See what  UWindsor Communication, Media and Film students are saying
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See what UWindsor Communication, Media and Film students are saying

>>So a lot of people
told me, you know, for film you don’t need to go to
school or you can go to college. But I thought that
it was important to still have the theoretical
knowledge behind the production. And I’m glad I made that choice.>>I’m actually born and
raised in Saudi Arabia and I always get asked,
“Why University of Windsor? Why did you come here when
you had so many other options that you could go to?” So what I decided to do was
I’ll come to the University of Windsor and, if I like it
here, I’ll stay and if I don’t, I’ll just transfer out. And I came here and I fell
in love with the place.>>The professors are really
supportive of student projects. They work hand-in-hand with
you going through your script, going over your crew, making sure that you have
everything you need as far as technical support as well. And then we also have the
digital media technician which also goes over
that with you as well and furthers your
technical support.>>If someone’s directing a
film and they need actors, we get in touch with the people who run the university’s
casting service and they actually have
a list and a program of different actors
and their skill sets so that way you can
put them in your film or you can hold auditions
and you know who to cast. And it really is
such a great idea that — that we came up with.>>When I came here, I
was really enthusiastic about starting to actually film. And I had this misconception that at university
it was all theory. And when I came here I realized
that that wasn’t the truth. My first year, we started
filming with the JVCs and DSLRs. And in my second year I
used the Black Magic camera and also directed a short film. So it was very hands-on.>>There are a variety of
different courses over here that are available to us, which
vary from experimental fiction, non-fiction, commercial. We even have a TV studio
over here that we shoot — we air shows that go to Cogeco. Like it’s all these things over
here that help you build a voice that you want and it
makes you comfortable and it makes you ready. That as soon as you’re out
there, as soon as you graduate, you’re ready for the world.>>I was able to develop my own
voice in a couple of courses. Mainly, I would say 401 Sunset that is offered on the Cogeco
cable network where I was able to cohost as well as be a
floor director and it — producer as well as executive
producer on that show. And then we also have a
course called Senior Projects where I was able to do
documentaries in Detroit.>>You know you’re — you have
people who look out for you and people who, you know, try
to make your life better and try to make a difference
in your life. And really try to help
you get that experience.>>What I was able to do in this
program is take the theoretical knowledge I learnt and
put it into practice. And one way was this summer
I worked with a professor and fellow students and we
made a promotional commercial for the University of Windsor. And it was great to
be a part of that and actually apply the things
that we learnt in class.

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