Seguno: Email Marketing Inside Shopify
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Seguno: Email Marketing Inside Shopify

I chose Shopify because it allows me to
focus on my business and what I do best and that’s why I chose Seguno too. I’m
Deanna Rich. I am the owner and founder of Rich Accessories. We are an online
boutique specializing in sterling silver jewelry, handbags, and scarves. We do lots
of pop-ups around the area. When I got my first job working in jewelry, it was like
I had this awakening as a person, you know, as well as a worker. I found my
purpose in life, in the world, in business, you know. So it it just doesn’t feel like
work! My main priorities were who needs help right now, who has a question, what
do I need to package, you know, what bill needs to be paid — so it’s easy to just
say I’ll figure out email another time. Then, I found out about Seguno.
Being that it’s essentially just like Shopify and the way I already design my
website, and it pulls my products and my collections — that’s the time that I don’t
have to spend. You want to focus on keeping your store stocked with exciting
merchandise, you want to focus on providing great customer service, you
want to focus on the creative side, you know. The styling, the messaging, what is
the DNA of your brand. The emails have a very professional look to them. They look
just like the emails that I receive from big fashion brands. It’s very quick, it’s very
easy. I already learned how to use Shopify, I don’t have to learn how to use
something else.

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