Research Links Social Media Use To Mental Distress In Teens | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Research Links Social Media Use To Mental Distress In Teens | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Research Links Social Media Use To Mental Distress In Teens | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. I take all electronic devices from my kids when I turn in most nights, (I let them play on weekends,) my premise is charge time for devices and the charge station is the boudoir, a no go area.

  2. Kids see that adults don't care.. They get shot up at school. They get shot up at theaters. They get shot up at church. They get shot up at social events. And here are this same adults telling them they should go outside and do stuff.

  3. MSNBC: Andrew Yang dropped out, we can report on this now.

    Glad this is getting more attention but you're pretty late.

  4. I'm in my 60's and social media is stressing me out. I'm trying to limit my time but this is such a fascinating, though distressing, time in history. I just can't not listen and discuss. Can we be kinder and bring back civil discourse?

  5. Too many people are living life through their phones rather than actually enjoying the moment. Just go to a concert, or watch the audience at a political

  6. My 12 year old daughter comes to me with things she believes are absolutely true because she saw it on YouTube. I’m glad smart phones were not around when i was growing up. When we go out with friends it’s crazy to see all the kids sitting at their own table with their heads buried in their smartphones. I think smartphones are going to be more detrimental to health than smoking and drinking

  7. Social media. I don't think children should be on it at all. You made an important point. Children are not going to the park, anymore. I think it's important to realize, that is because, those unsavorables who made the park unwelcome are the same ones that are making social media unwelcome. I am finding that there is a small population of nuts on this. And, I don't want my children associated with them. I am glad that YouTube instituted their child safe zone. I think it is good to learn how to do a craft, to learn how to become an artist, to become better educated such as, with help with homework, etc., to listen to music, to learn how to sing or dance, to watch a child safe movie or video, to watch a play or an opera or ballet, to see what's going on with the Olympics, their favorite sports team, etc.. I would rather have them playing a non interactive game than communicate like they are on a phone, on social media. I just don't think it is safe enough for children. Then, my opinion on smoking. I don't think smoking is unsafe. I have been smoking since I was 10. Full time since I was 17. More sporadically in the last few years. But, I guarantee I am healthier than you. I think someone is playing you a game, like alcohol prohibition. They whine because they don't have a financial interest in it. I live on a very busy street. Is my cigarette/cigar smoking worse than all the fumes I have to ingest? I feel the same about salt/sugar/cholesterol. I, purposely, did not follow the recommendations for limiting my salt use, sugar use, fat use, because I felt it was a set up. I, literally, experience someone, once, not give their child sugar because the child got 'high' when he was offered a candy bar. Not high on drugs, but excited. The child was asked if they would like a candy bar. The child jumped up and down and squealed — yes and twirled around. The 'parent' felt the child was getting too 'high' and then refused to give the child the candy bar. Is that not nuts! That's a true story. I mean, can't I even have a birthday cake??? I had a physical exam a few years ago, which I hadn't had in — years! And, I walked away with a prescription for vitamin D and that was it! Don't you use a toilet properly? We recycle. That stuff doesn't stay in your system for long. I do not, however, recommend cigarette smoking for children. And, I would ask, as I asked my own children, please don't smoke until you are of legal age.

  8. They didn't have to do a study to see that .
    Certain Media programs contribute to Mental Illnesses in Adults "
    Do a study on Fox New Viewers.

  9. I recently decided on my favorite early morning news programs,
    I had to pick between the two with the trashiest looking, greasy lipped, blond
    hair dyed ones, you see, I found that it’s the trampy lookers that can deliver
    the news best, and oh, there are some wigged ones that can deliver too, one
    station even boasted to expect more than any other…

  10. Social media is a part of life. Parents need to Parent! Social media let's you know where their phone is any time of day. The can contact you for any reason.
    Joe, could you back up your statements? With links

  11. If you want to protect your children, If you love your children, If you would do anything for your children, then don't let them get mixed up with MSLSD.

  12. Teens often hang out online with their friends, literally watching movies together online in different places. Discussing topics they like etc.

  13. Data is no different than Oil or Banking or "Healthcare." In fact, data is today's oil; it's what the world "runs" on. Once you can monopolize the market for it, greed replaces altruism and you become perverse and corrupt with your power (see owners) and the only solution is to "break it up." There IS NO other solution than to breakup entities like Facebook, Google and Amazon so that forces outside them can market-regulate their monopsony and monopoly proclivities.

  14. I was saddened for couples on the phone while having dinner. I'm serious, there were four tables and they all were on their phones. I wonder if there's a study on divorces.

  15. More and more teens experiencing the negative effects of social media. There's no doubt about that. 20 years ago, we did not have social media and even Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Nowadays, we don't want kids on social media. I don't have kids, but I know that a lot of these kids felt hooked on social media while watching Netflix.

  16. Here's a link to a pretty cool new TV commercial – "Balance screen time with playtime" – that's been running for some months now, from 'Spark' in New Zealand, a major phone and internet provider

    And here's the opening blurb at their website @t

    "Welcome to Play by Spark
    Now that technology is part of our everyday lives, it can be tricky managing screen time. So we’re working on a really smart smart-ball that helps families balance active playtime with screen time. Play by Spark is a Bluetooth-enabled rugby ball that tracks minutes of active playtime. It connects to an App that converts this to a screentime allowance, sending an alert to parents when this time runs out.

    It’s our most recent initiative to help children build a better relationship with all things digital. You can’t get a ball just yet, but you can stay up to speed with the trial as it develops and learn a few tactics from our families who are putting the ball to the test".

  17. Girls are already behind, being born into the princess syndrome that leads to the obsessed with the solipsistic mirror vanity trap, which lasts a lifetime. The phone becomes an extension of the vanity mirror.

  18. I think we are asking the wrong questions and looking at this the wrong way. We need to HELP children transition into these new industrial paradigms. If not, they won't be out front in the future. Getting more girls into STEM is critical to our survival as a species. Teach them how to use their new digital appendage to their advantage. And yes, Tim Cook might be right about the current implementation of social media – FB, Twitter, etc. but other resources on our devices shine over the darker ones… I hope parents take the time to share those brighter bits with their kids.

  19. I suggest viewers watch the new music video by the band Nightwish. The song is called 'Noise'… It makes a statement…📱😈

  20. I am just an old guy, but I remember things like, life before computers were invented (en mass) I remember the whole family having breakfast together, and Dinner in the evening where the whole family would talk about their day, their troubles, their wishes in the support of the family. i remember when people would say things like, sorry, and thank you! and even meant it!!!! Also "oh no after, you" going into a building, or lift or stairway. I remember when Parents would pass on Values to their children, the main one being truthfulness another being honour. I even remember when a family would go to a restaurant and talk to each other, instead of talking to their phones! But as I said, I am just an old guy……..

  21. Talking to your kids about their well being in the modern day and age? That's a laugh. Parents don't know how to do that anymore. If they did, the kid leash would never have been invented.

  22. May be everyone is too busy for them , and their only comfort is what is in their hand phone ect ..parent children can dust furniture , clean their room learn to comb their hair clean their own nails learn to cook spend time learning to write a book draw something go out for a snack or for nature walk play games tell stories hold a book in hand and read feel the book smell the book
    Play scramble in a book set two to 3 days off from phone lap tap ect to do other things like racing cricket net balling swimming ..parent and children nights ..REMEMBER when the word is too busy for us the media never say no unless the battry is dead ..❤

  23. When ever a female journalist appears on television her worth
    is immediately established before she utters a single word, and it begins with
    her appearance, hair dye treatment and greasy lips. Don’t believe me, look for yourself…I’ll
    be patiently waiting here for your congratulatory confirmation of my observation.

  24. America is no longer a democracy. It is a pigsty with Trump as the biggest pig. He doesn't know or understands democracy. He wants to play the role which Putin is playing and Americans are cheering him. What a disgrace! He loves to use that word because he is the greatest disgrace.

  25. So funny to see people talking OVER joe for a change! hahahahaha joe keeps trying to talk and they just keep talking him down… Hilarious!

  26. There’s the implication in this video that adults are more able to deal with or separate from social media. Totally untrue. I see adults being as bad as kids in their addiction.

  27. I don’t know what kind of utopia they think they’re living in that if you reach out to someone in your desired industry they’ll have a coffee with you. Seriously?

  28. I got anxiety bad and I believe it is from my phone but I don't use nothing but YouTube and I really believe my anxiety came from just being around people as in Thu highways and business. So anxiety just comes from everyday life itself and that's just life.

  29. I'm 25 and I'm guy not a girl. But when I was starting highschool (2009) I could already see this happening to myself and others, I didn't go outside as much as I used to and didn't really hang out with friends as often for me it was more because of video games than social media.

  30. Peoples please start getting more sensitive to your children's. And friends stop spoiling the human race with what you believe are right it's all crap simple love attention and care does it cut off certain function on communication and don't forget what you don't know don't hurt you at times ok please stop too much is too much..

  31. If these giant tech companies really cared, they could pick one day out of the month or even every 2 weeks and shut down their services. It wouldn't change their bottom line and could be seen as "giving back" to the ppl.

  32. Be a parent. Restrict and monitor! Check everything.
    Converse. We don't have a lot of exposure. There are many downsides. And they are vulnerable in a world with No borders.

  33. Not just teens. And a perfect example is your president who uses social media more than anybody on this earth..and its no question that he has a mental disorder.

  34. scientifically proven, yet unlike booze and cigarettes, these things won't be 'limited' to those under 18. how hard did they fight? what about when the sugar industry did an all-out anti-fat campaign to blame obesity on high fat foods. America is for sale. the people in it are just the product being sold. no more value than those baby chicks that get ground alive up at the egg factory.

  35. Mental career is a for sure thing, starts with Facebook and survivors are redirected for a second round to corporate news media to finish us off.

  36. Social media, a platform for anoraks, trolls, perverts and anybody contemplating suicide. Don't subscribe to it, stay safe

  37. That's the thing miss Cosmo, social media is not being social and that is by a sociologists standards. Being in ones presence is being social not sitting on a computer reading each others posts or watching videos.

  38. Social media is a breeding ground for narcissism, anxiety and addiction in more than just teens. Older people have the context of living in a world without social media which gives them the tools to be less susceptible to it's influences but lots still fall into that trap due to their underlying personality traits.

  39. Well, kids are monsters to eachother, the phone is just another tool to get to you after classes so now you cant escape by going home.

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  41. While it's obvious that social media may be fast becoming more trouble than it's worth, I think the real problem lies with peoples' inability to turn it off.
    And it's not just kids. I know a lot of both adults and children who simply get withdrawal symptoms when asked to switch off their devices – which is a basic requirement for anyone sitting at my meal table.

  42. Watch out folks, this is how they slowly take your voice away. The next thing you know, we are banning social media because it makes the citizens crazy.

  43. That explains a lot about Trump the Dump. He is like a 73 years old teen who has mental distress and unleashed on social media.

  44. The warning signs of a society in decline. All of the so called advancements in this world is just another tool of an unseen force in place navigating the destruction of a society. Parents need to step up and be a force for good in the lives of our young people. This not happening not just in this nation but other western societies. Many are blind to this. Read the book of Daniel chapter 12 .

  45. Yes! More awareness on this is needed and more ACTION by parents is needed. But it takes help to be more proactive in regulating children and teen's access to technology. Check out my company helping parents stay strong and help their kids stick to healthy tech habits.

  46. Kids nowadays are brainwashed by liberal socialist teachers starting in grade school and then the corrupt news media takes over. They don't have a chance.

  47. Have you noticed, thanks to television journalists, women
    have begun to appear a little blond hair dyed trampy, long false eyelashes and deep
    red pouting greasy lips as if begging for a date…? That wholesome healthy look has
    seemingly passed…Oh, some have tried to add the look of studiousness with
    eyeglasses, but are fooling no one…are just eye candy with lenses in synthetic

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