Samsung Smart Switch Transfer With USB Connector to Galaxy S8
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Samsung Smart Switch Transfer With USB Connector to Galaxy S8

(pop music) – Hey everybody, welcome
to Tech with Brett. Where I help tech work for you. And in this video today
I am gonna show you how to transfer everything
from your old phone to your new Samsung
Galaxy S8 using the cable that comes right in the box. This will work from older
Android phones, flip phones, and even iPhones, let’s get started. Before you begin the transfer, I suggest to charge your
devices up to above 50%. First thing you will then
need to get the cable from your old phone so this
is the micro USB cable, that I will plug into the
Galaxy S6 Edge on this side. Over here this is a USBC to a full USB that I will plug into the Galaxy S8. And then on the Galaxy S8
I also suggest that you go into smart switch and you
make sure it is updated. And you do that by going
in to your settings. And you can search right
here for Smart Switch. You’ll see that right here under clouds and accounts is Smart Switch. So if I wanna update it here
at the bottom it is saying there’s an update available
or on older devices all you need to do is go into settings. And then settings again
and about Smart Switch, and her I can click the update option. This will make sure that Smart
Switch is running smoothly when transferring from your old device. The next step is to plug
in the micro USB cable into the old phone. Then plug the USB cable
into the USB connector that came with your new Galaxy phone. Then plug that into the device. Once you do that you should see a pop-up that says open with what application, and then you would select Smart Switch. So here we’re already in Smart Switch, then I want to say do I
want to send or receive. And we want to receive the info from the Galaxy S6 Edge over
to the Galaxy S8 plus. And her I am going to click receive. So if you see this error pop
up, is what you need to do. On the older device you pull
down the notification bar and click the USB charging,
tap her for more options and here I wanna make sure
I select file transfer. Then I try again. So I am gonna click
receive, it then has access to scan through this phone
and find all the information that you can receive. So this could take some time. When you’re doing this
maybe from an iphone it will do the same process. You make sure you plug in
the iphone cable into here and then into the USB on the new phone and then it will search
through and find all the information that it can transfer. So here at the top its
saying this transfer will take about 45 minutes. I have 7.6 gig of info that
needs to be transferred and there’s 50 gig
available on this phone. Then it says what I can transfer. So here I have have 940 contacts, 7000 text messages, five calendar events, memo, 162 S notes, my call log, if I had alarms or an email account, it would even transfer those over. Here I have 40 apps, it
will transfer my settings. Wi-fi app settings, even
my home screen layout. So the way I have my apps set up on here it will even transfer those over to the new device. And then down here its
talking about media. So I have images, 90
images, 32 song items, 3 videos and that equals 4.2 gig and then documents. So if you want to adjust this in any way all you have to do is you
can deselect the all up here and then nothing will be selected and you can just chose the ones you want. Or if I want to select all and then I want to not transfer the movies
cause that’s four gig, I could just uncheck here. Or if I want to transfer
just a few movies, I can click the arrow on the
right side of the screen. It then gives me the option
of what I can transfer. So lets unselect that one. That’s a really big video and
then I am gonna click done. And now its saying I only have 734 meg of videos that it would need to transfer. So then lets just go ahead and
use what is on here already and we’re gonna go
ahead with the transfer. So here its saying that it
should take about 40 minutes and lets get started. And then also it will say do you want all of your text messages or
do you want just the last two years, 12 months, six
months, or three months. And then I am just gonna say
no lets do the last 30 days. I don’t have any messages
in the last 30 days. But here we’ll just start the transfer. This will do a few steps. First its gonna prepare. Then its gonna transfer everything over. And then it will start
saving on the new phone. And when it is to the saving process, that means you can unplug the device because this is actually
charging the old phone to make sure it stays
charged, so you’ll wanna unplug it when it says saving so that its not using extra battery. So here it is in the transferring stage and it will go through
this until it is done. And I just wanna note that Smart Switch does not have to be
installed on the older phone for this to work. Smart Switch only needs to
be installed on both devices if you’re using a wireless transfer. Okay it says that that
first part would take originally about 40
minutes but since I removed the text messages it was much faster than the original estimate
and now here it is in the saving process
where it is actually saving from that phone into the
proper place on the Galaxy S8. An then here at the bottom it says, you can now disconnect USB cable and that’s so that you
save the battery life on the new device. So there are 13 different categories that it does need to save. Then once its done, we’ll
check to see how well it transferred the home
screen to this new device and everything else to make
sure it is all properly done. Okay so from the time
I started the transfer til about now its been about 15 minutes. Previously it said it was gonna take 40, again we removed the
messaging but now here it is. So here its transferred my notes, so we may wanna download
the notes application. Its saying it took total of
four gig on my new device. So it says it transferred all
the contacts, calendar, memo, S note, call log, apps and
data settings, home screen, images, music, videos, and documents. So here we can also check if
there are any more features that we should know about, so
of course here on the new S8 its saying there’s a new Samsung cloud where you can just backup to the cloud but since we’re done I
am just going to select close app and see how it did. So as we can see the Galaxy S6
Edge had the same background. So it transferred the background. It transferred the home app, the widget right there on the top. It even change the Google
search bar to be the same. It looks like since I don’t
have the new email application on this Galaxy S8 I will
need to go download that. In my my docs app it downloaded everything but the video player is a Samsung app. You need to get from the Galaxy app store. So there’s possibly why it did
not transfer that one over. Down here on the bottom it transferred, it looks like since
this is a Verizon phone it had Verizon specific apps
those did not get transferred but everything else worked. And then there’s no apps button over here because to get to the apps
on the S8 you just swipe up. If we go to the next
screen over you’ll see for the most part it did the same. Missing a few apps like
Oculus which I need to plug into the VR to get. Missed a couple here but for the most part it did pretty awesome in pulling
over the same information from my old device to the new device. I even got this screen
here with the calendar the way I had it and again
there’s another Galaxy app that I’d need to get from Samsung. Okay lets go into the gallery
and check to see how that did. On the S8 I will need to
click over here into albums and then I can click the
more albums dropdown. So there we have the same folders. I did have that one video
that I didn’t transfer from this device over to
here, so that’s not there. But in the Instagram folder I have one, kids camera I have one,
sort this I have 87 and 86. So possibly one missing. Maybe it was just some
file that didn’t work. So that was the gallery. Next we can check the phone application. And here I can go under recent. And I can see that those match up. And then I can also check my contacts. And those are all the same. Then I can check my music player. So here I go into the play music. No thanks, skip. Skip and then in here, I will
want to go to downloaded only. And I can see that those
transferred as well. So again total transfer
time from the Galaxy S6 Edge to the S8 plus with
the USB cable connector was about 15 minutes. If you don’t have a Samsung phone and you’re using this cable, you wanna make sure it has Android 4.3. If it does not work with your old phone, you will need to download
the Smart Switch application on the older device so that
you can transfer wirelessly. If you would like to see
any other ways to transfer make sure you click the link above, so that you can see a full list of transfer videos that I have. Thanks you so much for joining me today to learn all about how to transfer your info with USB connector to your new Samsung device. If you have any further questions, please check the comments below and if you would like to
see more videos like this please hit the subscribe button of my logo that’s popped up on the screen. As well as click over here for more videos that you can see about the Galaxy S8. Thanks you guys so much
for joining me today. We’ll see you on the next one. (electric music)

47 thoughts on “Samsung Smart Switch Transfer With USB Connector to Galaxy S8

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  10. Really well done video. Sadly tried Samsung S6 Edge to Samsung Galaxy S9 with smart switch. Said successful but hasn't copied over any 'Samsung Calendar' entries. From the video it looked like most calendar entries might also be missing from Brett's transfer at 9.02, but it might be the screen colour that makes it hard to view. Lots of apps didn't make the cut. Wish there were documentation from Samsung about what definitely is in scope versus what gets left behind with their app.

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