Reliable Penny Stock Information: Where to Find It // OTC stock info
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Reliable Penny Stock Information: Where to Find It // OTC stock info

Reliable Penny Stock Information: Where to Find It // OTC stock info welcome to looking at the markets with
David Modell sometimes people ask me for reliable credible sources of free
information for penny stocks OTC over-the-counter stocks that type of
thing because you have to be careful out there and so I’m going to recommend
three of them here and the first one is OTC markets dot-com and you can look at
the homepage but what I like to do is I like to go to the menu at the top and go
to market activity and then go down go to news and I’ll click on that and it’ll
take me to the news page and then go down and hey look news releases and
these are not all penny stocks but they are OTC type of stocks and hey you might
see some familiar ones right here’s aurora cannabis all of you
cannabis stock aficionados will certainly know that one and here are CV
Sciences another one all right and financial reports these are good –
definitely good to look at and SEC filings also a great thing to look at
and it may give you some ideas on what to look at or what not to look at if you
see a stop sign that could be trouble if you see a yield sign alright these are
things you want to be aware of for sure also they have a stock screener which is
pretty interesting yeah there are a lot of stock screeners out there I recently
did a video on stock screeners you may want to check that out some of my
favorite ones but OTC markets calm has a stock screener and it’s got lots of
stocks that maybe you’ve never heard of and you can put in all of your criteria
here security type which market that kind of thing pretty cool all right so
there’s that and then here’s another one FINRA the Financial Industry Regulatory
Authority and if you want their page it is OTC e dot FINRA FINRA org and some
things you want to look at if you’re here or I would want you to look at at
least you want to know about bankruptcies right they have a
list a daily updated list of bankruptcies for example all right you
can put in your date range let’s look at August okay it looks like this company
may have had some problems right if they’re on this list here dividends
security attribute change is another one is trading halts that’s pretty important
you might want to consider avoiding a stock if it has a lot of trading halts
if okay if the government or other regulatory agency feels the need to come
in and halt trading on a stock yeah that that may be a red flag all right and so
here are some examples right here according to the FINRA website so those
are some things to look at and here’s another one it’s investors hub this has
a website investors hub dot a dvf right there and what I like to do is I
can go to newswire at the top here it is newswire I’m going to click on that and
wait till that comes up and then you can go down down down past all this stuff it
might be kind of hard to find and you go down to the news room at the bottom and
it has yeah it has some cryptocurrency news but it also has some of the latest
happenings in the world of penny stocks and over-the-counter stocks and things
like that all right so here’s something about title ROI royalty corp and here’s
something about beta music group smaller stocks immune therapeutics Inc greenbox
direct view Holdings these are some smaller to medium-sized companies
they’re not necessarily going to be blue chips or mega caps but that’s okay and
you can read the news items there on the news room at investors hub I think
that’s pretty cool that they have these features and that they
right now at least while I’m making this video they are free as far as I know
okay so you may want to check those out and decide for yourself whether these
are credible sources I like them but you have to make your own decisions and if
you have other resources or comments about this video please put them in the
comments section below this video if you like this video I hope you like it
please give it a thumbs up on YouTube and also why don’t you go ahead and
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can reach out to me we can talk about it how I can help you alright I hope you
enjoyed this hope you found it informative my name is David Modell this
is looking at the markets I’ll talk to you again really soon

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