Secret Instagram Spots – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP217
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Secret Instagram Spots – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP217

Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys
some of the secret Instagram spots that a lot of influencers goes to take really really
nice photos. So lets go! Here I’m at the Japanese cemetery park, and
it’s a really weird place for photo shoot. You might have seen some of these photos Singapore’s
influencers have been posting, is this really really beautiful arches with a lot a lot of
bougainvillea flowers all over and it’s just really pretty. It turns out that the photo shoot is actually
done inside a cemetery. This Japanese cemetery park is actually build
in the 1800s so it’s a very very old place. I think as long as you keep it quiet, just
not like yell or shout or laugh really loud inside, just quickly do your shoot and go. That’s fine I guess… The first thing you kinda noticed is that
there’s a sign here that says “Don’t play Pokemon Go inside” so I guess when Pokemon Go was really popular people would go inside the cemetery which I feel is a bit inappropriate. One of the interesting things I kind of notices
was, when I see people’s arches picture, when you zoom in, you can kind of still see the
tombstones at the side. So I guess it’s better if you bring a lens
is that a little bit more soft focus so that the background will be a bit more bokeh. So here is where I think a lot of them take
pictures. So I think this spot should be not so known
because most people wouldn’t just go into a cemetery for no reason. But once you go in you realise that hey it
is really actually really beautiful and in fact it kind of looks like Europe if you just
look at the arches. So here we have two different arches. We’ve this side which is more dense with greenery
and a little bit less pink in the photos. Over here we have the arches which are a little
bit more bare but they have a lot more flowers. So I guess it’s up to you to kinda decide
which one you want, for me I personally prefer the one that is more pink because my Instagram’s
feed is kinda like pinkish tone!?! Another thing to consider is that if you take
this side then you can see the tombstone a bit more obviously whereas this side you can
kinda not see it. So if you don’t actually want to have tombstones
in your photo maybe you find that it’s disrespectful or just like…you know…not very nice. So you can also kinda cheat your angle and find a way where you can don’t really see the tombstone. Alright so I found my spot over here, and
I kinda want to do a more like a wide shot because I want to be able to capture the arches,
that’s the whole point. Basically most of the influencers will just
mimic a kind of like walking pose, and looking down on the floor or like you know…and just
basically they just keep doing this. So if you look at the pictures they actually
just keep doing this back and forth. And you shoot until you basically get 1. And when you shoot the photo, position
it such that there is not too much floor space because the closer your feet are to the end
of the photo, the longer your legs will look because when your legs are at the bottom of
the frame it kind of like gets pulled a little bit so you don’t have to edit that much. I’m wearing this yellow floral dress that
is kind of like fitting to the arches. Kind of like natural, flower, feminine and
then I also put on some hair extensions. So when you are doing your photoshoot maybe
you think like certain things are very very extra, but when you take the photo actually
it makes the photo a lot less boring. If you feel very uneasy just like walking,
doing nothing, you can also kinda take a bag with you and just pretend you are like walking through and someone took a candid shot of you, that is kinda the style of Instagram nowadays. Alright now I am here at Gillman Barracks and this place used to be a British infantry barracks in the 1930s but now this place has completely change, there is just a lot of art galleries here and there is this very special nice place I really have always wanting to go to because it is just very pastel and rainbow
and it’s really cute. So I guess this area is not really unknown
or secret per say, cause a lot of people know that it is very very beautiful here. There are little locations inside that will
look really really nice in photos so I’m going to show you guys. Okay so I’m here at this building which is
a lot white background and I’m sure you know a lot of Instagrammer they love to have a lot a lot of white on their feed so this place is just perfect if you want to take like a
ootd shot. It is very white and very clean so it can
be a little bit boring so I would suggest that whatever you are wearing just kinda keep
it simple with a pop of color and you will look really nice. So for this location there are a lot of straight
lines so I guess just take note that if you are standing right in front of some grills
or whatever that have straight lines behind you it’ a bit difficult to edit yourself. If I had wanted to push my butt in a little
bit more or push my butt out a little bit more, it would be kind of near impossible
because there is a line right there, next to my butt, so it would just become warp and
nothing can be really done to edit my butt. Alright for this shot I’m going to seat here
on this ledge because I’m not very tall so I don’t like standing shot because I have
to edit my legs a lot so seating shot is likely more flattering I feel, I think the framing
looks kinda nice. So we’re still are Gillman Barracks and there
is this really cute little brick wall over here. It’s really plain but it has that whole summer
spring kinda vibes. So for this backdrop it’s really really simple. So I wanted to make it more dress up, like
dressing up the scene so you can like bring some accessories or whatever and just kinda
seat down and take a nice picture. So for this one I’m wearing a white and red
kind of top which I feel like it matches the wall. So I also went to change my hair to make it
look a little bit more quirky you know like a hipster girl kinda vibe. So 1 of the photo I chose is this one which
I feel had a very Tumblr kinda effect because it is indeed a very candid shot. I wasn’t trying to post or anything. As you can see the little T-Rex hand just
kinda looks a bit blurry but I still pick this picture because I felt it looks very
natural and somehow people like that on Instagram more than the posey shots. Usually if I take photos I will try to tiptoe
so that it looks a little bit longer than the true state of my very sad legs. Alright so I guess this part kinda like speaks
for itself. It is super super Instagrammable, very beautiful,
very like rainbow pastel colors all around and it’s just so photo worthy and it’s so
me! So I love this place the most of all the
places we’ve visited I think. This one is really very very cute and something
really special because I don’t think you can see that many of this kind of places in Singapore. I really wish there would be more but ya…I
guess I’ll have to do with this. So I was supposed to wear my jacket and my
hair extensions with this outfit but end up I’m just wearing a freaking bikini top because
I’m so hot I’m like dying. I..I have to wear my jacket I guess for that
whole like Instagram look that they always do. But okay ya…stop shooting my boobs! Okay so I’ve got roller skate here, I’m going
to wear it for this shoot, I hope I don’t die because there is a bit more incline here. So for this location I actually chose roller
skate, short and a bikini top because the location to me had a very Venice Beach, California
beach kinda vibe to it even though it is in the heart of Singapore and is not near water
in any way. So I wore this very cute bikini top which
had ice cream on it. So to me that really match the floor design
which had kinda like ice cream splatters all over and I wanted to have that in the photo
as well because I think it goes very well with the whole feel of everything. So for this location it was very funny, I
was trying very hard to look like I was casually roller skating pass but actually I don’t know
how to use roller skate, I almost fell a few time and it was a bit scary man. Here I am at Rifle Range Road, it just looks
like a normal Singaporean road at Upper Bukit Timah and you probably wouldn’t notice it
because you will kinda drive pass it but there is a little railway over there and it looks
really nice and photogenic. So now we’re going over there to try to take
pictures. Oh my god it is very muddy. So apparently over here there’s a lot of mosquitoes
so remember to bring mosquito repellent if you want to shoot over here. I’m gonna have to go and spray some also because you can see, there are a lot of water and stuff obviously the mosquito are damn happy. Okay so I’m wearing this long yellow dress,
I think a lot of Instagrammer they love to take picture with very flowy maxi dresses
because you can kinda do more poses like it is more dramatic when the skirt is kinda like
flipping around versus like if you are wearing a romper or something it’s just kind of like
a lot more static. So if you have an assistant with you, you
can kind of ask your assistant to help you throw your skirt you know…so that you don’t have to
do it yourself. So it just looks like bitches I’m naturally
just glamorous. So we’ve come to the end of the episode, it
had been a really really really tiring day. I always thought that modelling is just really
easy but in Singapore’s weather…oh my god…I’m telling you, I think I never sweat so much
in my life. I’m like drenched, my hair is drenched, it
was curled and now it is completely straight. But we took really really nice pictures so
I think that is all worth it because it’s all for the glam. So the pictures are really really beautiful
and I’ll treasure them forever my very very hardworking producers taking photos for me. Thank you very much. So I hope you guys like all the places I introduce
to you guys today. If you have any more suggestion on really
nice places to take photos in Singapore do leave them in the comment and maybe we’ll
do another episode where we will explore more Insta-worthy places for you guys to take photo at. But before you go remember to subscribe, hit
that like button and of course hit the little bell icon so that you’ll get notification
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