Sami Zayn goes berserk after King of the Ring loss: Raw Exclusive, Aug. 19, 2019
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Sami Zayn goes berserk after King of the Ring loss: Raw Exclusive, Aug. 19, 2019

100 thoughts on “Sami Zayn goes berserk after King of the Ring loss: Raw Exclusive, Aug. 19, 2019

  1. Until vince is removed from power the wwe will suck. This is a fact that cannot be argued.

  2. That ATTITUDE!!!! Even though people can misunderstand his frustrations legitimately Zayn is definitely giving WWE some attitude

  3. Me everyday right now when I have to deal with constantly barking dogs, drug sniffing neighbours, very noisy children, scummy liars and a lazy council.
    Sad part is? It's all true.

  4. Great he is teaming up with Nakamara. Also pair him with Tyler Breeze. They can come out with frappes and do selfie high fives.

  5. This whole tournament is ridiculous…. It's the King of the Ring… I'm so disappointed… They could have started it out with elimination fatal 4-way… Just to qualify… They should have gave every superstar a chance… Vs just a bunch of no one's…. No disrespect but I believe a few others deserve the opportunity….
    I definitely would have done it differently… They could have turned the tournament into a 3-month spectacle…. All by giving everyone a chance…. And I'm disappointed about no one has complained about not getting a spot… That would have been great on-air confrontation….

  6. Sami must go back to NXT.. so that he could come back strong.. There should be a system for relegation and qualifications in WWE..

  7. Just release him already. Can't you see he's struggling with being here? And I'm not talking about his current gimmick. Let him wrestle somewhere else, it will be better for him 🙁

  8. Dude this is bs.. Sami should've at least been given a finals spot… Horrible use of talent man… But thats wwe which sux..

  9. Voir que Sami vat lire ..mais le gars est bon full de talent.toujours awesome de voir sa ring.fait chier en criss je sais pas si sa fait partie d'une histoire .mais sa suck en crist ok .Sami change ta game devient plus agressif.

  10. They should send Sami back to NXT where he would not be a jobber actually nvm it’s under Vinny Macs control so I don’t think there is a future for him he should just leave the company

  11. No charisma & no body …
    dude looks like my mailman 😆
    He’s enhancing others and for that we need to thank him , not everyone is born to win it all

  12. This is what wwe does to amazing talent once they get pulled under the main roster umbrella. Turned into watered down slaves. Sami was amazing in nxt

  13. I wonder if Vince thinks hes gonna stay long term with this why would the guy want to go at least 0-10 past months. Goodluck in AEW hope they dont screw him there too

  14. The problem is this company, they really really screwed this amazing wrestler since he began in the main roster
    If I was him, I honestly left since there and go looking for something else, he must go, why not AEW ??!

  15. Another Talent wasted.Screw Vincent Kennedy Cacumber AEW>WWE I have already unsubscribed your channel the momment I saw AJ Styles turnning heel and now this.Sami you are a great talent but you are just one decision away from greatness and that decesion is to leave wwe and join AEW like Ambrose did

  16. All U guys knw this is scripted rite? He’s supposed do that … it’s building his character! Y’all a bunch of rookies n dnt understand WWE

  17. Sami is like dean ambrose big fish in the little ponds in the indies but wwe is big fish and they obviously cant compete

  18. I would have openly trolled him by singing his theme song if I was that fan at the beginning of this video 😂 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Look on the brighter side, hopefully the bizarre but unique artistic duo of sami and shin might save himself for now. Patience is a virtue.

  20. HK!!! From Sami Zayn to Swami sane… Goswami go!!! 🙏
    (Sanskrit word: Swami=control his sense, Goswami=perfectly control his sense)
    *lolilol, you have no idea how I belive in him… and them ✊

  21. This reminds me of the time Bret lost his cool, a few months later became a world champ. Let’s hope this happens with Sami

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