Sadhguru on Why a Section of the Media is Targeting Him
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Sadhguru on Why a Section of the Media is Targeting Him

I come from a generation when
Che Guevara was our hero, they’ve been hired… and they’ve been asked to…
they were given a mandate, “Write something negative about him!” 1.3 billion people we could take this massive population across
from one level of living to another. Everybody is telling me,
“Sadhguru, don’t step into this political arena…” I still carry an Indian passport, I can speak (Applause). Questioner: Sadhguru, in recent times, your speaking strongly about the well-being of our nation seems to have unleashed a motivated campaign of
wild personal attacks on you (Laughs), by a small section of media. I’m shocked and intrigued as to
why speaking about the nation’s well-being should evoke such negative emotions. Sadhguru, I’ve been here for a while, and I personally don’t feel you are against anybody, but do you think that these people feel that you are
in some way against them, and that’s the reason they are attacking you? Sadhguru: (Laughs) That’s a very small segment. In this also, there are various types. Let’s say there are three types of people
who are reacting to whatever I’m saying. One is – these are left-overs from the socialist era. Well, I come from a generation when Che Guevara was our hero, tch, we were all thinking of an armed revolution. Really, we thought that’s the only solution. But those times have passed. The time for armed revolution anywhere in the world is over, because it’s like, still that second amendment thing
that’s going on in United States. Still, this whole thing was made because – my property, my family,
I can defend with my shotgun and my rifle, but today, you’re talking aboutfighting the
U.S army with your shotgun and rifle. Have you lost it? So I’m saying armed revolution is over,
because arms have gone to another level. It’s not possible anymore to bring about change,
you can only destroy something with arms, you cannot change things with arms anymore. So they are still leftovers from there,
they’re still dreaming about an armed revolution. If you speak anything for the democratic
values of this nation, they react. They’re okay, because I feel they’re bit misguided,
but genuine people, in some way. There’s another set of people who are
religious people in the garb of atheists. They’re actually deeply religious people, but they have discovered that being…
talking atheism is a good way to spread their religion. They are always attacking me, it doesn’t matter what I say. They see my name, they will go at it. Well, that’s an extremely small number,
so let’s ignore them. There’s another set these are professional times. People have to do something to earn a living. It’s a pathetic way to earn a living. When you don’t do anything significant in your life, you make a living by constantly deriding somebody, whatever they’re doing, without even looking at it, you go on saying something negative, and you make a living out of it – it’s a pathetic way to make a living. And above all, journalism is a… in a democracy,
it’s a sacred profession. It’s a sacred calling. Well, you may also earn something – that’s different. But today, there is a bunch of journalists
– not all of them, a bunch of them – who can be bought and sold,
and they are trying to earn their living. If I say, “Everybody should vote,” –
“Who is he to tell us we should vote?” (Laughs). Whatever, it doesn’t matter. If I say, “Democracy is about all of us
getting together and creating a wonderful nation,” – “Oh, what does he know about democracy? No, democracy is about criticizing each other!” (Laughs). Something, because… it’s quite hilarious, because… they’ve been hired, and they’ve been asked to… they were given a mandate,
“Write something negative about him!” Sometime ago, somebody asked me this question, “Sadhguru, what is your greatest achievement, in all this many things you’re doing, what do you think is an achievement?” I said, “See, I don’t really look at life like that, but if you… if I have to say something, the greatest achievement for me is, I have made thousands and thousands of people – hundreds and thousands of people – to shift from working for a living, to simply doing something that
means something to them in their life (Applause). So my… major part of my activity is to shift people from making a living to make a life out of this
(Referring to oneself), a significant life out of this (Referring to oneself). Significance not in the world. Significant as a life. Not because I think I am great, simply that the life has to become significant. Life becomes significant when it reverberates in a certain way. When it functions beyond its own survival. But unfortunately, a few people have to live a pathetic life where they sell themselves to say whatever they are expected to say, no matter whether it makes sense for them or not. But these are small numbers, it’s okay. We will continue to speak about the nation, not because I’m very nationalistic, as such – I am not. But right now, for me, India is a large segment of humanity –
1.3 billion people in one nation, and a large number of them have had
such a bad deal in the last ten to fifteen generations, because of occupation and slavery
and so many things. Poverty. Right now, we’re sitting on a threshold, where if you do the right things in the next five-ten years, we could take this massive population across from one level of living to another. I don’t want some idiot to mess it up, that’s the reason why I am standing up and speaking for the nation (Applause). Because this is a kind of possibility that’s
never happened before in the history of humanity. Never before this many people had the opportunity
to move from one level to another. The only other nation which has done this
in recent times is the China. Lot of you are here. But the Chinese did it the hard way, in a forceful way. Well, that was a different level of slumber
that nation was in, and they did it in a very hard way. But in India, right now, we are sitting on a threshold where, in a democratic way, we can take nearly six hundred million people
from one level of living to another. This can happen in the next ten years’ time,
we are just on the edge of that. I don’t want this possibility to be destroyed
by anybody because of their personal agendas. That’s the only reason why I am speaking strongly, stepping out. Everybody is telling me,
“Sadhguru, don’t step into this political arena…” I am not going to get into politics. But I still carry an Indian passport, I can speak (Applause).

100 thoughts on “Sadhguru on Why a Section of the Media is Targeting Him

  1. I know one thing…..He is my guru….He is my lifeline….Even though I never met him. He is the most sensible and solution oriented in today's world…He and his foundation is love….Live long Sadhguru Ji….

  2. People please go and caste your vote in favour of country development and progress inspite of just watching the video..
    This would be our true gift to Sadhguru ji

  3. No one in India is finding ,"what is the source of funding to these few media groups?", It is a war against India.

  4. If I should say, from my perception Sadhguru is Adiyogi/Shiva to me, because He is the first one to give me yoga to transform myself and also such a shining being in this world.
    We are lucky to have this gem in our life ! 🙏🏽🔥 ❤️ As He himself said, He has come to make this happen for us . My love and respects to all of Isha meditators and Sadhguru himself .

  5. Congress – Sadhguru is Polarizing People .

    Sadhguru – I'm just asking people to vote for the strong government .

    Congress – Like we don't know who's the strong government .

  6. These missionaries and media must understand no matter how hard you try you cannot destroy hinduism because it is very decentralized

  7. For past 70+ years after 1947 , the pro-british SCAMGRESS PARTY have built a massive media empire to serve their needs.

  8. There is jealousy which progress in to hatred position. in Media against him are perpetual investment trust of moorkas and Moodas, no surprise .This is epidemic in India even before freedom in 1947.

  9. I don’t vote I’d rather focus on the people around me. We can’t and never will build a utopia society and it’s just a waste of energy to try.

  10. Sadhguru is sticking out his neck for larger well being, Please my Patriot Indians get United & stand for good.

  11. Sadhuguru you are a man of wisdom, you deliver speeches without inciting violence or referring to any particular religion. Reading people's posts one can determine their thinking especially the haters, the stirrers. Good on U. I am Catholic and enjoy watching people of wisdom speak, so that we can learn to adapt and better ourselves.

  12. Disagree with you on your stance on the second amendment. It's not there to fight for territory or government.

  13. “Today there is a bunch of journalists who can be bought and sold”
    How many sources do we have to hear this FACT from before we get rid of media monopolies permanently? I’m sick of the lies.
    Anyone who is effecting REAL CHANGE FOR GOOD becomes a target for those seeking to make a “pathetic” living from the sickness and suffering of others. TELL THE TRUTH- ALWAYS and you will enjoy the peace and self assurance that conviction and integrity bring.

  14. The same reason as Modi media targeting opposition and muslims.

    You have to be absolutely clean in public life otherwise media will being out skeletons from your past.

  15. “I have helped thousands and thousands- hundreds of thousands of people to shift from making a living to simply doing something that means something to them in their life” THANK YOU SADHGURU
    And thank you to everyone that tells the truth. You are my heroes 💗

  16. Who is media? Who are they? It is my choice to select them or trash them. That much of consciousness is there left with me.

  17. “I don’t want this possibility to be destroyed by anybody because of their personal agenda.”
    NEITHER DO I. Thank you always Sadhguru 💗

  18. Yes Sadhguru these guys are urban naxals and pseudo seculars.
    Please continue to spread awareness about spirituality and inner engineering.

  19. Most of those people are brain dead and living a hate life. They are most useless lot of this entire creation( called presstitutes).
    Once their sources of agenda based earnings are curtailed, we all will get peace in this world.

    Let us all be part of mission to derive best of humanity by following wonderful guidence of an amazing manifestation as Sadhguru.

  20. Being pro Modi is being against the nation. No two ways about it. Shame on people who cant see it. Stick to what you know sadguru. You lose your credibility big time by aligning yourself with the fascists

  21. I feel like when he said people who are hiding under atheism to spread their religion he was referring to Javed Akhtar

  22. Great question and great answer from Sadhguru 👌👏👏
    I think in order to achieve the highest benefit for all this needs to happen more often though.
    Only then perhaps these people will close their mouth and open their ears and mind to see what Sadhguru really is – an incarnation of the divine 😇
    Namoskar 🙏

  23. The wire, quint, NDTV and others all follow communist ideology.
    This ideology is destructive. In context on India, history has shown us that communists are not loyal to India but to their supreme leader(China/Russia).

    For instance, During 1942 Quit India movement CPI and those inspired by communist ideology did not join the movement and also were unhappy about it.
    Reason: Russia was on Britain side in the world war, and also they removed the ban on CPI that year.

    1946-47, Telangana movement led by communists coincided with Police action in Hyderabad and it became part of India.
    However communists of Telangana movement did their best to stop and instead wanted their own separate communist country of Hyderabad.

    1962: Indo-China war, When whole country was in terror of Chinese aggression, CPI(M) leaders were send volunteers and doing fundrasing for the soldiers and victims, NOT for the Indians, but for the CHINESE troops.

    They managed to breach out constitution by getting word 'Socialist' in the preamble (off course with Congress help which was in power).

    They have only one agenda, to prepare for the backdoor armed rebellion one day and take over the machinery of state of India.

    And guess what is the biggest threat to them???
    Hinduism, Indian culture, Spirituality, Right wing parties and people.

  24. Sadhguru: Please watch this video on your own to reveal what you have overlooked. Dear person, there are many types of people just as there are Tellurians. If you close loop your mind and cajole self of what is not, you will find yourself trying to swim in sand. Love to ALL

  25. The compassion of Sadhguru is forcing him to speak on issues which are trivia. Some idiots are really irritating, criticising him.

  26. I used to be a big follower of Sadhguru….. But the day he changed from a neutral speaker to pro Modi I have completely stopped following …. But one can genuinely see through him that he is under extreme pressure from the current regime

  27. Until u become real spiritual u will have to face all these . I suppose u know the universe drama is all about converging energy into mass and again energy .
    U still have feeling " I the doer " have done this …That..Etc. u have to face the consequences too . Crying or enjoying a thing is your creation . It is purely your energy comes back to you otherwise none have to do with u anything. If u are shining may be brass or other enamels or polish that hides the originality . Otherwise pure and contented never blaze to dazzle others very eyes. The original is simply lovely serene innocent spotless….
    You too are genius as all other creature do . Going through subtlety is your proficiency . But that's not enough to be spiritual .
    When u touch political region means u want to influence people undue who believe u are spiritual that is certainly not true yet . Until u lost yourself as doer . 👍

  28. Should people who deride others and see people as “us and “them” be complaining about others who do the same ?

  29. I will accept kangress like a true opposition, only when they can put a true indian as leader, and only when they won't use vote Bank policy, manipulating minorities with religions, castes. That day, I will trust them. I am not hindu but I am sure kangress looted the country.

  30. the indian way of talking english is so funny I just listening this Indian English to have a laugh! other cultures on this planet dont take india serious its like an armed shiva ship with a weird accent whats a joke at the same time. if this guy was a farmer he was connected to nature all the time and sees even bees snails water and wind can cause Cores to Melt. You guys Need Bug Words because you guys are Poor as default. maybe more aware and more 112 shakra style inclusive but yet poor.

  31. In this, he states the bare political truth about today's India. And , while comment is free, facts are sacred.

  32. They have been hired true sadguru gi but it's not new since independence not only media politicians also were on pay roll.

  33. It's extremely small numbers let's ignore that no jaggi ji that's the way u are supporting them by not giving it them back on right time britishers came in India the kings thought let's ignore them they are just business people nutbslowky they spread their empire Isent it so don't guide the followers to ignore but ask them to give it back on their face immediate response

  34. I was sad for long time, with Sadhguru guidance it's just transformation. His guidance are good, try and find out. I am certain it will be beneficial for you. Inner engineering is great tool, highly recommended

  35. There is nothing wrong in describing one self as nationalist. All it means that one is proud of one's culture in which one is born and grows up. It does not mean one is racist.

  36. Bringing 600million people to a higher level of prosperity will be a huge burden on resources and ecology. Inner wellbeing is needed more throughout the world with the help of guru ji, and the world economy needs to slow down substantially, so that we can live and let other creatures live. They make our lives a possibility.

  37. One and only man in this planet, the entire world should follow for their well being. Fantastic, phenomenal, mind blowing, eye opener and lovable guru my sadhguru. I didn't know How to express my love towards you, everything in my life is you. Pranam🙏🙏🙏

  38. Sadh guru please ignore other's…They will always find negativity in everything…you restored my belief in Sanatan Dharm…you are my adhyatmik guru….

  39. We LOVE you to SPEAK & SPEAK HARD on all those who are against this Possiblity that 600 Mn people of India can receive 👍👌👏🙏🇮🇳
    Namaskaram Sadhguru🙏🙏🙏

  40. Those who do wrong tand threat others are afraid of their existence. They do this to maintain their power yet they know they are powerless and eventually they'll have to face their distraction. integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Love and truth may win at the end. Thanks and much love to Sadguru Ji for the wisdom.

  41. Love you Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, I hope you stay safe… it's going to be hard to see you leave this earth one day… 🙁

  42. The global arms trade is out of control, many years ago i made something about wars on here, it may seem a bit naive, but if anyone wants to see it please just type in the following title to the search bar above…….War is not Heroic

  43. Today I realised that one More god is added in our 33 lakh god and goddess..
    Sadhguru ji 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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