Rural China: Tool – Taoist views on social media
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Rural China: Tool – Taoist views on social media

[TOOL] Technological things, modern things, there is no way to avoid them. But the key is how you use them. In Taoism quite a lot of attention is applied to ‘calm’. When people become calm, they will think about many things. I think it can also help the health of the body. In ‘The Book of Dao’ it says, “If one is free of desire and tranquil, the world becomes righteous.” Why should people calm down? Because if people are unable to calm their hearts, there will be too many different kinds of desires. What is desire? They are those things that fate has not yet delivered and you want in vain. That is desire. If everybody is able to hold onto a piece of calm, instead of one’s own things, fame and fortune, or objects, if everyone didn’t think about these things. Maybe some crimes, some bad things, maybe they would happen a little less. QQ, WeChat, mobile phones… they are all a tool for communication. Through this wide spreading of information, it is possible to study many good things. They are all tools, they are used by people. What’s important is how you use them. If we were to sit over there, and all day our mood is restless, and we idle away our time, then this tool doesn’t really have any meaning. However if we use it to communicate, to study, to do this kind of thing, it’s a very good canonical text. To communicate with friends for a while, or learn from each other. For example, when we get angry, if we send a message to a friend on WeChat, and then they send us a few kind words, then I think WeChat is a very good thing. But this WeChat, if over here I am angry and the other people [online] add to your anger, then the rage gets greater and greater, and this tool has no meaning. It’s just a tool. What’s important is how people use it. There is a sentence: “Immortality through humanity” To become transcendent, first you need to respect and obey your parents and ancestors. Learn how to act with humanity. If you don’t know this key thing then I think it is probably difficult to find the way to transcendence. SUBTITLES: Your name

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