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OKAYYYY (Music) Okay, aaa Oh (Spit noises) I just split your bed open! No, no its already bent Hey guys… (hahaha) Hey guys what’s up it’s Hannah. Welcome back to my channel. Today I’m with here with Sydney! And we are going to be doing a trying to recreate like, celebrities Instagram pictures, video? So umm I actually did this video creating Pinterest pictures like last summer like like it’d be really cool to recreate some celebrities pictures because a lot of them are like You know they’re like famous and all Yeah, that’s what we’re gonna be doing today and If you aren’t already subscribed to me and Sydney make sure you do that and our social medias will be down below if you want to follow them and right here, but yeah, it was out further or do, let’s get into it So first, I did this picture from Kylie Jenner It’s just like a really simple mirror picture except for like I don’t know it’s gonna be funny comparing like celebrity lives versus ours. Yeah, yeah, yeah So the first one is this mirror picture by Kylie So, I’m just gonna try and take a mirror picture like her. She’s like got all her hair to this side Maybe… Okay, so she was like trying to look less… Okay, hopefully that’s good. Mines like 10 times more awkward than Kylie’s But you know it works
Um next *giggling* I think this is like a really weird picture. It’s like just a selfie of Kylie and Jordan that we could recreate Yeah
Kinda pff So we have to be like really close though, or, are we gonna take it.
We’ll just take it. Okay. So my hair should be like blowing but it’s like not windy so that’s awkward. That was actually pretty good. Yeah, yeah Yeah.Yah yeet. Yah yeeeet. Then there’s a picture of Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and they’re like walking down the street They have their arms behind each other’s back, and then they’re like holding hands We rotate a little bit Okay, then Madison beer she’s like an amazing singer, and this is just a selfie She has look at neckless in her mouth, so that’ll be too hard to recreate. She’s in the car. Okay. Go me Madison beer Shes like, looking at the camera, and has it her mouth. I’m SO done. (Laughing and giggling) No dude you got it. It’s weird how like a celebrity can do that and look good like anyone else tries And it’s like awkward literally like this is so awkward And then ariana grande of course of her just like inside like on the floor I’m gonna fail so hard like trying to recreate So the picture of ariana she has her hair up so I’m gonna put my hair up, so she had her hair up, and then she’s like okay This is hard. You’re right. Let me see Am I gonna cringe so hard? aaaaaa. Movvvve that arm (Giggles) This arm? Like forward? Like actually wait Bro What? Like this way? Yeah, like that. Okay. Omg like sometimes some of them go really fast and someone to go up And then there’s just one of her laying on the carpet again It’s like kind of like a selfie But I think someone else took it someone definitely took that there so hard because she’s like a jawline and I don’t but like I was like okay Head that way no, no like like just your head like oh, okay, try to like quench your jaw a little bit if you can Okay, and then han- put this hand on your mouth, and I’m gonna do your hair Wait how do I put it? How was that on my mouth? She’s like, in her mouth Like biting her nail kinda, yeah And then it’s Selena Gomez she’s so pretty This is I’m like obsessed with the fetish music video and like the whole theme of it, so. I love it too. Yeah, so this is just a picture of her in her grocery bag, and then put that bag in front of the foot Who is she a little bit that way? Okay, hands behind like your ear Oh great! Actually move the body that way a little bit more and bend your knee up more Yeah, okay, yeah, that’s pretty good Yeahhhh! And then, this is her in this school, like, for her bad liar music video Okay, so we found a lock or Bank, but like these aren’t my lockers so we can’t open them, so we’re just kind of like We’re just gonna go for it… K, we don’t have the picture either but we are just gonna look for something close to it. So, Hopefully this looks close to it. I like the noise the janitors making. Me too. Yes, Selena Gomez come through And then this is like the iconic Selena Gomez photo and She has like a iced coffee in her hand and so we might go to Starbucks and get that and like pin her hair up Okay, so we’re in like this gray like blank. Wall part of my room and Went to Starbucks got some coffee because her coffees like half gone and kind of melted in the photo it was just weird like I paid that much attention to Whatever she has her hair clipped up her makeups like fresh and until she just got it done And then she’s wearing like a white top, but I thought it would be just as good if I wore like a bathrobe okay So her hair’s like just done up super randomly and like pinned and these all these random places. I’m just gonna go for it I’m just gonna start like rolling my hair. Okay, so I like kind of fixed it It’s like still like a rat’s nest, but we’re just gonna go with it. There’s like her then there’s me, okay, wait I’m going to back the camera up and then I think she’s like not like totally against wall She’s like this kind of okay. I’m so particular, and then you’re good This is a lot better. I don’t know what I was thinking Okay Okay, that’s as good as it’s gonna get time to eat and then um I actually have this same outfit as Olivia. oh my gosh I thought it’d be really funny To like put it on and just try to recreate like her exact photo, which is kind of creepy, but like also really fun Okay, Olivia Jade is like so cute, so it’s gonna look horrible And then there’s one of Vanessa Hudgens she just has a face mask on which I thought was kind of random But like I wanted to recreate one of the Nessa Hudgens photos But that’s like so bad compared to hers, but here’s me versus Vanessa, then there’s Peyton lists and just one of her friends I think there’s holding hands walking through the woods. Yeah, it’s actually perfect cuz you’re like a braid in the back of your hair Oh my god. This is perfect And then there’s a mirror picture of a Charlotte I don’t know how you say name is probably really easy to say But I just had like a mirror set up that kind of looks like this, so I thought it would be cool to take a mirror picture with it This is like- this is so extra Okay, that’s really good Okay, Maddie Ziegler, and she is so- wait is that how you say her name ziegler? yeah something like that I can’t I don’t know but she’s like she’s so cute pretty identical So yeah, so those are all the photos. We’ve recreated. I hope you guys enjoyed We also did like a really fun like dares in public video on Sydney’s channel. It was so uncomfortable so It was so awkward Go watch that subscribe to Syd, subscribe to me and follow all of our socials will be down below Oh, yeah i hope you have an amazing rest of your day and i will see you next time

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