Rumors swirling ahead of “WWE Backstage”: WWE Now
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Rumors swirling ahead of “WWE Backstage”: WWE Now

100 thoughts on “Rumors swirling ahead of “WWE Backstage”: WWE Now

  1. Huh WWE is doing something cool. By the way R.I.P jobbers on last night Raw you guys still lost but did good bless you. Have a nice day guys

  2. I like this wrinkle they’re adding to make things seem more like a shoot. Talking about the athletes negotiating with the Networks over which Brand they want to appear on, I like that. I just don’t want to much cross pollination with Fox & their employees. It’s painful listening to Fox Sports analysts & reporters talking about the WWE & it’s various athletes when they have very little to no information about them

  3. So you just gonna show the Kevin Owens tweet and release the video? I’m confused. Just show it. Unless it had profanity I cant see a reason why you just don’t show it????

  4. The announcement will be severely underwhelming as will the trades between the brands. Only good thing that can come out of this is if Authors of Pain go to Smackdown.

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  6. It was Nikki Cross who was the blockbuster trade, another bad and misleading move from WWE. Don't waste your time

  7. Kevin being drafted to Raw just made that match he had with Shane completely pointless, now that Shane is finally out of SmackDown and Kevin is free from him they draft Owens to Raw?, that just doesn't make any sense.

  8. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross traded to Smackdown. That was the big "blockbuster" announcement. That and Raw more or less calling "dibs" on future picks, I guess currently injured superstars and people from NXT.
    I think I will not watch live anymore, just highlights, at least until after the Rumble because Wrestlemania season is usually pretty good.
    I'm sure after Wrestlemania there will be a bigger "superstar shake-up" and a few call-ups from NXT. Undisputed Era, Shayna Baszler and her Horsewomen and maybe Gargano and Ciampa. Hopefully John Morrison signs with NXT and Cesaro, Shelton Benjamin, Eric Young, Brian Kendrick and and Mike Kanellis are drafted to NXT. Io Shirai, Candice LeRae, Mia Yim, Bianca Belair, Chelsea Green, Deonna Purrazzo, Dakota Kai, Tegan Knox, Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm will form an excellent Women's division on NXT as soon as Shayna leaves so they don't need women from the main roster.

  9. What is WWE's dumb and annoying fascination with subtitles? I turned off subtitles for my account but for some dumb reason WWE has them turned on for their channel.

  10. What Draft…there was a draft? I think they drafted like ONE guy, the rest were just trading. Let me know when an actual draft happens.

  11. I know it's Kayfabe but Kevin Owens shouldn't be disappointed when Vince is not running things on RAW anymore. He's focused on SmackDown now.

  12. Hmm,this make me worried though…but better not hyping up just yet!.Hopefully,no more complains this time around!.I know,not every single person can be satisfied…I bet there is still some unsastisfied "voices" could be seen here!.Well,let's wait and see….

  13. Mr mcmahon, acw wrestling got more ratings than nxt, you got to bring back WCW and make it a new era by make it look like WCW and WCW ring area.

  14. Rey Mysterio to Smackdown and Elias to Raw
    Bray Wyatt to Raw and Kevin Owens to Smackdown that's what my predictions should be

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  16. If wwe want smackdown to be success on fox Becky lynch need to go back to smackdown because she is the true queen of smackdown.

  17. When they show the wrestling clips – the audience sounds have been added. The crowd haven’t been that hot in ten years

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  20. Now, if everything is going on tv, what is the freaking need of paying the wwe network, just for the ppvs one time a month??

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