Rondell And Stephanie Share A Tender Moment…Almost | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Rondell And Stephanie Share A Tender Moment…Almost | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

[BELL RINGING] I came as fast as I could. Do you need me to stay? No. I got this. Go on home and get some rest. Kent, mind walking Inez home? Of course. I’ll be back. Are you all right? Where’s Evan? When he called to
tell me about Senior, he said he was heading
here to be with you. He ran out of here after
getting some phone call. Apparently there are
things more important than the death of your father. Are you sure it didn’t
pertain to Senior? Who knows? Did you tell Carly
and Trey about Daddy? The hardest phone call
I’ve ever had to make. Is there anything you need? Is there anything
at all I can do? I think you’ve done
enough, Stephanie. Don’t you?

14 thoughts on “Rondell And Stephanie Share A Tender Moment…Almost | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Who will grant me one of my heart desires of meeting TD JAKES to appreciate him for saving my soul from unforgiving spirit?
    Lessons on Letting Go.
    When I was in the university, many people disliked me because of the way I behaved—loud and talkative. But all the talk and play never affected my Physics scores and this kept some of my lecturers wondering at the kind of human being I was. One day, one of my lecturers called me asked me how I managed to pass with this attitude of mine because I had an A in his course. He did not expect that. To his dismay, I bust into tears.
    When he asked why I was crying, I hesitated for a moment and then let it all go! I explained that my behavior to which he alluded was a coping mechanism. That was not me. The extra-loud, extra-sanguine way I behave outside my hostel is the only way I could find happiness because 95% of what I do when I'm alone is cry cry and cry some more; because nobody is there to love, cherish or encourage me. I do all that by myself.  On one fateful day, I decided to share my story with a lady who displayed the most animosity towards me. She cried after hearing my story of coping and survival in school. She never judged me again. 
    When I was in second year, In company of some friends, we went to one of my lecturers (DR CHIBUIKE UMEH) to explain some subtle points on Electromagnetism to us. Chinonso Onah (who is now my husband) was with him. Dr Umeh directed us to get the explanation from Chinonso and we did. He explained it so well that we asked him for his number and begged him to do tutorials on Electromagnetism for us. He did accept, but all other fellows backed out of the tutorial except me. I liked the way he taught but one thing with him is that he doesn't laugh. He also liked the way I was serious with my studies but not the way behaved outside my books.
    After the tutorial, I asked him how much I should pay but he said I should not make any payment but should go and face my studies. This made me to fall in love with him but unbeknownst to me, he doesn't like the way I behaved. He only admired my seriousness.  I went to church and adoration several times and prayed and cried to God to make him ask me out. To my greatest surprise on March 29, 2016, he called me in the night and I asked if I was in a relationship. I answered No and he asked if we could start one. I was shell shocked but I told him I needed to think about it (even though there was nothing to think. I just wanted to form expensive. lol). The next day he called me again and our relationship started. 
    He immediately took me to task on my behavior and appearance. It was through him that I discovered that I exhibited bad behavior because of ‘UNFORGIVENESS’. I have been hurt deeply and was pretending to be happy but never was. I was seeking it and making up. I never found happiness because I was hooked up on my hurts. I find it very difficult to let go of things. When I hurt someone, I don't forgive myself and when I am hurt, I don't forgive but pretend to have forgiven.
    My husband was the one who transformed me into a new individual. I now have more likes than dislikes. My mannerisms and behaviours have become polar opposite of what they used to be. My perspectives and outlook have also changed. He is always teaching me how to forgive and let go. He recently gifted me T.D. Jakes’ book ‘Let it Go—Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven’. With the help of my husband and T.D. Jakes I have found peace and happiness within me. I'm free now. I no longer talk or behave in pretense. I am real!
    1. Don't judge people from a distance. If possible, don’t judge at all.
    2. Learn how to forgive because if you don't you will end up punishing yourself.
    3. Never waste your energy on revenge, channel it in a way that will be productive.
    4. Know that offences are inevitable so that when someone offends you, you will not waste your energy being angry. 
    5. Don't expect people to treat you the way you treat them, if you do that you will end up being offended because many will disappoint you. 
    6. Anger is a very good thing when you channel it in a good way. Don't be angry with people who hurt you because you will end up hurting yourself. 
    7. Always give listening ears because what you assume may turn out to be false.
    8. Always learn how to understand people so that you follow them, the way they are.
    9. Always give your spouse a listening ear and an environment to become better
    Having read this book, I don’t think I can ever hold grudges again in my life. There is no gain in it. Free yourself and Let it go!

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