Real Time Social Search Using Social Mention
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Real Time Social Search Using Social Mention

Everyone in today’s video going to be taking a look at social mention a real-time social media search and analysis tool So let’s get started And I like to recommend Social mention because it is super easy to use when you’re finding out information that you need right away There’s no really hunting and pecking What-you-see-Is-what-you-get, so let’s get started looking at social mention So I’ve put in already terrorism as I usually do on most of these social media monitoring tools I always put in terrorism as a default catchphrase and Here’s the result that I got now you can see that. It has a whole bunch of Twitter, and I think that’s Majority of the people that are talking about Terrorism are on Twitter but if you notice it has sources has photobucket of 100 Twitter’s 82 Reddit is 20 topics is 8 and WordPress is 4 so it does have a variety of sources and it picks up and searches the web for terrorism in this case so that is a very simple search and and then by the way that is all I could do blog specifically blogs and It will do a search and it will find the information on that And it’s talking about the hill dot com so it does do that or I could do Microblogs Bookmarks images video or all it also has an advanced search where you can put in all of these words or these exact words Sort of like what Twitter does right? Sources you can select the sources And sort results by date and that type of thing and you can also specify What particular users you want to see from so that’s also good for security and investigation the other thing that social mentioned does is it has the strength sentiment Passion and reach And if you mouse over each one of these they’ll tell you. What exactly it means The strength is the Likelihood that the brand is being discussed in Social Media sentiment is the ratio between mentions that are generally positive and are generally negative and I don’t really get into sentiment that much because It’s almost like a false positive sometimes you could say my face is hurting from laughing so hard but Twitter or in this case social mention will pick up hurting Versus laughing and and either call it neutral or call it negative. So you got to be careful with sentiment passion is the is the amount of repeated measure of Likelihood that individuals talking about your brand doing so Repeatedly and in this case terrorism isn’t so that’s kind of good I think and then the reach is the measure of the range of influence. So that’s a good indicator Especially from a marketing standpoint if you’re looking for things to talk about or share Or coming up with ideas and stuff so that might be a good indicator for you for reach Sentiment. We just talked about and then they also go into the top key words that they also have and The thing I also like is top users now. We are on blogs. So the top users for blogs is newsroom 24/7 pratyacksh and web staff and Mg share And these will change as you change different sources on the right-hand side, you’ll see some other features that Sometimes work with social mention the RSS feed email alert and CSV excel file Sometimes work, but mostly no you can download CSV data so sentiment, top Keywords and top users will be in a CSV file you put that into excel and then you can run your Own macros your email in the formulas to get the data that you want or manipulate it in a way that you want it So social mention is one of the ones that I do recommend. It does have some functionality I think the biggest thing and one that I think this is why I recommend it so many times to a lot of security professionals Is because of the real-time nature of it the real-time search results that you get Now some of the things that you search for won’t be real time because people not a lot of people are talking about in this Case Terrorism the last one was 27 minutes ago For a blog now if I did all I might get some Twitter ones that are a little bit more recent but it is as real-time as you can get so I think that’s one of the That’s the biggest reason why are recommended all the time check out social mention Dot-Com and Let me know what you think thanks for checking out the video I appreciate it if you liked the video give it a thumbs up more importantly post on comments below and let me know if this Is something you’re interested in to know more of and I’ll do more videos like this in the future also This is your first time here Please click the subscribe button to get notified when more videos go up on the channel If you want more information about me, go to larry snow to me, and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Like I mentioned on my Fb timeline when I shared it there, never heard of Social Mention before. It has been nice getting to know your youtube channel. I've learned a lot from paying attention to Ileane's & your videos. This was very well-done & thoroughly enjoyed watching & listening to it.

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