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Reading My Instagram Comments & DMs

– What’s up you guys? As you can see, we have Ray back with us. (Ray laughs) And we’re about to do what we do best. What is that? – [Both] Scroll through Instagram. – He’s gonna react to some of my posts, and then we’re gonna do
what I’ve never done before, go through my DM requests,
read them out loud. This should be interesting. – I’m excited.
– Why am I scared? – Ah! I love DMs. (upbeat music) – Okay, so before we
dive into the pictures, we should actually discuss how much time we spend on Instagram. What’s that thing? Isn’t there like a, how
much time you spend? What is that? How do you see that? – Lana!
– It’s under setting. If you’ve never done this before, I recommend you do it,
it actually tells you how much time you spent
on the phone in general and then it can tell you how much time you spent on the app.
– Mine gives me an update. It tells me, it pops up
on my phone every day. – Really? – You spend–
– Oh you have a notification. – You spent this much
time and I always be like, “Shut up, you don’t know me.” Mine is something ridiculous.
– Damn, I spend more time– – 33–
– Oh my God! Don’t say that to people. – What? – Let’s see you breakdown. – On a daily basis, Ray spends six hours and 37 minutes on
Instagram, and he’s down– – It’s only three more hours than her! – And he’s 21% down from last week. – Oh you actually– – Five hours and 32 minutes per day. – She’s right behind me. – Okay, I’m right behind you, that’s true.
(Ray laughs) So we’re about to dive in and Ray, you’re gonna go through my Instagram and I wanna see what you really think, ’cause he’s not gonna
dis me in my comments, don’t get crazy, but–
– No. But– – But he’ll tell me in real
life what he really thinks. (upbeat music) – So this our first photo. I love it because she never wears her hair like this, first of all, okay? – By the way, behind the
scenes secret of this photo, I actually had an oil treatment in my hair and I didn’t feel like taking
it out or washing it out, because when I don’t do The Real, or I’m not working, I really
do love to try to keep my hair as healthy as possible
and I try to keep my skin as healthy as possible by
not wearing a lot of makeup. – Quick hair tip, if you wanna have your oil treatment and
go run a few errands… – Put it in two buns, it’s super cute, or a top-knot, no one will ever know. So that day, I just put it in two buns and I thought you would’ve been
like, “What are you doing?” You like it!
– No! And your new outfit was sporty. – It was a Fashion Nova neon outfit.
– She never dresses like this. She’s always in a heel
and she’s so like… – Yeah. – I tell her all the
time, she’s always gonna show up in a wedding dress, to any event. – A quinceanera in a gown, to the park. I don’t know if it’s a Latina
thing but it just may be, we like, you know, getting dressed up, getting cute, getting dolled up, putting nice heels on,
doing our hair, lipstick. – It’s always a thing. I like it. – You know those sound cha cha cha follows me everywhere I go! – Okay so next picture
is not even Adrienne. But you all can’t seem
to figure out who it is. And I don’t understand
because this person is on her Instagram quite a few times. – You guys, I posted
this picture of Mariah, she’s one of the faces of our new campaign for XIXI, the jewelry line, and
I used her for the campaign. And you guys, I posted the
pictures of her on my Instagram and these are some of the comments. – “Love your lipstick.” – Yeah, people are like, “You
look amazing in this photo. “What color lipstick are you wearing?” And I’m like, “Word?” It’s not me! Do you guys even look at the photos? Sometimes I really wonder, I’m like “This doesn’t look anything like me.” – Nothing like her. – “Beautiful, your makeup
is always on point. “What lipstick do you have on?” Girl, I don’t have no lipstick on. This is Mariah, this is not me! – This is one of my faves.
– Oh you guys, show them. – So this is Adrienne. – The day after my wedding day. So a lot of people have seen these photos of Israel and I for our wedding, and I did not want to make
my special day about photos. I did not want my wedding day
to be about taking photos, that, to me, would have been so annoying and I wanted to be in the moment and just enjoy my family, my friends. So, although we did have
to get the official photo, which was the Eiffel Tower photo, the next day, was when we
actually took our photos. – There’s a story behind this. – There’s a story right
behind these photos, you have no idea. As beautiful as these photos came out, that was my makeup from the night before. – Oh. – I love my makeup artist Raquel. But he had so much fun on
the night of my wedding that we couldn’t exactly
find him the next day for the photo shoot, so thank
God my skin holds makeup like no other, I don’t know what that is. And Ray looked at me and was like, “Oh damn girl, after a great night, “A great night, you
still look put together.” We literally powdered my face, I touched up my makeup just a little bit. I zhuzhed my makeup.
– I didn’t attend the photo-shoot though. – You didn’t.
– I didn’t attend the photo-shoot.
– No we did it by ourselves. – I was still, I think a little… – Hungover? – Yeah, I don’t wanna say that but yeah. (Ray laughs)
– That part. You wanna hear something crazy? I didn’t drink at my wedding. I wanted to remember every single moment perfect and clear. Now the only thing I did do, I did do, I did do a shot of tequila
right before we went upstairs. – Well. – Well then. – Wouldn’t you? (Ray laughs) So the next one, this one is
one of the best photos to me. – Oh my gosh! – Of her at The Real this for Halloween. We always do such a good job at Halloween. – We do such a–
– It’s… – We killed it when we were Cardi B. (Adrienne imitates Cardi B)
– Oh my Gosh! (Ray laughs) – We was looking like shmoney. And this year, we did… – She was Sally Jessy Raphael. – You were a little concerned. You were like how am I gonna do this? – Yes because Sally is such an iconic figure and she
looks nothing like her. So I was like, how am I
gonna create this hair? But we did it.
– Yes, the wig. – We did it. – You got the color right on point. Actually did you color this wig? – I did not color this wig. I purchased this wig. Then I used one of my
amazing little tricks, we used this stuff called
Root Touch Up by L’Oreal, that’s amazing, and used
that to root the wig and, people were never wiser.
– Put it on me, and you tucked it behind the
ear and we kept it going. – Yes, very true.
– Yeah. – This is one of my favorite photos because she’s just so cute in it. Look at her. – Ray prefers me with
like super natural makeup and he loves this day, ’cause he was like, “Oh, you just look clean and pretty.” – “Sit down and take a picture.” And she did. And that’s how it came out.
– And that was my real hair. He also prefers it when I don’t have,
– No tracks that day. no clip-ins in my hair, just
a natural clean blowout. – [Both] Oh! – Give me my props.
– So, okay. She got all fancy one day and figured out, “I can do my own–”
– Purchased a waver. – “I can do my own hair.” Not really, but it’s okay. She did this–
– Guys, you know I can’t do my own hair. (buzzer buzzes) What’s happening down there? – Again, you held it too long. Adrienne’s not good at this. – But I can do one look on my hair, and it is a wave. So Ray has taught me how
to clip in my clip-ins, and then all I have to
do is use the waver. And it’s like, remember back in the day, if you’re an 80’s baby, you remember how crimpers used to work, just like this? It’s the same concept but it
creates a really dope wave. – Hold on, let me get the
comments really quick. “Gorgeous.” “Dress details please.” You guys are pushy. “Where is this dress from?” Dang. – “Look at that dress.” Nobody was even looking at my hair, everyone was paying
attention to the dress. – Thanks! “Beautiful dress, beautiful dress,” – “So cute, mija.” I love it when you guys
talk to me in Spanish on my Instagram.
– And I don’t know what any of it means, so automatically I take offense.
– He hates it. – I’m automatically offended.
– He’s so offended. That is so rude.
– Because I don’t know what you’re talking about, okay? I tell her everyday, “Teach me Spanish.” She won’t, but it’s okay. Ugh. – Why do you like this photo? – Okay, first of all, such a cute photo. I can’t wait–
– It’s me and Iz, and my niece Beau. – I can’t wait for the day
that she has a child, okay? – You and the whole world. – I am sitting, literally
on pins and needles. Like, OK come on, let’s do it. Can we do it now? Let’s do it now. Tomorrow? Not tomorrow? I’m free, I’ll babysit
– He says they’re pushy! He’s pushy about me having a baby. Literally there are
days when we’re at work and he’s like, “So, where’s the kid? (Ray laugh)
“Where’s my baby? (baby coos)
“Where’s my baby?” I’m trying to find one that
I know you will not like. (Ray laughs)
Okay, so. Ray did not appreciate this photo because when I came home to him all of my clip-in pieces were
hacked and chopped into. Another hairstylist cut–
– I just don’t understand. – How did you feel? – You don’t even like, she
doesn’t even like layers. What, how…
– I know. – It was a cute style, it came out amazing.
– Do you like my turban or are you not a fan of this turban? – I am not a fan of that. (Ray laughs) – Guys I purchased a Gucci cheetah turban. Prepare to see this all summer long. It’s very cheetah-licious. And I did a whole… You didn’t like this whole look? You thought it was all ugly? – No, I just feel… I don’t like the turban. Oh my god, oh my god! Oh, I hate! Oh my, oh my god, I hate! I hate these shoes. – He hates them.
– I hate! You’re not supposed to hate people, but shoe, you can hate shoes. I hate these shoes.
– He hates. Tell them how tall the heel is. – Oh, it’s like… Get off the ground baby,
what are you doing? I hate, I can’t stand anything shorter than, what, 5 inches? Please.
– Yeah, he does not like me in a kitten heel.
– You’re making me spit. (cat yowls) – These were a pair of Badgley
Mischka shoes that I love. And there they are, they’re in navy blue. And he does not appreciate this shoe. Why, do you think my toe looks ugly? – They’re close-toed shoes, it can’t be that your toe looks ugly. They just are ugly. – Ray doesn’t like my shoes.
– Who are you? – Listen! – Martha Stuart before she went to jail? – I’m trying to tell you, it was a look.
– She’s got so much style now. – But she before…
– It was a look! This hair, let’s let it live. (Ray laughs) You know what, I’m not even gonna.. – It’s going to be so bad if I say anything about that one. – Ray is so shady. – I just very honest. I love this picture. What? – Okay, so if I could look a certain way every single day of my life, Ray would prefer my hair in a messy bun, just like this, and barely no makeup on. – No makeup, no makeup. – Everyday I do my makeup on The Real, I literally come in from briefing, and I might just have
foundation and my eyebrows done. What do you say? – Leave it right there,
don’t do anything else. – Now is the moment that we are going to go through my DM’s, which I never do. – I’ve never went through her DM’s. This is gonna be fun.
– Okay, so it’s going to be the requested
one, how do we do that? – Oh, and you can still click on them, and they still won’t
see that you’ve seen it. – Really?
– Yes. – Alright, there you go. – Did I tell you guys
that that’s what I do? That’s not what I do. – He is just clarifying.
– Just saying you can do that. – Okay, read them. Tap, tap. – “You did amazing. “Never let anyone tell you any different.” – She actually said, “any difference,” but I think that’s what
she meant was different. – She should’ve said any different. – Let’s go up to other days. I want to read something crazy. You guys write strange things to me. – No one starts off any of
their DMs with angry faces. “Wow, wow, amazing.” You guys are too positive. Anytime that we’re looking
for positive comments, it’s negative, negative, negative. Then when you want some negative, you get positive, positive, positive. – Okay someone wrote me, “How
do you get the courage to fly? “I am terrified. “What do you do to help with your fear?” I’m going to be very honest with you. I normally have a glass of wine before I get on the
plane to calm my nerves. I do not think that is a wise thing to do. Not medicate yourself with alcohol. – Actually…
– What? – A glass of wine is
fine, because it thins your blood, you won’t get blood clots it will help you keep–
– They actually do say that a glass of wine on the
airplane is good for you because it does help thin your blood and circulation so you
don’t get blood clots. – It’s usually my reasoning
for my third glass. – “Would you ever consider vlogs “every now and then on your channel?” But isn’t that what I’m doing right now? I’m doing a vlog. This is considered a vlog, right? – We’re vlogging. – This is us right now. – [Both] Vlogging. – Someone said, “Honestly,
this was amazing. “I was literally about to cry. “I love you so much. “And seeing you sing your
lungs out was so inspiring “for me to start singing again.” That is amazing. What you don’t know
– She doesn’t understand. – is that I sang the
national anthem for NASCAR and what people don’t know is that it was 103 degrees out there. People were getting taken out on stretchers from passing out. I already had anxiety about singing it. But now I have been standing outside in six inch Pigalles,
Christian Louboutin heels. – My favorite shoe. – The problem is, those are
patent leather shoes, Ray, and the sun was beating on them. My toes were frying in patent leather. I was literally like, “Oh say can you…” And as I’m singing, I’m like, “Do not faint live on television.” I was over here like, “And
the rocket’s red glare!” Like,
(wheezes) I thought I was going to faint. That means a lot to me that
people are congratulating me and showing me love for that. I appreciate that so much. (Adrienne chuckles) Read this out loud. – “Not to steal your shine, girl. “You look good, gorgeous as
always, but Iz was looking good. “Like fit, and healthy, and fresh. “Whatever he’s doing is great. “And I approve.
(bell dings) “Don’t worry–”
– That was a thumbs up emoji. – Oh sorry, thumbs up emoji. – “Don’t worry, I ain’t
coming for your man. (Ray fake laughs)
“I just been noticing.” Wait, what’s the face?
– That is and with a smiley face. These are the kinds of DMs I get. Then, she goes on to tell me, “You need to see an endocrinologist. “Hypothyroidism can also
give you a hoarse voice.” – Mm-mm.
– I didn’t know that. I will see my doctor. – Hmm, well. – Hey, Dr. Geller! I do have hypothyroidism. I don’t know if I’ve
shared this with you guys. I actually have not one,
but two autoimmune diseases. Most people either have Hashimoto’s or they have Graves’ disease. I am a carrier of both. Which, the way my
doctors have explained it to me, my body is like a car. (Adrienne laughs)
– Vroom vroom. (car zooms)
– Vroom vroom. So, my body either has
its foot on the gas pedal or its foot on the brakes. – All the jokes. – Yeah I’m legit, I laugh
about it and it’s funny. But, yes, I will go
see my endocrinologist. Maybe my hoarse voice does
have something to do with that. Alright, let’s move right along. Guys, my fans, I gotta give it you guys. You guys write me the
dopest, nicest comments. And we’re trying to find
something negative or funny. But you guys show me so much
love that it’s hard to find. – This is honestly how
I feel about my DMs. Everything is so encouraging. And I really rarely get any bad things. That one negative comment
makes you laugh sometimes. – Yeah, I feel like if you
do get a negative comment, get with your girl
friend or your guy friend and laugh about it. You can’t take those things
personally, I always say. Sometimes people are like,
“How do you handle that?” Or, “Oh my god, they
were talking about you.” And I look at, me and
Ray look at each other, and we’re like, “That’s
not our real life.” Our real life is with the people that know us and love us. And everything else, you guys
gotta just shake that off. Do not let any of that
negativity to bother you. Be like me and Ray and laugh at it. – Cause it could be worse. – Trust me, it could be a lot worse. I have to ask you, do you love watching
Vlogs like this where Ray and I go through my Instagram read some DM’s talk about your comments Hear the behind the scene stories
of some of these instagram photos. and just hear Ray’s amazing
and hilarious commentary. -My take on things. -Ray’s take on things! that’s the name of this segment. We love you guys! Let us know what you think in the
comments below. and don’t forget to subscribe. From us to you. adios! -All Things Adrienne

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