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my walls look really really bare without Kate Upton on them I pull them back out and put them on the walls but we’re going to be moving in like two months probably so there’s really no point but anyway guys today we’re going to be reading my brother’s Instagram comments i read my sister’s Instagram comments while ago and a lot of you guys liked that video so, figured I would do the same thing with my brothers just because it’s only fair Yeah whenever I read my sisters Instagram comments she had 10k and my brother has 60k and my sister has like hundred something now before I could end this video yes my brother’s gay I don’t know how obvious it is a lot of guys probably already know this but it’s still commented on like every single one of my videos I ever posted is your brother really gay? your brother gay so I can only imagine what’s on his Instagram but we’re gonna go check it right now so this is the first picture we looking at here this is like his lipstick stuff that he bought because you just watches that’s like what he’s into so can I should do that Tanner should do that cause its clickbait I was gonna go ask him but he’s sleeping so I never read any of these comments this is like my first time and so many of them just say you’re gay you’re gay you’re gay you’re gay or you only have followers because of tanner which I would just be so annoyed at both of those but I know Tristan doesn’t really care and there’s also a lot of nice people being like I love you or I’m proud or slay, god I hate that word nasty queer let’s check out his page okay real quick scroll down huh what do we have here mm I think he made his own caption and my brothers comments literally everyone that says hate stuff is private so i can make fun of them really sucks bro this girl is like 10 years old look at her what the frick alright that’s enough fun with that picture we’re gonna go ahead and move on to another 1i first of all Tristan do not walk on that wood it’s actually decaying really badly we need to take out those bottom board so that the foam would fit in there and I just wouldn’t want you to fall especially in those high heels so I just take it easy man take it easy man and that’s when Drake and Josh what is this all those comments should be saying that ass now people are gonna think I’m getting it you know why I’m not I’m not okay see those jeans fit you good you see what I was talking about WTF don’t stand like that man but wait in this video on his profile he looks like he’s standing about the same this kid might be hiding something but you know I’m not one to judge he’s gay what a game mofo every single kid that comments gay literally does gay poses like they’re all doing like slay i’m not even sure if i went to my brother’s instagram i could find a picture of him doing like the same thing dirty fagbag it’s so funny seeing the people to just comment gay and then there’s other people like this like there’s been so much time doing I don’t get it right now we’re onto his most recent picture here it is you effing faggot tanner is good i don’t recall him ever saying that I wasn’t good thought nevermind i just went on his Instagram and what I was gonna say something mean but he’s huge this guy couldn’t decide if you wanted to be nice or mean so we put slay but gay I don’t know any straight guys that use the word slay so i’m pretty sure he’s getting pretty sure everyone is gay and his comments okay i love you but hey no homo you spelled hey like that and those two emojis no homo so I it would be so annoying to have these comments nice vid tan man hashtag flipping God when the picture literally has zero correlation with that comment thank you i mean yeah i was probably good video I guess this guy really wanted everyone to know what that’s like so much time out of your day stop saying he’s gay because he knows he’s gay he chose to be gay that was actually a tongue twister to say but i’m pretty sure Tristan didn’t choose to be gay I think he’s always been gay and literally half of these comments are people that follow him so they follow him just the comment this stuff I guess it’s just like people who subscribe to dislike videos but I thank you for subscribing how being gay is fine but he takes it too far they’re like different levels of gay? maybe maybe i’m at the bottom maybe I’m just a little gay i’m kidding he might be gay but he’s happy so don’t bring him down get it gay means happy like well guys I guess that’s all the Instagram comments i’m going to read for today because it’s not really that fun it was way more fun reading my sisters and I would read Tristan’s dms but I just really don’t want to but if there’s one thing to say it’s just worry about yourself you know that whoever it is be whoever they are because you’re literally taking time out of your day to bring someone else down when it really just you’re just wasting your time like what’s the point of fighting like you might as well love everyone because it’s just gonna make you a better person so except for Hitler you can hate him Rose? Ro-ose? hey gay boy get out of my room get but yeah gay people are awesome and my dogs gay. she told me right mom? isn’t rose gay? was gay I thought she was well it doesn’t matter anymore because we got her a woman parts removed but yeah guys that is basically over this video I hope you guys enjoyed it my first video in a little while just sitting down at the desk it’s kinda nice and thank you guys so much everyone starts at the end and don’t forget to like and share the friends you enjoyed subscribe to new and i’ll see you guys in the next one peace out. IT AIN’T MY FAULT!!! It ain’t my you came in looking like that you just made me trip fall and land on your lap! Tanner Is AWESOME!!!!!!


  1. Well you blew it i have come down from the mdma i took and im not intrested in you flying me first class paying for my ushaual 20 5 dollar rum and cokes to take the edge off then having a limo with a full bar to chauffeur me back to your house but the Ecstasy would have definitely been on me and I was only going to ask for $10,000 for my pocket money and another $5,000 for my other pocket money and then of course $5,000 wallet money but really you'd get 10,000 back as other pocket money and wallet money is usually not spent unless an emergency happens so you only would have been out the $10,000 pocket money but you're rich so that's nothing for you that's literally like taking a penny from somebody who has 100,000 pennies but instead of doing MDMA and hugging each other for three to four hours you should be the first person to donate to my charity what I do is I go around to rich people and ask them for money you see I have a lot of time on my hands where I'm not doing much and rich people have a lot of money so it's the rich give me money I can give my time helping people that are in need of course an organization is 100% non-profit I actually lose money running this business so instead of taking MDMA and hugging for 3 hours you can just donate some money to my charity seeing as how you're rich we all got to pitch in together in order to help people that need help so I made it only makes sense I literally have an unlimited amount of free time and you literally have an unlimited amount of money so you can give me your money and I can spend it using my free time well hope people with it really but it's so kind of fun throwing around lots of money but yeah so message me let me know what's up and if you really want to we can still hug for a couple hours but it would probably be pretty awkward probably extremely awkward it's amazing how much it chemical can make you want to hug somebody anybody 4 hours I mean I have to settle with petting my cat for 30 minutes to an hour don't get me wrong I love my cat buttons is his name he was my sister's cat and adopted him when my sister committed suicide a year year-and-a-half back and the cat definitely reminds me of my sister and insisted on taking her cat as I know she loved him more than anything she loved him so much she would have Ben sad if nobody wanted him I mean I wanted the cat and wanted the cat badly buttons was severely depressed and was even traumatized by her suicide as he was trapped in the room she took her life in and whenever I go into the bathroom he freaks out so it's meowing scratching the door trying to get your attention getting his paws under the door and you could definitely tell he was depressed he's doing great now and is my new best friend he loves me and he loves my dad who I'm living with wakes us up every morning meowing and swiping at things with his paws from under the door but yeah in fact the picture displayed on my YouTube page was actually my sister Olivia who would be 30 if alive she was born 1988 August 9th me max penrose was born August 1990 im 28 im using her phone as i droped mine fucking it over completely now um ya this is what fags would call story fucking time hoe pimping them hoes slaping them hoes shit when i was on the street on heroin i saw and even knew freinds normal ungay strait fuckers actually had 3 good freinds that ended up selling themselves to actually suck some old fat gay dude's dick all of them saying they wouldnt even consider prostitution one of my friends was so embarrassed and ashamed he couldn't look at me straight in the face and stop talking to me after happen he actually was it dick and through needles all over the street you know somthing that is just uncool so tharfor the cops wouldn't let him fly a sighn like we normally did and made good money doin it this was wen i was o mabie 18 19 i had an rv that i was living in with a couple freinds at that time you could exspect to make on average $100 per hour if you want the best day out of the whole year one day where the most money is made that day is the day before Christmas I would literally let make $2500 to $5000 per hour and have made at best $14,000 in 2 hours so i guess $7000 an hour it was grate i got evryone in my famly bomb ass gifts spending the most on my lil bro spent $5000 on him then got my dad a new roof or a resurfacing wich cost 2500 then got my ma a 1.5kt single dimond 22k gold ring with a single 1.5kt like super fucking duper like strait up rich person dimond like graded as really nice super fucking duper flawless shut the fuck up my diamond is of a higher grade than your shit mines super fucking duper you cant get any better than that but anyway i still was able to get myself a $2500 quarter pound of coal or heroin i cant remember exsacly it was cut with fentanyl to so if you were bad this year you got coal that was cut with 3-methyohmlfentanyle somthin somthin some odd analog that ened up having 6000 times the strength of morphine the guy who mixed it up thought he was dealing with furanyl-Fentanyl just to mention is about 50-100 times stronger than morphine and did the math to have about 20mg furanyl Fentanyl per gram of heroin wich is already considered a hot batch but was puting what was equal to furanyl Fentanyl strength of 100x stronger than morphine and was equal to about 1 gram or 1000mg per gram of heroin i had 112 grams wich would be equal to having 112 grams of furanyl Fentanyl wich is equal to about a little over a kilo of diacetylmorphine otherwise known more commonly as heroin luckily i always test my product and always purify it usually by just carrying out a recrystallization which creates the purest product as crystals are considered one of the best ways to make any High purity chemicals most of the time I do one recrystallization sometimes 2 and have done up to 4 so yeah thankfully instead of dying I got lucky and tested it before well testing it on myself I definitely would have overdosed if i only did 100mg my normal amount i would of been equal to doing 120mg of furanyl-Fentanyl which if you were curious how much morphine that would be equal to it would be 12,000mg of morphine on low end and 24,000mg high end so to be on the safe side that would be 18,000mg of morphine or 18 grams so just taking my normal 100 mg tenth of a gram dose would expose me to what would be equal to 18 Grams of morphine which would be certain death for anyone consuming it or if I was taking heroin i would be taking about what equal to a 10 gram dose of heroin which undoubtably would kill anybody that has consumed such a dose but so this really made my day this ended up lasting me a good chunk of the year and making my money back and then some Plus supporting my habit for a good four months the guy I got it from apologized and actually gave me a properly mixed replacement for free said I could keep the other one assured me that nothing like this would happen again and happened because he was relying on others to provide the correct chemical received the company that sent him the furanyl-Fentanyl ended up filling it with 3-methylfentanyl instead which is 60 to 120 times stronger than furanyl-Fentanyl basically meaning i was geting equal to not including the heroin per gram of products was equal to 2000mg or 2 grams that was equal to 200 grams of morphine or 100 grams of heroin in what usually I would take as a dose 100 mg or a tenth of a gram is equal to taking 20 grams of morphine or like taking 10 grams of heroin in one dose intravenously obviously there would be fatal consequences really this was extremely dangerous a mistake that could have killed hundreds maybe even thousands of people if it wasn't tested and figured out what was wrong before anyone ended up overdosing and dying product has been getting more and more pure with every order and has at its worst and wasnt bad at all 95.5% pure last kilo I ordered tested at a purity of 99.8% and with recrystallization I managed to get it to about 99.98% purity which is good enough and in a lot of cases better then legitimate drug companies so that's cool the precision of products being measured and mixed is spot-on which is very important especially with Fentanyl analogs has there extremely potent and any error whatsoever could cause a fail overdose are dozens hundreds even thousands like when I had 3-methylfentanyl in a bag that claimed it was furanyl-Fentanyl this bag could kill thousands easily this may seem like not a big deal but it is such a big deal and is somewhat backed up by the seller apologizing and providing a correctly mixed kilo at no charge and actually started begging me to not loose the trust we had i mean 1 gram of the heroin that was cut with 3-methyl fentanyl instead of furanyl-fentanyl what is equal to 2.5 grams of furanyl-Fentanyl wich equates to 250grams of morphine or 125grams of heroin if you did a standard dose 100mg youd be equal to taking 25 grams or morphine and or being equal to 12.5 grams of heroin in one dose one word fatal

  2. Why the hell am I posting all this shitt about opiates and receiving an extremely hot batch of fentanyl laced heroin I mean these kids are so far from the opiate scene it's not even funny and if it wasn't for the Boo Boo's they've gotten doing flips then they would have never had an experience with opiates and I'm all on here rambling on an on about how hot one of my batches was how deadly it was I've had worse happen and you might ask what the hell was worse then the story you just told us how about receiving a kilo of %99.98 pure carfentanil being 10,000 times the strength of morphine it's so potent that it has been used to make fentanyl grenades which overdose everybody in the room now I didn't get a kilo of pure carfentanil I got a kilo of my normal heroin cut with 3-methyl Fentanyl and ask me if I would like a samples of one of the chemicals off a list I got a sample of a benzodiazepine that is water soluble therefore not having to have 10% alcohol solution with 40% propylene glycol and 50% water to be able to dissolve or make injectable benzodiazepines Solutions I forgot the name but damn I need the name okay I looked it up midazolam one of well one I think I'm pretty sure it's the only water soluble benzodiazepines the reason I was interested in this is cutting my fentanyl laced heroin with a benzodiazepine which I can only use midazolam for that purpose as most people are going to use water therefore my product will have greater qualities will be stronger and yeah heroin cut with 3-methylfentanyl cut with midazolam it's going to be known as some legendary shit obviusly only for my smartest cistomers I need percent of my customers I wouldn't trust with pure Heroin and 3-methylfentanyl I'm with pure Irwin and three muscle fentanyl for the majority of the people who buy shit from me about 90% to 95% of my sales are at a purity of about 10% d. E last longer not a solution of 10% alcohol 40% propylene glycol and 50% water

  3. Holy shit your brother is gay I had no clue I mean really he's really gay I always thought you were the one that was gay I thought you've come out several times on video

  4. Your brother straight you're the one that's Evan gay issues didn't you just come out is gay like a couple videos ago I don't understand you admit to being gay then you go back into the closet and blame it on your brother then you come out again and then go back in the closet again I need to give you a workout okay now come out again okay breathe and back into the closet and come out of the closet yet now back in come out go back in in out in out In-N-Out in and out in and out in ahhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggg coming into your mouth causing you to choke just a small amount I was up protein packed Liquid Gold as far as genetic material I want to find a nice bus school bus a nice one with low miles and being newer looking for a bus from around 20000 to $30,000 I want a full size School Bus there is a possibility of going for an older bus due to my love of the 7.3 L International V8 Diesel used in a large number of buses that are a little bit older yes they're older but are actually better than the newer ones more than you would think because of all the pollution control the sometimes $15,000 in filters that ruin your diesel engine infact thats why caterpillar stoped producing on-road diesels because they could not get the reliability that was wanted and fuel mileage that was wanted they couldn't make them for an affordable price new to the extremely expensive systems to filter burn off or catalyzed not only do they make newer diesels more expensive to buy initially they're also more expensive to maintain they have less power they get less gas mileage and are not as reliable after paying all of this money to have your truck make less power to have lower gas mileage to make your truck a lot more expensive when new and lots more expensive to maintain and causing your truck to be maintained more frequently you're paying somebody anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 for your diesel exhaust system that is included in the cost of a new vehicle now you think by paying that much money for something you would get many benefits but in reality you receive no benefits whatsoever in fact you're paying them an extra 10 to $20,000 to make your truck less reliable to make your truck yet less gas mileage to make your truck more expensive to buy new and it's more expensive to do maintenance and requires a lot more maintenance than a diesel engine without exhaust filters you're basically paying $15,000 for a big soot filter at clogs up and restricts here exhaust that basically ends up ruining your engine but you'll get most of the horrible side effects right away like lower gas mileage higher cost to purchase vehicle initially Ira mounts of maintenance required on the vehicle higher prices for that maintenance special maintenance to maintain that big $15,000 filter how are they clean gas is dumped into them burning off the deposits other manufacturers use electric powered Heating units to burn off the soot electrically all of the designs suck really bad they suck money they suck gas they suck miles your truck is going to last they suck everything that's good so if you have a choice I would choose to remove the filter and would not drive a diesel a single day with these filters you're basically paying 15 grand for them to put a giant filter that ruins your diesel engine thank you auto makers for caring about the environment nothing else matters only thing that matters is the environment who cares if everyone's engine who cares if every redeuces the life of an engine who cares if it makes the engine less efficient who cares if it dumps shitloads of fuel to burn off other unburned fuel who cares if it makes the price of a diesel truck not just a little more expensive but a lot more expensive who cares if the filter that's on these trucks cost $10000 to $20,000 the price of a brand new diesel engine who cares that if your truck has one of these filters at lowers the value of your truck who cares if they don't work worth a shit who cares that the only thing that removes from diesel exhaust smoke is particulate matter and who cares that 99.999% of that particulate matter just falls to the ground anyway oh and don't mention that this particulate matter has pretty much 0% affect on greenhouse gases oh and don't tell anybody that the resources and products used to manufacture and the filters that are going to be scrapped are going to cause many many many many times the pollution the whole truck will give out over its Whole Life Time without a filter so yeah make sure they don't know that just manufacturing these pieces of junk causes about 20 timed the pollution of what the truck itself is going to release over a 500000 mile lifetime oh make sure to say nothing about not being able to make it to 500,000 miles try reducing that number to 300 thousand miles that's about how many working miles is going to be reduce from your engine oh so let me add this up just producing the filters cos 20 times the amount of pollution the truck would make through a 500,000 mile life if you leave this filter on only expect to get 300,000 miles out of your truck after doing some math that releases about another 20 * the pollution that's going to be created having to junk these trucks I just 300000 miles versus 500,000 oh wait so these filters have no benefits whatsoever and I have so many more problems than you thought they caused these things are so stupid and the messed up part is the law requires you to have them it is stupidest thing ever

  5. People don't be mean to gay people. I'm bi and no at my school has a problem with it. Don't bully me. I have depression, processing issues. So I don't want to be more depressed.

  6. Who else is watching this in 2019

    I love your videos tanner I’m watching this because I love every single one of your posts

    Keep up the marvelous work tanner braungardt thank you for the inspiration you are the complete reason I started YouTube thank you so much tanner

  7. Tristin is a girl 🙍🏻‍♀️👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦girl girl girl

  8. Tanner Make a video of telling people of people being gay if they gay and they put it on Snapchat Instagram and you follow them and you make with comments don’t make recommence go to different people and be quiet don’t tell people that they’re shit or there a pile of if you tell people that they gay then you’re just saying you’re gay because you’re telling people you’re gay

  9. Every one pause the really good video right now and screen shot the comment at 3:05 and send it to all your worst enemy and tanner sent to all your motherfucking teachers

  10. I am homo phobic but I love your videos tanner trying to watch them all if someone’s gay y do you care so much that’s there choice not yours so

  11. {♡}☆@ I hate quitting and Tanner you are gay I'm joking not really but that's what I think but you are awesome and I scrub to you and I've been watching you for one year and I love you and I like that what you post in so well thank you for well doing all the you taught me how to do a little backwood kind of thank you Tanner braungardt I think and

  12. Tristan the most important thing is that you are happy with yourself screw everybody. Tanner very nice to support your brother Quintin you are beautiful

  13. I don't think its any one's business if your gay, straight or other. With me I have a cousin that transitioned (don't know the right word to use) from a Male into Female. I am happy for My cousin. As long as She's Happy that's all that matter's.

  14. Who gives a crap if he’s gay it doesn’t make you a better person to insult someone by saying he’s gay or a fag and btw you don’t choose to be gay your just born gay btw to who ever said mean stuff about Tristan how would you feel if you were in that position being called a fag or something I mean you may think your cool but your just Asshole’s

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