Resisting Authoritarian Control Over Media: The Center for Media at Risk

[electronic music] Who do we need to get into the room to
actually talk about, ‘How do we resist authoritarian control over the media?’ Who are the people who need to be having those conversations? We can come up with the solutions for how to make sure that we protect free media and
protect free expression. Every media needs an audience. What we need today is an audience which is active. And active means an audience that feeds back and
which helps propagate the content. In the world of social media, this is what we
need. A lot of people subscribe to national newspapers already, but I think that they can also look at county level, city level local media, and subscribe
to those local organizations. I think authoritarians tend to identify the
media with the spread in government propaganda, and basically lies. And then
what we should do is defend the autonomy of the media in terms of a description
of things according to evidence. We can set up independent media that is not funded by business interests and will not be subject to pressure by the state
to not report on certain things that are going to hurt their business interests. I think this is an existential moment, not just for journalism, but for democracy. If nothing substantial is done, democracy as we know it is dead. The world as we know it has fundamentally been destroyed. We’re on quicksand. Now, question is what are you going to do? How are we going to rebuild this new world? The information
ecosystem has actually allowed lies laced with anger and hate to spread
faster than facts. Without facts you have no truth. Without truth you can’t have trust. That’s the foundation of a democracy.

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