Welcome back Kops, my name is Kwebbelkop and today, I will be reading my girlfriend’s instagram comments. Let’s see what we got, with this first comment, and fair warning I will have to bleep out a bunch of words because, yeah, I cannot have that my YouTube channel. You Kops asked me to do this, so let’s go jump right into this. So first of all we have this this gorgeous looking picture of Azzy. I actually took this picture for her. She was doing a slime bath challenge video, and she got into the bathtub and Put slime in there, and it was really funny, and then she took this picture And it’s like slime all over her face and stuff and slime in her hands and she’s like “Oh, this is like slime ball!” So that’s pretty much the picture, and let’s let’s read the comments on this picture. Should we, should we blur out the names *Giggles* I don’t know, it’s all public domain Just, just don’t hate on these guys Please. First comment says “That’s how she’s gonna be after a bust a fat nut on her face.” *Giggles* Oh, no. Oh no. Oh no No oh Oh, no oh, no, off to a great start, let’s just say that! Oh my goodness Okay, next comment. “Anyone else wish the green slime was white slime?” Yeah, okay, we’re two comments in and it’s already… Oh my god! It is seven likes! This comment is seven likes too. What? Okay, so yes, I do understand Azzy is a cute girl, but keep in mind if you post these comments, It’s, it’s out there and everybody can read it. Okay? You know if you make these comments to your friends in a private setting and a private conversation. You know go for it, right? That’s what I used to do as a kid. Yeah, you know when it was pretty young. But don’t post it. Don’t post it on like a real picture. Okay? This is this is not good! This is not get down like your mom might see this or you apply for a job in ten years They might see it when your man says he hasn’t busted a nut in three months But you didn’t believe so now you’re in a sticky situation Okay, that’s a funny comment. That’s a funny comment that isn’t necessarily in a it’s it’s pretty inappropriate. Now. It’s pretty it’s a pretty Inappropriate comment, but it’s not something like You know, I wish I wish that was me in the bathtub with you Know what I mean, I mean, this is listen. We’re dating she’s my girlfriend. She’s my future wife, okay? We’re gonna have kids so listen you do not stand a chance have you seen these arm have you seen these arm? You’re gonna you tried to compete There’s nobody who can compete with this body in this cute face Okay, and then these charming looks and these these jokes nobody has better jokes than me okay? just so you know okay, anyways that was enough jealousy reacting to the comments in a Comedic way, let’s check out the next one. This is the unicorn one I didn’t take this picture Azzy took this picture but I was aware that she was gonna take the picture and you know I Think I think azzy is an adult and she can do whatever she wants to do. I’m a good boyfriend I Don’t know how Kwebbelkop lets her put something like this in Instagram Oh like just like I said listen Azzy is an adult. I do not control her She does whatever she wants to do. Okay. She is she’s she’s almost 27 I was gonna say this video might go live on her birthday, but she’s almost 27 I should upload this video on her birthday. Shes almost 27. She can post these these pictures like we You know I have a few rules as long as it’s not nude. It’s okay at the end of the day This is it’s a sexy picture sure I feel like she can do that I mean I feel Azzy can do that in in my opinion of course and at the end of the day I do not Control her. She’s 27. She’s an adult. You can make better choices than I can she should be controlling me I have no clue what what I’m doing most of the time And then I oh this guy replies to that one cuz he’s a scrawny puss who is afraid because he knows She’ll suffocate him with her boobs if he even dares to say anything So this guy is saying that if I would tell azzy hey listen as he you’re not allowed to post pictures like that in Your Instagram she’ll suffocate me in her boobs and then I’ll die because I’m a scrawny pussy, okay Because I’m a scrawny pussy. Yeah. Yep, definitely. That’s the that’s deaf. He knows. He knows. What’s up Yeah, this happens all the time so here. We have a common chain. this uhh person that says dat ass And then somebody else responds saying stop, and if somebody didn’t the person responds again says shut your ass up That’s why you have three followers, and it’s your mom dad and cousin What oh Shut your ass up you have three followers thats your mom dad and your cousin. Oh, that’s not nice. Okay, make sure to blur out this person that he he bullied Because we’re not we don’t want to send hate towards somebody who’s already doesn’t hate it. Oh, okay anyways It’s a pretty funny comment. Just stop the bullying Let’s go to the next comment damn Azzy tell Jordi to take good care of you because if he doesn’t I will Fuck him up. Okay. Well I think that’s a death threat and I’m out of here. See you guys soon as you see Azzy I’m joking of course not listen I take great care of Azzy, Azzy takes great care of me you I love Azzy so much. I’ll do anything for her She’ll do anything for me You know we got a very good relationship very healthy relationship Going, and you know I’m just I’m just so in love and I only hit her on Saturdays I’m joking I’m joking that was a joke. plus i love burping, so here’s another picture uhh, this one was taken in Greece azzy on her phone I was there when she took the picture because she took me on a holiday to Greece azzy took me and holiday to Greece yes, I didn’t take her on a holiday she took me on holiday for my birthday uhh i Thought it was a great picture very sexy picture most of the time I help her like she asks me on her thing like oh, you like this, or do you like that one? and im like oh i like this one i like this one so, I see like 95 percent of the pictures she uploads on her Instagram here We got the comments don’t be scared to open that rope and fuck me oh boy Listen she has a boyfriend. Okay. You gotta respect that she aint gonna open a rope for you little shit Why would she noone else will why would she, noone else will? Cuz my dick is taller than kweebelkops height Okay listen I’m six foot one if you’re walking around with a six foot one dick then you should probably go see a doctor Yeah, that’s not. at that point. It’s not cool anymore at that point. It’s like listen You are morbidly like your your sizes. It’s just huge. It’s a it’s not good You should definitely see a doctor while you’re at it drop by Guinness World Records You’ll get a nice little like award you can put on the wall and show your parents Yeah, also you must have gotten that one from your , from your dad, so I feel I feel very bad for your mom Anyways genetics. Here’s another picture, and we took this one in Spain on the Canary Islands It’s azzy posing in her bikini, and I saw this bush And it was like oh my god azzy that would look so good for a picture And azzy was like sure let’s take a picture so I took out her phone I took this picture for everybody wondering it’s also one of her most liked umm Instagram pictures And I take full credit for that we because I’m the best photographer in the world um Anyways, just kidding. I could eat that booty like a buffet all day I could start like in breakfast putting some peanut butter. It’s it’s so so creepy How there’s like dot dot dot every time I can eat that booty like a buffet all day… I could start like …. putting some…. Peanut butter and sliced banana … Kinda…. In the afternoon put some crispy nugget with barbecue then in the night could be a Surprise. Yeah. Yeah, winky face hahah These comments this one is by far the creepiest I’ve seen so far the guys like coming out the whole story How you know it’s like a buffet, and he’s gonna have barbecue Sauce and peanut butter and sliced banana like what the hell where the sliced banana that just not sexy man come on come on guys Don’t look on the outside Look at the inside, and then we have a reply to that I look at the inside, of her panties Okay, I mean like I fell in love with azzy because you know because she’s just such a such a funny person and We get a well so long and we get well so we get along so well That’s what I meant to say you see and they stumble upon my words when I think about her It’s just crazy and obviously azzys a gorgeous-looking girl, but if you’re in a relationship You know that looks really aren’t everything. It’s about it’s about the inside I should say inside right here, and the outside is just a lil Add in Let’s a let’s let’s continue rating these amazing comments,send noods We got a comment from one of Azzys fans. Probably defending her you are like 10 you can’t say that but to be honest adults can’t either and he responds saying 11 bitch……. oh boy It’s like calling somebody out for being like 12, and he goes well. I’m actually twelve and a half Mm-hmm, so joke’s on you bitch. I love azzy1233 says It’s sexy, but please just some nipple. Lul just kidding, but it’s pretty but then again You look like a porn star Sorry, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m dating a porn star apparently listen azzy she’s just good-looking guys Can we just you can say oh you look so great. That’s totally fine to say those things but don’t don’t say stuff about nipples and porn stars like you can’t say that cannot say that to a girl and assume You know she’s gonna appreciate you and like you that’s it’s not how the game works If you’re trying to hit on a girl you should be polite you should be nice You should be a gentleman but not too much of a gentleman Just a little bit right like still split the bill 50/50. I mean equality am i right guys yes Feminism whoa, we’re equals um Anyways, we got another picture this one’s in Amsterdam in her jacuzzi on the balcony I think azzy took this picture herself. She did take it with a big camera Cuz that’s I just know that I just know those little things and she’s in her bikini on the balcony in the jacuzzi Totally fine totally acceptable you know people wear bikinis when they go into jacuzzis Some people don’t which is even worse and some people wear all their clothes which is disgusting Let’s read the comments my hands going up and down and it ain’t washing the dishes Yeah, yeah, yeah, you did you just said that you are doing that too much information Don’t say that on an Instagram comment either It’s not sexy or whatever like you’re not you don’t stand a chance saying those things. It’s just creepy It’s just creepy like some of your friends are gonna read this and be like what the hell. I know this dude. It’s such a creepy Let’s do this Now has a true meaning. I understand what he’s saying. It’s a pretty funny one I have to say two likes this definitely deserves two and a half likes Definitely let’s do this. Let’s do azzy okay. Yep. I get what you’re saying there boy, haha Azzy post more of these so we can train our right hand another funny one, but it’s a little bit Too creepy mister it’s a little bit too creepy. How does Geordie withstand the pressure of not being able to? Grope them melons, okay, I guess you’ll understand that once you’re an adult Yeah, I think that’s all I can say just grow up a little bit And maybe then you’ll understand learn to respect women and then you might understand Anyways, let’s go to the next one this picture. Also really quick disclaimer. There’s so many nice comments, too There’s so many nice comments, but they don’t make it in this video because they’re not funny okay anyways I totally push everybody but please please nice comments only okay the nice comments We’ve seen those But we decided only to pick the worst the worst kops so we got this picture and this this picture was taken From azzy before I met azzy She did some cat cosplay as you can see you that the tail here and the ears there And she’s wearing like headphones, and you know her She’s wearing a bra in my opinion a bra and a bikini are very similar And it’s it’s a little little sexy outfit of course so and and then the caption is come paint on my face Looking for a makeup artist to collab with on Halloween in Halloween video Do you know anybody comment slash tag them below It would either be for last minute today in or like tomorrow Whatever, it’s a it’s it’s a Halloween picture a picture For Halloween and azzy wants when some makeup artists and turned out to become a great video by the way Which resulted from this Instagram post? You have this little boy saying paint your face in the hood that means a bust nut on your face So I’m ready sometimes after reading one of these comments. I just need to have a little break drink my orange juice Ask myself am I doing the right thing in life am I on the right path in life should I have stayed in school? Nah onto the next comment. I’m sure Jordi already paints on your face if you know what I mean Now it’s just getting awkward It’s so creepy though to think that all these guys Are they’re not even guys their kids kids are saying these things so inappropriate And they know that me and azzy are dating which makes it even more inappropriate. Okay, we got one more kops we got one more the final one for this video. I’ll paint more than your face I’ll paint your house your garage your walls your doors. I’ll even water your garden. That’s romantic But it’s also really really Creepy yeah, yeah, that’s creepy. I’ll paint more than your face. I’ll paint your house your garage That’s like horrible horrible pick-up line anyway kops Thank you so much for watching this video. If you want me to react to more of Azzys comments Maybe on her YouTube channel ahh let me know Post it in the comment section below and drop a like once again that I don’t want to send any hate to anybody in this Please do not go and hate on them Please do respect your female Instagram posters or anybody else in that manner respect women respect men split the bill 50/50 because feminism is real and equality is real That’s what everybody wants right but do open the door for the girl just a nice thing because doors can be heavy Damn it is that sexist anyways bye bye

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