth come out bitter.

  7. Roman handled stuff like this a million times better than Seth. Say what you want about Roman, He handled being hated at the top better than Seth ever has. And now? Roman is in a pretty nice middle of the card spot slowly earning respect from the fans that didn't enjoy him being shoved down their throat. Seth accuses the fans of being fickle and not understanding the fans. He puts the blame on everyone except those who are actually to blame. The fan base will always make it clear what we want. Especially the majority. If you tick off the minority that's ok. They just whine and complain on forums and comment sections. They get it out of their systems and it affects nothing. It's when the entire crowd boos that you know you are going against what the overall fan base want. That's the issue Seth. Nobody discredits the hard work of the WWE roster. That's just some weird misdirection that doesn't even make sense. This is all without mentioning his twitter escapades. Man Seth, get some perspective and get over yourself.

  8. When Rollins was a mid carder, everyone begged to push him and now when he is main eventer, fickle audience is booing him.

  9. It's not Seth's fault, he is digging himself into a deeper hole, but it's the writing team, he's playing the character Vince wants him to be and Seth is just receiving the message from the fans that's intended for Vince and the creative team, same with Roman a few years back. It's dumb and it's not fair on Seth but saying that, bragging about your bank balance and stuff like that isn't how the top face in the company should be portraying themselves. Certain wrestling fans are entitled, spoiled brats.

  10. No, Seth. When you threw Dean(Moxley), your best friend, under the bus is why fans started not to like you. Straight snake 🐍 move.

  11. if he didn't have to cut the cheesy scripted promo and be booked in the manner he is right now and hit his finisher 52 times in a match he wouldn't be getting the reaction he is getting. you can say what you want about the twitter stuff, but he is Loyal to WWE and he is obviously gonna defend them because they gave him everything he has. Not everyone reacts the same to criticism and it's not a nice feeling to be booed by your own "fans"

  12. I'm on both ends of the spectrum that whole Twitter war with will osprey was Rong of Seth comparing bank accounts and bashing inter gengender wrestling but at the end of the day it's all with both opinions on how people feel about Seth.

  13. Because the new wrestlers refuse to improve or change their craft. Look at any five year span of a popular Attitude Era wrestler and you can see noticeable shifts, improvements, and changes in their presentation. Now take Seth and Roman a match or promo 5 years ago is pretty much the exact same you get today. Gets boring for the dedicated fans. Switch it up. Push the envelope.

  14. Its kind of trendy from the fans that when someone in the industry is overpushed ends up being booed down and his picture almost breaks down!

  15. The saddest part is seth is in denial… if he WANTED to know what happened he would care enough to find out but he cant HANDLE the truth.

  16. My question is now that bray wyatt is champion how long until fans call him stale or a horrible wrestler? Can't wait to see people turn on him then cheer for another face or heel then turn on them the circle keeps goin round and round

  17. *FUN-FACT

    Becky is the daughter of former WWF wrestler Red Tyler.

    Bit of knowledge for you all, there. I love the wrestling community we all look out for each other.
    Cheer-io folks, until next time!

  18. Your attitude and you talk down on somebody who you call your best friend because he didn’t feel WWE fulfilled him creatively. And talking about your bank account is trash as well. You’re a great talent, but change the direction of your character a bit and stop being complacent.

  19. they puttin down seth cause u lookin like a fool need a new move deadman did it when he had trouble so he did the coolest powerbomb ever and then added the triangle

    i said to myself when seth fought husky in the cell he need a new move for super tough people like him

  20. yes twitter outrages for no reason most of the time but come on, a DQ in a hell in the cell match? obviously people are going to be upset about it

  21. What pissed me off is his arrogance, he chalks it all down to people whining on Twitter. Not anything him or creative is doing wrong. There is a disconnect between him and his audience, he thinks hes about it all.

  22. We’re over Seth because he thinks nothing is wrong with company and his character is super stale at this point. Also made ppl dislike him when talking about how much money he has.

  23. As a fan, I don't like Seth Rollins as a character or a performer. You can attribute the negative reaction of the fans to their own misunderstanding of wrestling all you want, if anything, that's a byproduct of the times and of a company that would rather blame the consumer then the product. Seth Rollins is not an entertaining promo, and his performance has become extremely vanilla. Maybe that's on the company, maybe that's on Seth, but that's how I feel about it and I'm entitled to my opinion… when you've been with a company for the better part of 10 years and all I can think of when I look back on your career is your elimination chamber match against the Wyatt Family and your feud with Ambrose, what does that tell you? Seth Rollins has never made a star, and every couple of years he goes through a rebuilding process. It's stupid. Acrobatics is NOT professional wrestling, and performing your finisher 20 times in a match, when the story doesn't call for it, is stupid. Seth could've done more to protect his finisher and tell the story of the Fiend's invincibility without taking away from the performance, again, maybe that's on Seth, maybe that's on the company, but that's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. You certainly wouldn't call an audience blowing the roof off a building for Austin a "vocal minority" the "restart the match" chant was universal throughout the arena at Hell In A Cell, at some point you have to start acknowledging your own shittiness…

  24. It was being booked to look weak and poor match endings not to mention A bad attitude towards wrestlers and fans but no it's us we can't decide what we want. Seth Rollins and the product is just perfect its the fans of company that are stupid great I love being A wwe fan..

  25. So X-Pac is apparently someone that cries online lol. I liked the ending to Hell In A Cell. To those that didn't, just remember that they tried to stop many hell in a cell matches in the same way such as undertaker vs mankind and the armegeddon hell in a cell. This time was just different. However Seth (insert real name) don't just say that everyone is crying online when they don't agree, that's wrong.

  26. What Seth needs to realize is we don’t hate him. We’re just sick of the horrible booking of his character. It’s more of we’re angry at creative but taking it out on him

  27. I know what the problem is here. Brock was an awful champion and everyone hated him for it. We would have rather had hornswaggle as champion than Brock. So it's not that we loved Seth, it's just that we liked him a lot more than a part time champion.

    Once Seth beat Brock, his entire gimmick concluded and he became an incredibly boring champion. So Seth, it's not the fans fault. It's that your character was one dimensional and you're a boring guy without much charisma. You were only champion because of the timing in the company. WWE has no top guy. There is no big draw. The brand itself is a bigger draw than any guy in the company at the moment. There hasn't been a top guy since Bryan got injured and the yes movement died. Before that Punk was the top guy. Before that it was Cena and Orton and Edge and Triple H.

    WWE needs a new top guy desperately. And it aint Seth. The fiend is the most interesting character in years. Hopefully they push him to the moon, make him unstoppable for years and then choose the right guy to eventually beat him to carry the brand for another 8 years.

  28. He’s just too whiny. I don’t like whiny, wimpy men especially in pro wrestling. He should go do cross-fit full time, a lot of women do that without complaining so Seth should be ok.

  29. Needs to not do promos, days the same rubbish every time, burn it down makes no sense, he can't act, his voice is whiny and he thinks he's better than everyone, that's why people don't like him anymore.

  30. When seth was intercontinental champion, and didn't run his mouth, and focused on wrestling good matches with the midcarders, we loved him. He's a loudmouth and his universal champ matches sucked.

  31. Seth Rollins gets boo'd. Why? It's simple. Cos he does not resonate with fans. He makes no attempt to connect with the fans and is freaking boring as hell on the mic. I would rather watch paint dry than watch one of his segments. He has zero personality, zero character! And he speaks with the same annoying tone all the time like he is complaining about something. His freakin T shirts have more substance than his entire personality on TV.
    Not to mention that his wrestling has decreased when it comes to quality.
    I used to love Seth Rollins when he was in NXT and then the Shield days.

    I thought Ambrose's suicide dives were terrible (they were) when he was in WWE, but so are Seth's now! Roman Reigns can leap over all 3 ropes better than Seth can dive through the middle.

    More importantly, his attitude of late has been a huge eye-opener. His remarks towards Will Ospreay, Moxley, AEW etc has shown fans a lot about his lack of integrity and his arrogant mindset. All he cares about is his bank account.

    I don't like to compare the late 90's to this era… But damn! Back then, we used to be entertained by even mid-carders!! These days? even the Heavyweight Champ can't draw or get a positive reaction in the WWE.

    Vince does not care about the fans. Now… the fans have stopped caring about WWE. Ratings and audience stats are proof.

    NXT is the only thing keeping me interested. That as well as AJ, The Fiend, Drew Mcintyre, and Samoa Joe.

  32. There is no such thing as the "internet community" not anymore. It's not 2006. In 2019 EVERYONE USES THE INTERNET NOW. But nice try.

  33. Seth Rollins you have outrun your baby face phase. Now turn heel after a while the people get bored of you. They look for the next flavour of the month. Seth Rollins you suck now.

  34. It's obvious that fans are stupid and mindless these days, it's always the same they cheer and want a werstler on top then when that happens they boo him for being the main eventer they expect too much, just what seth was saying it is what it is don't like well grow up

  35. Not even gonna lie,WWE fans can be fake AF sometimes. They cheer for you one minute and boo you the next. If you need examples I’ll runt them down for you. When Bobby Lashley fist made his debut everyone was cheering and happy he was there , then all of a sudden he started getting booed. Roman Reigns before he announced that he had cancer he always got booed even the day he announced his illness he was still booed until he made that announcement now everybody loves Roman Reigns. Now u can’t say that isn’t fake AF. It literally took a life threatening illness to happen for Roman to get cheered. Like if u gonna boo before then boooo after he gets back. But literally since the day he returned to the ring the whole stadium cheers for him. It’s only a matter of time before fans decide to booo him again.And he’s right when fans don’t get what they want they go to social media like that’s gonna make a difference.

  36. roman is over as midcarder , booed as main eventer
    seth is over as midcarder , booed as main eventer
    I think main event fueds is directly influnced by vince which is the stories have been medicore for years

  37. For all intents and purposes, Rollins is the exact type of wrestler that fans usually want to see as the top guy. Humble beginnings, life-long wrestling fan, paid his dues on the indie scene before coming to the big leagues, spent time in NXT first, wasn't the 1st choice to be the next top guy after The Shield broke up, had a heel stint first and then spent time in the midcard before becoming the top babyface, etc. This guy worked his way from the bottom to the top of the industry which is what fans always claim to want for wrestlers like him, yet all it took was a few bad booking decisions and a few dumb comments for people to turn on him. I don't get it man.

  38. What is he crying about!?!? Cena was booed too!! But he took them boos like a man and ran all the way to the bank!!! Seth better toughen up! What a simp

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