Reality of Indian Media | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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Reality of Indian Media | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

100 thoughts on “Reality of Indian Media | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

  1. 0:22 Godi Journalists
    2:24 Real Journalists 
    3:48 Great Firewall of China
    6:23 Next Target is Internet
    8:23 Solution: Tor Browser
    9:01 Solution: VPN

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  2. 1:15 no my dear friend मैं तुम्हे दलाल ओर भड़वा कहता हूँ
    अमिष देवगन मरियादा की सीमा रखो

  3. भारतीय मीडिया अपना गांड मरा के
    बाफ का नाम रौसन कर रहा है

    मैं जिस दिन देश का pm बन गया
    तो सबसे पहले इन चदरमोड मीडिया
    के मुंह में लण्ड डाल के नाक बंद करदूंगा🤥🤥🤥
    पक्का फर फरा जाएगा सब

  4. So indirectly you say
    NDTV, quint, BBC dekho , the wire
    News channel promotion accha hai
    "Mai Dange kerne ke liye, sabko pe utnerne ke nahi bol Rahi hu"
    Iska MATLAB Bata sakte ho
    Ye simple human psychology hai , jab kisi Insaan Ko kisi kaam kerne liye mana Kiya jata hai tau usse kerne ke baare Mai jyda sochta hai

  5. That's not gonna happen i ..agree that media houses are sold but there are dozens of critic openely and with freedom doing their job…..if the govt had intention u won't v been sitting here giving info….many fake news which hurt the sentiment and can lead to lychings riots are circulated on curb that govt wanted that thng from watsup u mentioned…it cell of bjp spread lies but that doesn't cost anyone their life.

  6. Please make video on Ayurved colleges…
    How they are making students fool…by not following rules of CCIM…
    May be CCIM knows everything but it neglects to earn money from such colleges ..CCIM is central council of Indian medicine…..which is very much corrupted…

  7. My opinion is this spam at least Trending #modianews in trending today. All people as a mass can do this so that at least there would be few chance to save Indian

  8. एक app का प्रमोशन करने के लिए एक वीडियो बना डाला । इंडिया के व्हाट्सएप मामलेके तथ्यों को सही रखो । सरकार क्राइम रोकने के लिए की है । क्या तुम ये कहना चाहते हो कि तुम जैसे लोगो के छूट में बाधा न आये इसलिए सरकार क्रिमिनल पर कंट्रोल न करे । तुम्हारी मनमानी से ज्यादा जरूरी देश, समाज और आम नागरिक है ।

  9. श्री मान जी आप अच्छी पत्रकारिता करते ह परन्तु आप हिंदी में अंग्रेजी शब्दों को मिक्स कर देते ह वो गलत ह वो शब्द समझ में नही आते आप चाहे किसी भी भाषा मे बोले परन्तु उसमे दूसरी भाषा के शब्द प्रयोग मत करे

  10. Bhai NDTV ke bare me bhi bolo.. jaha apaka jana hota tha..? Not only news channels.. there many you tubers are baised to one or other political party… kisiko ungli dhikhane se pahale apne yeha zhank ke deko….!

  11. What is your Problem ???. Are you paid by Pakistan … Why don't you go and live in Pakistan and China …if you have so much problem with India and it's leadership.

  12. 😀😀😀😀
    I am seeing all this shows. You are only talking about only those debates on which the issues raised by you. But can you talked on hall bol, talk thoke spl edition, hum to puchenge. No just you dont want to show because you wanted to run you propogenda i.e. Anti Govt. So plz, do your propogenda

  13. For a moment I thought you are recommending something different which will be helpful for people……..but then you are also from the herd of sheeps……selling stuff

  14. हमारे देश की मीडिया जियादा तर बिक चुकी है अंधेर नगरी चौपट राजा

  15. telling other people not do this is same as telling other people not to do this people make clever choice you cannot trust anyone these days not even him bruh where is raja labhish kumar channel ka buisness chalana mehenga kaam hai ndtv pe paise kahan se aare hain sab jhute bas NDTV sach wow !!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Pak aur Hindu
    Ki bate chodkar unity aur development ki bate ki hoti to ajj India bhi agge hota
    Pak karte karte piche reh gaye hum

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