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Huge Samsung Galaxy S11 Line Batteries Confirmed. 4000, 4300 and 5000 mAh. Recently, a record for a Samsung battery with
type designation EB-BG980ABY has appeared in the database of the South Korean Consumer
Product Safety Administration. Given that the Galaxy S10e battery is called
EB-BG970, it is assumed that this model refers to the Galaxy S11e battery. The Korean authorities even published a photo
of the new battery for the Galaxy S11e, according to which the capacity should be 4000 mAh,
as the well-known insider Ice Universe claimed just yesterday. At the same time, its predecessor has a battery
capacity of only 3100 mAh. Another well-known informant Roland Quandt
on his page on the social network Twitter confirmed this information and also added
that another battery with the number EB-BG985ABY appeared in the Korean database. Presumably, we are talking about a battery
with a capacity of 4300 mAh for the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S11. As for the Samsung Galaxy S11 +, it should
get a 5000 mAh battery. Disclosed another feature of the Samsung Galaxy
S11. The future flagship will receive a “space”
zoom. The network is showing more and more details
about the future flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S11. This time, “evidence” was found in the
database of the European Patent Office. Samsung Electronics has registered the new
Space Zoom brand. The find was shared by the Dutch resource
LetsGoDigital. According to the source, the new brand hints
at the features of the Galaxy S11 camera. One of the key changes in the next generation
of Samsung flagships should be the camera and Space Zoom will be one of the improvements. This is a software function that allows you
to zoom in on an object without losing image quality. The trademark Space Zoom has categories of
Class 9/42 and such a description: “smartphones, tablet computers, smartwatches, software for
approximating an object without compromising image quality.” Space Zoom should be the answer of the Koreans
to the functions of the so-called hybrid zoom, which are already used in the Huawei P30 Pro,
Oppo Reno 10x Zoom and Oppo Reno2. Hybrid zoom provides better image quality
than conventional digital zoom. The official debut of the Galaxy S11 is expected
in February 2020.

6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S11 – HUGE UPGRADE CONFIRMED

  1. No huge upgrade, we need better batteries not bigger. To put a bigger battery, the phone has to be larger. Samsung sucks

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