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Screen Sharing on Kickstarter with

Thanks so much for joining me this afternoon my name is Ileane and today I want to continue my series called Learn to live stream with Ms. Ileane and today I’m answering a question and I got this question from my friend Pam Gomez and you can find her at 0hNaturalAroma or Oh natural aroma therapy and she asked a question about having a live streaming platform that allows you to screen share yet also be on the screen at the same time so I am trying to find her a platform where she can do that because she also thought that it would make more sense we’ve got all these choices out here if we could find a platform that was at no cost and I know a lot of you guys that are thinking about starting up with live streaming you want to do it with minimal cost that’s why we live stream here we don’t use Wirecast and we don’t use any of the other complicated software in order to live stream most of the live-streaming that I do is with desktop applications and and online websites so that I don’t have to download anything on to my computer except perhaps an extension for Chrome so there’s that. So today I want to show you this one site and i’m not sure it’s going to answer all and solve all of the questions that Pamela had but I think it’s really exciting and I’m going to screen share so i can show you a site that I’ve been using call Huzza And that’s H U Z ZA so let me get that screen share up. Now you notice over here on Huzza I’m not logged in on this account, that you can do all kinds of scheduling and also one of the things that I truly love about Huzza is the integration with Patreon. You guys all know that I do have a Patreon. If you want to pledge your support you go over to You can have instant replays and social sharing of course do Q and A’s and chat with and engage with your followers. So Huzza does have some pricing setup here you can scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see the different plans that they have basic creator and professional. I actually have a creator account myself. But you can sign up for three a 30-day free trial. Huzza also integrates with Kickstarter, so if you’re having a Kickstarter that’s something else that you can do with Huzza is live stream to the people that you want to get support from over on Kickstarter. So I’m just going to pretend that I’m signing up for a free account and you can sign in with patreon or twitter so i have another twitter account that I’m gonna sign it just to show you guys what this will look like so now i’m going to pop over and see if anybody has any questions or if anyone is over in the livestream ok i do have some viewers there hi guys and I guess I will have to open up youtube to see if you guys have any questions so I would that but first things first I have to mute the tab and then i’ll go over there and see if there’s any questions you know this chat on youtube live that goes away but if you want to i did leave that chat open if you do want to ask questions ok hi fryer weight is here and he’s one of my favorite of live streamers he you know delivers the word every day and but by the word i mean the gospel and so are right i see that he’s here giving me support thank you so very much so let’s go back over to a screen share here oh no I got to get it ready have to pull it out into another window okay I’m ready no i’m not i was going to show patron I had too many things going on at once so i’m going to go into the back end of my mother and i want to show you the different options that you have when you’re setting up a broadcast ok had to log in first guys thanks for bearing with me and you can see here that I’ve done so many strains and friar way he is you don’t in part of the patreon community so he knows that a lot of times i will do patron only broadcast that only my patrons get a chance to see and let me just show you how those options are when you actually go to set up a live event so going to haha create a live event we’re just going to say this is that we’ll just call it Petrie are right and i can schedule it in advance or i can just go live now so let’s just go live now and continue one of the other integrations that is really amazing about haha is that you’re actually able to sell merchandise and I’ve already uploaded one of the things that I have there is that people could support me on patreon the other is a course that I have one YouTube but you can upload I think the maximum is of 30 just got out of that i’m sorry i’m going to pay for items that you can set and let’s just go see what else you can do here so i will enable that then people can give you tips they can give you a dollar five dollars or ten dollars i believe are the tip levels that they can give you now here’s where you would make it a patreon only sure so in fact let me make that little bigger so you can seminar make sure that you guys can see and what will happen is your patron they will go to the length that you shared that says that your life but they won’t be able to see until they log into their patreon account now if you didn’t or if you’re not on patreon or if you wanted to still protect your content so that only certain people could see it that you would create a password and you would use password protection so let’s continue now the couple of other things you can do is just do a test all four people that subscribe to your house I’d channel can also get reminders through email you can do a cover image of the dimensions on that or 1000 x 400 so it’s very similar to a YouTube thumbnail just a little bit smaller and if you wanted to leave a comment here and say ask all your questions alright so now we’re just going to create the event and then prepare to go life before we do that I want you to see the options here this is where this link that you would share on twitter and facebook you also can embed the hase one-year live page in a previous video here on youtube I talked about one of the things you can do to extend the reach of your content and here’s the option inside of huzza where you get the iframe code and you would just copy and paste that over into your WordPress blog or if you’re on blogger or whatever blogging platform as long as they accept the iframe code then you can use that then this is the link that you would use over on patreon so i could post that link into patreon and it will show up just like this because of the integration I don’t need this embed code because of the special integration with patreon so here are prepared to go live and what you have options here to share your event to start the screenshare we’re going to come back to that I can pen a message or a link so if i wanted to tell my friends to go over and follow me one YouTube or subscribe to my youtube channel i could just type that in there and it was shown onscreen for 60 seconds I can also invite a co-host or a moderator and Facebook live integration so hows I allows you to go live on facebook and that your page your profile or your groups and you also can go live to your patrons on patreon and you can also be live on how there’s actually a house our app for iphone you know it’s very limited but people who will come on to that will see it and they can watch your broadcast from the app and you also can do the screen sharing so you’ve got has a patreon facebook and your website so i am a big fan of using how’s that for live streaming so let’s just do the screenshare real quick and I don’t have much of anything to screen share right at this moment I should have left something open and this was just oh good i get 2 i’m glad i did pick this window because I see now my friend the doctor vibe from the dr vibe show is here hey and Christy also known as lambu is here and Kimberly Collins thank you guys so very much for coming out i just wanted to do a quick walkthrough of how tha and so you can see all the benefits of using haha so let me just stop with this screen share over YouTube you guys know I got a bunch of windows open now so I’m like where am I hit all right there you go hey guys thanks so much for coming over so i just want you to notice that you know there’s I’ve said it before and some other live streams and some other YouTube videos there’s just so much competition out here for us as content creators this is like one of the best times ever for us we have all these different platforms to choose from so I enjoy using haha because primarily because of the integration with patreon but also because of facebook integration you really you can’t go wrong with that because like I said you can go live on your profile your page and in your groups some of the other platforms that you can go live on Facebook don’t allow you to go into the groups which you know we all want to go live on our groups rocky you know of course going live on the pages is important as well but the fact that you can also embed this video from other that this video because i’m on YouTube right now I can actually embed the YouTube onto my website as well but haha of course youtube doesn’t let you multicast on facebook you know without the complicated software and one of the things that I’m trying to do is make this whole life streaming thing easy for you guys and I know a lot of folks are up to speed on using OBS hey guess what that’s because they’ve been around they’ve been doing live streaming for the past year or even more but you guys that are new to livestream and you’re like oh PS what’s that wirecast I can’t afford that I know I know so there are a lot of other folks that don’t teach you about life streaming want those using those types of software and I think that once you get up to that level it may be really handy to know but I also want you to know that you don’t have to do that you don’t need any of that stuff if you don’t want to use it so with that guys i am going to end the stream i really appreciate you guys for coming now i’ll try to have a new youtube video every weekend and I’m sticking to my word here and I’ve been doing this for the last three or four miles and it’s been the results have been amazing please please please leave me any comments or any questions that you have over YouTube and for all those folks that are here watching life you guys all know how to get in touch with me multiple ways Twitter Facebook the whole bit and I so very much appreciate you guys for coming out and so with that this is Eileen from Eileen Smith dot-com happy streaming

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