Rondell Urges Bella to “Respect” Her Mom | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Rondell Urges Bella to “Respect” Her Mom | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

for my birthday. This gift is for mommy. Is she here? You think running
out, going to buy some little fonky
trinket is going to make up for sassing your momma? Inez told me y’all
was getting into it. Is she here or not? Oh, but hold on. Don’t you take that tone
with me, little girl. [SIGH] What did mommy
say about our fight? Now she didn’t go into detail. But whatever y’all
fussing about had her moping around this restaurant. And I got tired of seeing
her bottom lip poked out, so I said her home. It ain’t none of my business. But Inez is my best
friend in the world. And we’ve been riding
since JJ Fad was teaching people how to be Supersonic. She’s like an auntie to me. So I’m going to need you
to respect my girl, OK? I do respect her. But she needs to respect me,
especially when it comes to how I choose to raise my son. I know you and Inez have
completely different ideas about how to raise Joaquin. But see, Inez will die
for you and Joaquin. Girl, you only get one
momma in this lifetime. And when she’s gone, all
the I’m sorries in the world won’t bring her back.

14 thoughts on “Rondell Urges Bella to “Respect” Her Mom | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Bella girl bye 👋 ur Mama probably tired af while u got her running around hiding the fact tht ur baby daddy the Mayor meanwhile she gotta go to work around the man family every damn day!! Ya ungrateful and entitled!! Mama pls slap her with the gift bag!! 👀

  2. Rondell is so right. Too many times we take our loved ones for granted because we always think "oh they'll be there tomorrow," but in most cases, they're not. My late aunt adopted three children and raised them from adolescence to adulthood; she loved them and did the best she could despite whatever petty little beef they had. In the end, none of her children were there for her until after she had died alone of a stroke. They were the main ones hollering and carrying on at her funeral and almost jumped in the grave with her. But it was too late.Share your love with people today because they may be gone tomorrow.

  3. If only we all had great relationships with our parents . I wonder what Rondell would say about sleeping with married men or women 😶

  4. I had to binge watch to catch up I'm there a it's one of my new new thanks Op finally something I like besides Iyanla V.No shade Tyler sorry.🤗👀🌹

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