Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: Facebook Disinformation Is “Extraordinarily Concerning” | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: Facebook Disinformation Is “Extraordinarily Concerning” | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: Facebook Disinformation Is “Extraordinarily Concerning” | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. The idea that Facebook could fact-check its content is ludicrous. No, there is only one solution – a big yellow banner at the top of the Facebook app that says "Warning: this content is probably lies". Facebook is a joke, and the only joke sicker is Zuckerberg getting you to believe it isn't.

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  3. Its hilarious the DNC is letting AOC be their mouthpiece. She is going to keep Republicans in the White House as long as New York is dumb enough to keep voting for her.

  4. I like AOC but she's a bit of a goodie two shoes! Especially when she shakes her finger at people! A bit more humility would be nice!

  5. Zuckerbot had a few glitches.. Androids sure have come a long way. Funny how it went to adjust its oral actuation system, but then caught itself before blowing its cover. You could even seen buffer interference when it's processors were working harder. Muskbot is a much better design. 😁

  6. This whole segment was run on Facebook “not fact checking” when clearly there is a third-party who does that for Facebook. The fake news media just keeps getting better and better…. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Ah, riding high,A-O-C ? Endorsing " Old White Man " Sanders, now you are " smarter than Zuckerberg " ?.. Out of your league, hun. Stick to bartending.

  8. What this proved is that as great as he may be as a business leader he is still a dismal spokesman-advocate for Facebook.

  9. I greatly admire AOC, but it's a bit of a stretch to say that she has redefined what is possible for a freshman Representative. In 1811, freshman Representative Henry Clay was elected Speaker of the House. That's probably a trifle more impressive.

  10. OH MY GOSH !! LOL You people are such hypocrites LOL MAKE UP YOUR MINDS LOL !!! The Pathetic excuses for Journalist's on these Gossip Tabloids should be a Comedy Show … Except THEY AREN'T FUNNY they are Just Sad !! A.O.C. Tells More truth and Gives More true Information then ALL OF YOU PRETENDERS of Tabloid "News" lol Corporate Finks lol THAT OWN THESE "NEWS" GOSSIP TABLOID'S ARE Totally USELESS TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Just Like these "News" Programs

  11. Poor Marky. He wants to pretend he's a liberal, but he made hundreds of million$ from Drumpf's tax $cam for billionaires…

  12. Is AOC for ending the Obamawars and bringing our troops home? Or is she just another warmonger like the candidates seem to be?

  13. Facebook in 2016: we didn't know anything wrong was going on
    Facebook in 2019: we don't care if anything wrong is going on

  14. Social Media should be publicly funded and heavyly regulated. The whole plataform should be open source. Data should be protected. No Ads allowed.

  15. I understand AOC point, but when you come off like a entitled person with that ego tone of voice, cutting off the person you're trying to get answers off, its throws me off.
    I hope she knows she doesn't have to step down to that level, you got our attentions , we are behind you, dont lose yourself

  16. This information needs to get out. The spreading of disinformation and manipulation of our country through facebook was highly instrumental in the last election. Watch "The Great Hack" on Netflix and you will see how crazy it goes. Isn't it telling though that Democrats are the ones that are actually trying to pass laws or restrictions to stop fake news and corruption instead of the other side who just points their fingers and does nothing or votes against restrictions. Truth should be a topic everyone can get behind.

  17. I love her. Finally the American public is getting politicians that actually fight for the people not just a certain crowd. Inclusion‼

  18. So what do we want here? The government to regulate who the "fact checkers" are? Who gets to be on that committee?

    Making the government the arbiter of truth is far more dangerous than anything Zuckerberg/Facebook are doing.

  19. I vote to Shut Facebook down…shall we get a petition going? Is it a crime to accept political $ to publish and spread lies? Kind of like a bribe?🤔🤔🤔🤥🤥🤥

  20. So Zuckerberg is suppose to determine what the truth is? If Zuckerberg was to police political speech then no politicians would allow to advertising on FB. I’ve seen AOC lie on FB. This stupid.

  21. please i do not understand why you guys keep disturbing Mark Zuckerberg, but i have a question.

    is facebook keeping the ballot box ?

  22. Zuckerberg gets AOC's heat, just as Trump did. Tech giants need to be regulated, or else face breakup. AOC is the future of American politics. Don't mess with her. Obey her.

  23. FB appears to be complicit in voter fraud, advertising misinformation, willful distribution of disinformation. FB is misdirecting voters with false information.

  24. Facebook Disniformation is "Extraordinarily Concerning"? Is someone being concerned of politically motivated entertaninment organizations disinformation being allowed, lIke CONservative media. I really think when someone tells a lie, the plug should be pulled on them. These organizations are generating racism, lowering peoples intelligence, and is causing havoc in America.

  25. Those questions were, to an independent, a waste of my tax payer money. Don't they have laws to pass or an infrastructure to fix? Apparently not.

  26. Zuckerberg wants to walk both side of the fence. He wants Facebook to have the limited liability of currently being legally considered a neutral forum whilst at the same time being pressured to & wanting to editorialize content like a publisher. The Cambridge Analytica reference speaks to the pressure that FB has been under since 2016 when the Trump campaign used FB social media metrics as effectively as Obama had pioneered. If Facebook was put under FCC regulation it would destroy Facebooks business model. MSNPC or AOC mightn't get what playing dumb means.

  27. NO!!! AOCOMMUNIST, YOU are the most "Extraordinarily Concerning". Take your communist sedition and shove them where your murdered babies go.

  28. This is the problem with any corporation becoming too large. They will always put their profits before morality and think they are justified in doing it.

  29. facebook has enjoyed complete freedom from ethics questions related to the phenomena of power of their platform to shape society. Zuckerberg has never waded into these questions, and would like to continue with his "deer in the headlights" routine while his company continues to collect billions, even a trillion dollars in ad money as his platform takes our personal, private information and sells it to the highest bidder regardless of their intended uses. In fact, they don't even want to know the intended uses their clients have for our private information. This is all made possible because Zuckerberg and company have excused themselves from questions of ethics, and a duty to the public good. But again, this is how facebook got started, as Zuckerberg created it in college as a means to "rate" co-eds on their likability or popularity.

  30. Get off Facebook now!!! No one needs propaganda in their lives. THIS IS A DEMOCRACY AND WE DON'T NEED A FASCIST ORGANIZATION RUNNING FAKE ADS!!!

  31. When a car manufacturer sells a car that is later proven to be dangerous, that company must recall and repair it and/or pay financial penalties for damage done. They must take responsibility for the result of their error or carelessness. Shouldn't the same standard be applied to Zuckerberg? Yes.

  32. This is pathetic. The media runs the same videos. Calls it news. The media lies everyday. Fact check?? What a joke. Fox News isn’t being investigated. Why FB? This is a joke.

  33. Their will be no political adds cause you can find false in any of them….so good reddens to those adds!!! TRUMP 2020!!! Cause the green new deal is a sham power grab so just ban them!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  34. So the danger to the world in politicians lying and that is up to Facebook to police, thus the politicians must make laws to require facebook to fact check their own lies… got it. Makes perfect sense.

  35. If they don't care about lying … how about loaning me a few million dollars Zuckerberg, I will pay you back in due time.

  36. Who cares if they run the adds and they are false… it just means you can say here is this persons advert, it is fake, this is why…. then their credibility declines.

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