Resize Photos For Instagram In Photoshop: What’s The Best Way?
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Resize Photos For Instagram In Photoshop: What’s The Best Way?

Hey, I’m Criss, welcome to the channel. In this video I’m gonna show you how I resize
and save photos for Instagram using Photoshop. Just like Facebook, Instagram has its own
compression algorithm that can make your photos look weird and with artifacts after you post
them. And you spend a lot of time writing a nice
caption, adding some good hashtags, choosing a location and so on. However, the first thing people see in their
feed, is the photo itself, so that photo needs to be clean and sharp in order to catch people’s
attention and attract more likes and more visits to your profile, because those visits
can convert into more followers. So let’s dive into Photoshop, I will show
you my exact workflow and the settings that I consider the best. I have an example here, edited and cropped
using a 4 by 5 ratio. Let’s check the resolution of this photo
by going to Image – Image Size: 3200 pixels on width by 4000 on height. When uploading to Instagram you need to have
a maximum of 1080 pixels on the width of the photo and the classic but not the best method
is to go to image size and enter 1080 pixels here. Photoshop is modifying the height value automatically
if you enable this option here called “Constrain to aspect ratio”. You also have this resample drop down with
all these options which can become very confusing for many of us. From here I choose Bicubic Sharper, I press
OK, the photo is resized, now I go to File – Save As and I write TEST 1. I save the file because I want to compare
it with the second method in the end. So instead of using this method I recommend
to use the following one, cause I find it more easy to interact with and honestly it
has better results in my oppinion. So..File – Export – Save for web. It also has a shortcut which is Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S
if you are on windows or Command+Option+Shift+S on a mac. First thing, you select JPEG from this list
and set the quality to 73. This is the optimum value, the sweet spot,
or whatever do you want to call it, to avoid Instagram’s agressive compression. Then I enter 1080 pixels here, make sure this
option is enabled for retaining proportions when resizing and choose Bicubic Sharper. A good way to check the original image and
the one that you will be exporting, is to activate this side by side comparison, so
you can check for any artifacts and eventual loss in the quality of the photo before saving
it. If everything looks fine you can just press
Save, it will ask you for a name and that is all, you just save the photo. Now let’s compare the two methods in terms
of file size. With the first method the file has 1.89 MB
and with the second option the same photo has 707 KB. In terms of quality, I really don’t see
any major difference, so as a conclusion I will stick to the second option with File
– Export – Save for web. Listen I need your help on this one, maybe
I’m still not using the best settings when I export for Instagram so please leave your
methods of exporting from Photoshop in a comment below. This time, I need to learn from you on this
subject, so if you can help me or other users, please do so. And of course, share this video with your
friends that are using Instagram. Ok, that’s all for now, I’m Criss,
see you next time.

96 thoughts on “Resize Photos For Instagram In Photoshop: What’s The Best Way?

  1. My workflow: Edit photos, save do adobe cloud, download on mobile the full size image, open on instagram, edit the photo, change the structure and add +20. You can check the results on my instagram:

  2. This was just as confusing as anything. All I wanna do is fit a full size foto without cropping and without having white or black bars on the sides of the foto.

  3. I'm adding the canvas to the image to make a perfect square & I don't have to crop it with Instagram sizes and then I'm saving the image with first method but the resolution i'm taking while Image Size is 96.

    I think this is working fine for me.

  4. helpful, what if i have 3:4 vertical pic taken from cell phone and have to change it to 4:5, and on another hand i have DSLR high quality image and wanted to scale down to square size i.e 1080X1080, correct me if i am wrong. thanks

  5. if you don’t mind using flattened images, you can convert to smart object & resize it using transform – preserves pixel density.

  6. Hello Cristi.. need your help… i'm using both of your method, however i recognize that while i'm changing the image size i.e. width from original to 1080px but the height did not change into size 1350 px. Hope you can help me to solve this problem.

  7. Hey Cristi, how are you? Thanks for the video, very cool! I have a question though, the same one as Rayzorhead has: how can you upload a full picture on Instagram without any sidebars? Sorry to bother you with this, but I want to know so badly 😂!!!

  8. @Cristi Kerekes Man did you convert the Document Profile from "Pro sRGB" to "Working sRGB"? and make it 8bits? before saving the to Web?

  9. actually u can start with a document 1080 by 1350 px which is proven to be optimal. Then import photo and resize it to canvas size. before exporting

  10. This is also for people who realize that the colors are different from pc to mobile thank you for helping I was going krazy

  11. Is there anything wrong with saving as JPEG and choosing a medium size? I'm about to have to resize about a thousand images for ETSY. I don't want to change the dimensions, the file sizes just have to be smaller. Would that work?

  12. I resized for Instagram but after a day or two the picture resized and now it looks stretched!

    This happened before on previous posts but eventually turned back to the original size I posted.

    Any idea why this is ? Thank you

  13. This method always pixelates my photos. I'd rather use the full size (the photo is not pixelated) and adjust the colours on Instagram.

  14. Man, I need to upload multiple photos, you know Instagram won't let you upload them in their original size, I need to so that I don't crop the image, help pls and thanks btw.

  15. My 4000×6000 portrait photo after being resized to 1080, is cropped off because the height is still too big. I tried pinching it and it still stays the same. Help

  16. I'm saving thru Instagram using 'Export'. The only detail I'm not clear on is what metadata option to choose that will include the LR/Instagram Caption and Hashtag info I've added.

  17. Thank you! It works very good. But I have a question: what is the right size for instagram for a vertical pictures? The point is that when I try to upload the vertical picture on instagram it is always cut it by high. This make the picture looks different and cut out also my signature. How to fix this? Thanks in advance Cristi!

  18. Thank you mate. Why is the "sweet spot" in photoshop 73% and in Lightroom 76% ? 🙂 And should the color profile be embeded?

  19. Do you sharpen the image after down-sizing the image ,as some experts says if you do it before ,and when you are down sizing for Fb or Instagram , you are not only reducing the file sixe, but also losing some sharpness ??

  20. I do the 1080 by 1350 300 dpi 73% and everything looks great at first but after around 24 h the quality of the image changes and it looks terrible. Maybe even though I compress the file size is too big and instagram still reduces it as my camera is 45 megapixels. I messaged some of other photographers on instagram and they say that they change the px to 2000 x 2500 and quality at 100%. One of them said that he reduces the dpi to 72 also. Anyways Im even more confused now, help please

  21. Thank you for your video. What image size should I choose so I don't have to crop my image? I followed your instruction, but still, I need to crop when posting on IG which cuts off a portion of the image I don't want to cut off… Thanks

  22. I've done both process
    Still instagram request I crop some part out before I can post.
    What am I not doing right please

  23. CROP YOUR PICTURES TO 4:5 FIRST, THEN >> IMAGE SIZE AND PUT WIDTH ON 1080px, the height will automatically shift to 1350px and you'll have full portrait size IG feed shots. Export on JPG at 73% or click cmd + alt + shift + save for web >> PNG-24

  24. Saving an image in 240dpi Res will always be a bigger file size than 72dpi Res (which is for web), if the image quality is not noticeable, even if they both are of same pixel sizes.

  25. I just tried this method and using 2 up to view i noticed that there was a colour shift the r in my original is 198 and in the copy 210 ???? not sure why the image changed in colour

  26. Just an FYI for anyone coming here confused…this is a video about resizing the photo file size for optimal image quality…not literally "resizing" the photo to a shape or size (aspect ratio). There are only 4 aspect ratios that IG truly supports and they are the following (in order from Best to Least overall engagement performance)

    #1 – 4:5 (Portrait)
    #2 – 1:1 (Square)
    #3 – 1.91:1 (Landscape)

    Added – 5:4 (Landscape)

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