REFRESHING | a day in seoul w/o social media vlog
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REFRESHING | a day in seoul w/o social media vlog

Every once in a while probably more than I’d like to admit I need to take a break. I find myself forgetting to appreciate tiny moments of my day. I lose my ability to focus. I literally dream about work. I toss and turn at night and end up scrolling mindlessly until my eyes hurt so much that I have to close them. If I’m being kind to myself I’ll not only notice this but I’ll do something about it. Lately, the rainy season here in Korea has been keeping me indoors and I feel like that’s the perfect opportunity to go back to the good old days before social media to spend the day like I did as a kid at home with so many things to do. None of them involving status updates or hashtags. No refreshing. Just refreshing. On this particular day, I wake up to rain tapping on my window. I unroll my yoga mat and set the tone for the entire day. After breakfast and a bit of studying I make a steeping pot of tea I take my time choosing today’s brew but I settle on the morning favorite – Irish Breakfast. With strong black tea in my cup and rain pattering against the window I decide to escape to London. Well, sort of. I just started listening to Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Audible was kind enough to support our channel again and I’m always happy to support storytelling. Audible is one of the largest libraries of audiobooks in the world and right now, until July 31st so do this soon. Amazon Prime members can get Audible for 4.95 per month for the first three months. That’s three for the price of one month. After that, it’s only 14.95. You’ll have access to audio books you can keep forever and listen to again and again along with Audible Originals which is content exclusive to Audible that range from comedy to journalism to history. My dad just stole one of my credits to listen to something about Apollo 11. After I finished The Night Tiger with Audible I wanted another fairy tale-like story and all this grey weather this month led me to the misty London streets born in Neil Gaiman’s imagination. Bonus, it’s told by Neil Gaiman. If you’d like to try Audible and curl up with your favorite story and storyteller you can use my URL or text caricakes to 500 500. I spend the rest of the morning sitting in my rocking chair watching the clouds crawl by while I’m taken away to London below. Before long though I start to feel the itch to check my phone. If something I really needed to know was happening I know I’d get a call or a text from my friends and family. So why do I feel this need to constantly fill up these peaceful, perfect moments? I turn to one of my many half-used sketch books. I resharpen all my dull colored pencils. Get some inspiration from a few impressionists. More tea, more Neverwhere, more window gazing. At this point, I’m getting a little stir-crazy So I head off in search of coffee and a place to study I’m the kind of person that feels a day is wasted if I stay at home. So taking just an hour or two to study in a different environment does me a world of good. On the way home, I grab some snacks and I reward myself for studying with some good old Wes Anderson. So much of my day is wasted looking at my phone screen when I could have been doing all the things I’ve wanted to spend time on. Remember this guitar I bought off a friend? I’ve used it maybe four times since then. I say that I haven’t had time, but I totally have. I just choose to spend it in a different way. In a non-productive content-consuming kind of way. I’ll tell myself there’s always tomorrow. I’ll start then. But we all know how that goes. I actually took the time today to put my fingertips through hell and relearn the chords I forgot. At this point, I’m fighting off the voice in my head suggesting an afternoon nap with a cleaning/dance party that turns into a workout that turns into a bubble bath. Now, I don’t advocate bringing electronics near water but an audio book and a bath are a match made in heaven. Chilling in a citrus bubble bath with Neil Gaiman’s voice telling me a fabulous story? Yes, please. I will take two. I end the day hanging out with my best friend who subsequently was forced to join my social media cleanse. Sorry, Kurt. Will I check Instagram tomorrow? Yeah, I definitely will. But will I go into the week feeling like I’ve been reset? Completely. I think social media does incredible things. But the second you realize you’re missing things happening right in front of you give yourself a much deserved break. You’ll be surprised by how much we miss when we’re looking at a screen. Thank you again to Audible for sponsoring this video and to get started be sure to use my URL or text caricakes to 500 500. So if after watching this, many of you are thinking “That sounds nice, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Don’t be like me and my guitar. Do it today. Just start now and try and go for the rest of the day. You’re worth it. You deserve a little refresh.

100 thoughts on “REFRESHING | a day in seoul w/o social media vlog

  1. Sometimes I have trouble sitting down and watching a movie (or even a YT video) without getting distracted and checking my phone. I hope that you can try a little 7 minute exercise to check if you're stronger than me 🙂 Anyone else feel like they need a refresh day?

  2. Loved this video & it's vibe!! (as always lol) I actually had an assignment in uni to go without social media for 24hrs and i failed terribly at it 🤡 But this has inspired me to give it another try! ^^ Thanks cari 💕
    P.s. what's the name of the cafe you went to? It looked lovely even though it was under construction haha

  3. Totally loved this video omg especially the shots of the rain and clouds!! Also congrats to 100k subs 💞 can‘t believe you‘re already at 100k omg I remember when you first started your channel

  4. Totally unrelated but I am so curious to see a BTS of how a YT video is made, especially ones like yours where there are multiple angles to a shot. Like once you go into a cafe or before doing anything, I imagine you have to have the camera rolling at the right angle. Like is it even possible to video someone doing a YT video just to document the process and I guess appreciate it? I wonder does it ever feel any different doing things when there is a camera and when there isn't?

  5. challenge accepted and completed.
    this is definitely something I need to start doing, or even just using my time on the internet more wisely. for example, instead of scrolling through twitter or instagram for a hour, I'll go on talktomeinkorean and do a couple lessons.
    💕 personally I wasn't a huge fan on neverwhere but i hope you enjoyed it!

  6. Hm, yeah, you did consume a lot of traditional media though to compensate 😂 but hey, social media really eats into the time you could spend doing actually anything else

  7. tell me why I started to tear up while watching this..??? I might actually make it a monthly or even weekly thing to go a day w/o social media.. thank you for the much needed reminder.

  8. Irish breakfast tea, yum!
    Neverware is AMAZING. Neil Gaiman is one of the greatest authors of all time.
    Love the advice and another beautiful video. 💜🖤☺️

  9. Thank you so much for this video, Cari! I was able to finish watching your video without skipping the parts. Watching your vlog reminded me that there is more to life than being on social media and that I actually have a lot of time on my hands 💖 I’m curious about what it’s like using Audible. Seeing you enjoy using it gives a very relaxing vibe. I’ll check it out 😊

  10. Congratulations on 100k subscribers!! It’s been a great journey watching you explore and seeing your channel grow the last few years!

  11. the call me by your name vibes i got from the beautiful piece playing in the background of this,,, excellence

  12. i’m usually just a casual watcherwho rarely comments on anyone videos but i just absolutely adored this video so i had to say something. i just spent the weekend on a mountain without any cell service or internet and then finally got home to check my phone today and got to watch this video. it just put my entire weekend trip in perspective. i realized that i really needed that time away from everything and i’m glad you’re helping to remind other people to do the same. ps. the editing of this video was crazy good, the visual and audio filters set the tone and mood so well i felt like i was in a relaxing daydream. thank you💕

  13. This is literally what I needed a friendly reminder to just give myself a social media and electronics break I also live in Korea and the rain has been getting me down but I feel even more down by not doing anything so this is something I will definitely do! Thanks ♥️

  14. Love this video. One of the best of your videos for sure….at least to me
    And I like your guitar, it is very unique, stratocaster type one but p90 ish pickups are installed which is not normal. Like it .

  15. Loved the video. Simple but with such a huge and important message!
    We need to focus on real-life more than on social media! I spend too much time on social media and I was blinded by all the picture-perfect worlds. Now I'm living the "dream" and it's not what I imagined. Not at all.
    But thanks to that I'm now trying to enjoy real life more not depending on social media that much anymore and just try figuring out what's best for me. And it's wonderful.

  16. This video is so amusing to watch and aesthetically pleasing in a way that my eyes were crying of joy not sadness this time 😂, but no seriously it’s a nice video I like how u teached us a important lesson in a way that was calming that made me feel that I’m destressing with u as in the video, because of the sound of ur voice, the view/rain and the details u were pointing out, u make great content keep it up!

  17. I very often find myself in need of taking break from social media not only because it is like a black whole which sometimes sucks you in and you spent so much time scrolling through different posts without gaining something truly essential but also sometimes it makes my life full of this weird sensation of never ending exhaustion and dullness, depending how i feel that break can last from days up to months. At first it is hard to stick up to the no social-media rule because sometimes i don't even notice how i spend hours on social media but because of those hours i automatically develop that need of social media and sub-consciously get accustomed to its active presence in my life , but after a day or two it gets really easy and i develop new ,better habits. Breaks are important , taking time away from certain things can help oneself tremendously to refresh both their body and mind , it also brings back in life lots of colors and generally helps to detox one's life .

  18. And again, i love this video ! So refreshing, so nice to see that you're doing yoga too 🧘‍♀️☺️
    The sound of the rain is so delicate and feels so good to ear ☔
    Thanks to you, it reminds me to not looking at social media when i want to have a moment for myself or with my yobo and to just enjoy life 💗

  19. This was wonderful & I really needed to hear this! Thank you so much Cari – you have inspired me to start my very own social media cleanse today!

  20. Beautiful video. In one other video you talk about this too, and ever since then I've noticed that I get into kind of a bad/melacholic mood when I consume to much social media on one day. Your video helped me realize that, and this video helped remind me of that. Thank you!
    Have a great week! <3

  21. This is probably inspired by " monologue " from the British magazine, reminding me of "monologue tiny documentary" from the title a kind, smooth BGM selection and calm editing to how to voice out narrative… you've done successfully! I like it

  22. This is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL VIDEO. The music and the rainy, dreamy atmosphere was perfect (and yeeessss Neil Gaiman)
    And OMG congratulations on 100k 😭😭 There's no one who deserves it more than you, Cari, honestly. We're all so lucky to have your content 💛

  23. Thank you so much for that video.
    I'm constantly complaining about how little time I have to make "real" activities I love (used to maybe…) like reading, painting, writing stories or going for a walk. Activities that make me slow down and live in the moment. During the academic year I tend to feel overwhelmed by everything I have to do and it's hard for me to organise my time productively but by stepping back I realise that I do actually have quite a lot of free time. I just don't seize it and waste it on social media feeling a constant need to check Instagram or procrastinate for hours on youtube. In the end, that time I spend on social medias is making me feel even more exhausted and even if I know very well that I have to create moments away from them it's always easier to postpone.
    You just reminded me how crucial it is to work on creating those moments of stillness, your video made me feel so peaceful and inspired. I'm grateful that I found it today, it's exactly what I needed. I'll try to do my best and not wait for tomorrow to apply your tips. Thank you from France ✨

  24. I feel like social media can turn toxic sometimes. I don't really pick up my phone so often and some people get mad because I don't reply right away, which I do not understand.
    Personally, I really hate having my phone on me at all times, specially when I'm on vacation or just too busy for my own good.
    As a child I didn't watched much TV bc my mom was always doing something more interesting and she had a big book collection, some of them I couldn't read but the ones I could were to learn English, children's books ofc. Now that I'm older I much rather spend my day reading that using my phone! It's just more pleasing

  25. The frustration when you want to take Cari's advice but your job is literally to manage social media. 😭

    The next Saturday I have that I don't have to work I will definitely take you up on this challenge though! Because when I'm not doing my actual job of managing a company's social media I am working on my own blog and social media platforms. It sometimes feels like I can't escape it if I want to be successful in life. But TBH. I need a freaking break.

  26. This video has the same energy as the opening scene to Kiki’s delivery service where she’s laying in a field listening to her old radio and its So Nice

  27. such an inspiring video! i've been struggling with how much time i spend on social media as well (which is why i actually am here now) and i felt refreshed only by watching you accomplish so many things in one day… oddly enough you gave me such an energy boost! i'm definitely having a detox day tomorrow

  28. I was suppose to check my facebook while watching this video then you asked at the beginning if you can watch this video without checking social media. Whew, I need to get a hold of myself and do a socmed detox

  29. You are genuinely my most favorite YouTuber and this video was fantastic. Thanks for always being there when I need a form of escapism (even if it is social media….you keep me from pointlessly scrolling through IG or any other time waster) 💜

  30. Your soothing voice, the rain, books…you're right, we are doing the same things and making the same excuses. Social media is good, but it's becoming a very toxic place. I loved the video, and please make more contents like this! <3

  31. This video was so inspiring. Today I was thinking about the same thing while looking at my windows, smelling the trees, watching the birds. I love the view I have, but I forget about it every time and then. I took care of my many plants while thinking about the spiral that social media puts you in, and then played with my many cats, hahaha. Then I took a walk in my garden and make some coffee after that. Take care of my hair, nails and skin while listening to music. THEN, I watched your video. Was the perfect grap, for a really calm and gentle day. Was a kind reminder that days like this are a care for oneself, and inspired me to have more days like today. I really like your videos, your constant chill, the day to day life, the exploring. I look at you as a friend that I could easily have (please don't take me like a creep lol).
    Well, thanks for that and for reminding me that talk to me in korean and duolingo exists. My korean have been inproving lots thanks to that, hahaha. I know some sentences in english are strange. I'm not really that fluent, but I hope you understand, and that I can give back the delicate feeling that you gave me with this video.
    Lots of love from Brazil 🙂

  32. Hi! I just found your channel and saw your Dream Concert Performance Experiencie video and you mention a "First VIXX Fansign video" that I can't find in this channel or you probably deleted it, sorry I'm just new and wanted to ask about it. Your channel is amazing and all your experiences are so fantastic and the way you talk about it is so chill and calm that I can get excited without shaking lol. Keep working this hard. Fighting!

  33. “My dad stole one of my Audible credits to listen to a book on Apollo 11” Do all dads do this?? Mine just did hahaha
    Love the voice effect on this!

  34. I love how there is always something different with your editing. It's like you never run out of fresh ideas. 👍

  35. 흔들의자에 앉아서 커피한잔 넓은창 비내리는 오후 침대앉아서 영화보기 너무 부럽부럽 자주자주 올려주세요 한국 이쁘게 찍어주셔서 감사합니다 💕👍🏻

  36. This video was so calm and peaceful and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it <3 thank you! You're videos are so wonderfully done and I will always look forward to watching them! Love you! <3

  37. This was so peaceful and beautiful, reminded me what relaxed actually means.. thank you 🙂

  38. I'm moving to Seoul in September for work! Skipping the bad weather haha. Your channel is very informative, thank you.

  39. I'm moving to Seoul in September for work! Skipping the bad weather haha. Your channel is very informative, thank you. Will definitely look for more of your content 🙂

  40. Claude Debussy YES THANK YOU. I loved this video and all your other ones. The content feels so applicable to what I’m dealing with in life. Thanks again❣️

  41. spending the day without checking my phone is the hardest thing long but i need it i really want to try it out because i like how you spent your day
    such a relaxing video

  42. Made it till the end of this video yayyy proud 😀

    p/s: I get easily distracted on everything but your vlogs is exceptional

  43. I really appreciate these types of videos, especially when the viewer NEEDS a refresh. Thank you for this much needed wholesome content.

  44. thankfully, my phone's battery is totally dead right now. so, I made it! to watch your video with distraction 😉

  45. It’s crazy how easily I just get carried away in my busy everyday life and suddenly I forget how I mean to spend less time on social media and I find myself scrolling… Thanks for the good reminder to focus on the little joys and beauties and not let them pass by as I’m sucked into my phone screen.. I think I need a break like this.

  46. Let's make this every day – the people that matter most are right there in the moment; those you can see right in front of you, shake hands with, or give a hug to. Our lives would be so much more productive and meaningful. Much love <3

  47. I really enjoy your videos Cari, they always make me smile and they help me look for calmer solutions of way to spend time. As an hyperactive and quite angry/full of rage person, I'm very thankful for these little calming gems that we can find on the internet, such as your channel. Thanks for the time you take to share bits of your life with us!

    Hope everyone passing by is having a great day, too. 🙂

  48. um excuse me mademoiselle, one does not simply pick up their phones to check social media while watching your videos. it is against the law.

  49. Just stumbled upon this video and the mix of the taped voice effect, the weather and the tea made it soooo soothing and relaxing!

  50. I needed this reminder to use social media less! But it's a bit hard during the weekdays when it's a part of your full time job :/

  51. I love this video so much because I completely feel the same way about being on social media too much and not doing things I always say I'll do. Thank you for reminding me to take time off and focus on myself, on my own presence.

  52. It always bothers me when YouTubers do sponsored videos because they seem sooooo fake and it shows they've never used the product they're advertising, but when it comes to you, Cari, it never disappoints. I love how you actually use every single thing you sponsor, whether it's a product like Audible or skincare. I always enjoy these kind of contents and I always feel like trying/buying the things you talk about in your videos, it doesn't matter if sponsored or not, because I know you're recommending them from your own experience! Thank you Cari for always being so thoughtful and true to yourself <3

  53. This is very strange but listening to your voice like this made me realise you kind of lowkey sound like Barbie LWHEGFHJDKL

  54. I've said this before, but I'm absolutely in love with your window!! Also this was such a soothing and honestly inspiring video! 💕💕

  55. It's so true sadly. I need to start now ! I have so many things i want to do, i want to see and always keep my head on my phone, sadly. I get a new journal today i'm going to draw, now. Thank you for this video, in open my eyes. (And i didn't skip it 😉

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