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Tyler: Do y’all know Jake Paul? Mamrie/Hannah: Yes. Grace: Uh, we’re rolling. *laughter* *bouncing noise* Grace: Hi guys, my name is Grace Helbig. If you did not know, now you know. Your life is different now. Tyler: Ah, ah, ah Grace: Oh my God. Grace: I’m here with Hannah… *generic applause insert* and Tyler… *generic kid ‘ahhh’ noises* and Mamrie. *generic male audience laughter* Grace: And this is a fun video that I’ve already done with Hannah and Mamrie but Tyler, it’s your turn. Tyler: I love to have fun. Grace: We are going- *laughter* Hannah: Convincing… Grace: Diane has helped me go back in time to some of your first Instagram posts that the four of us are going to look through right now and just do a general review. Tyler: Okay. Grace: Cause that’s what friends do Tyler: That sounds fun Grace: Yeah, let’s look back at some of Tyler’s first Instagram posts all together, shall we? Hannah: Woo! Grace: We are starting out on July 18, 2012. What is this? Tyler: So you can buy, in the Yearbook – I was the yearbook editor-in-chief Tyler: And, in the yearbook your parents can buy you an ad. Grace: Uh huh. Tyler: And it says like a congrats, on gradulation… graduation. Grace: Yeah Grace: Let’s talk about the photo. Hannah: Can we ask about the expression? *Laughter* Tyler: Can I tell you something about this? Mamrie: You – I would love to know everything about it sir. Tyler: For my senior pictures, I had two days of shoots Mamrie: TWO DAYS?? Hannah: Two days and this is the pic? Tyler: One day with long hair, one day after a haircut. This is after haircut Mamrie: I think I’ve seen the shaggy doo. Tyler: The shaggy doo? Not the shaggy doo! Grace: The cousin of Scooby Doo. Hannah: Was it a shaggy don’t? Tyler: He betta shaggy don’t. Mamrie: So did most people do two days of filming or you specifically wanted both looks to choose from? Tyler: I wanted both looks with multiple outfits and then for one hour of each day I brought my dog. Hannah: Were you always… *laughter* Grace: Oh my god! Tyler: And look at the results. Tyler: I look handsome, stunning, svelte. Mamrie: Did you have any leaned up against barns and/or train tracks? Tyler: I 100% had one against a pillar. Grace: So we have…this is “opened the shower curtain this morning and found this,” April 6, 2012. Grace: We have Herbal Essences, some Suave, Petrol and a Bud Lite. Mamrie: I’m a big fan and advocate of shower beer. Tyler: Now I… Hannah: Shower beer? Grace: I thought this was a Mamrie Instagram. Mamrie: Yes! An ice cold beer in a hot shower is one of life’s tiny pleasures. Tyler: I’ve moved on to a lime La Croix in the shower. Mamrie: Well that’s very grown up of you. Tyler: Oh, thank you. Grace: I like that Jen CK Roberts just said “NOT SUAVE!” Tyler: Oh my God, a hater! Hannah: What, are you thirsty in the shower? Tyler: It’s like a pre game. So you’re getting ready to go out with the girls… Grace: It’s the best Mamrie: So like the music’s playing Hannah: Really? Grace: Yeah, have you never done this? Hannah: No! Mamrie: Like everyone’s getting ready. You hear the music Mamrie: You’re like I don’t want to miss out on anything! I’ll be drinking in the shower too! Tyler: Just us? Just us. Hannah: How many people are in the shower?? Grace: Ok, uhm.. Tyler: Awwwww. Grace: Look at this fetus… Tyler: I look so drunk Grace: Baby. It says “this is what happens within 5 minutes of unveiling my world famous guacamole at a party” Tyler: My world famous! Tyler: I look like an actual baby. Hannah: You do. Mamrie: You look like you’re so proud. Hannah: What makes your guacamole so world famous? Tyler: Um, the love. *Diane laughs off screen* *Laughter* Grace: Diane laughed!! *more laughter* Tyler: I had just shaved my head for the five-year anniversary of Britney shaving her head. Grace: That’s why you did that? Tyler: Yeah Hannah: Jesus. Grace: Wow Tyler: It’s called love. All: WOAH Grace: This is March All: T – G – I – F Grace: Woah phonetically spelled out. Tyler: This is Q bar. I know exactly where I was. Hannah: Who was that? Tyler: Who is she? Mamrie: Who is she? Tyler: I don’t know her. Grace: That’s Hannah. Tyler: That’s not Hannah! Mamrie: Is her shirt a tiny chicken dressed as a pirate? Tyler: it is Hannah! Grace: Someone said please do a “looking at old Instagram” video. Tyler: Fine! Tyler: We got, xoxo12 Hannah: So really you were just stalking Tyler’s Insta and that’s how you got your concept. Grace: Big time. *All gasp* Hannah: Aw, simultaneously classy and trashy! Tyler: Is this cater waiter night? Tyler/Hannah: This is CATER WAITER NIGHT! Grace: This was at Playlist in 2013…you got so held up trying to get to Playlist that you didn’t get there till like midnight or something crazy. Mamrie: I was still being cheap as f*ck, and I was like you know what I will take the bus with everyone from the airport and we had to wait two and a half hours before they took us to the hotel, so I got loaded. I was like, “Do you have any booze?” They go: “We have like ten room temp beers.” I was like, “Mine, mine, mine! Dibs!” Tyler: There was a moment you ordered food- Grace: And Dan and Phil were in the room, and Dan and Phil had never met Mamrie before. Grace: and Mamrie came in, like, in perfect Mamrie form- Mamrie: So I took the cloche off the top of the… Tyler: Not the cloche! Mamrie: The cloche Hannah: What’s a cloche? Mamrie: Excuse me Food Network, it’s what- it closes… *laughing gasps* …room service Mamrie: Put it on my head, put my ponytail through the hole and sang some songs for everyone. Hannah: And what was that song? All: *sings* Daddy was a cater waiter, didn’t know what to do, so he put his little girl in the industry too. Mamrie: *sings* Daddy was a cater waiter, didn’t know what to do, so he put his little girl in the indust- Grace: So Dan and Phil were just mesmerised by the unicorn that- Mamrie: They were like, “What is she?!” Grace: Here’s our last Instagram photo. It is…tadaa Hannah/Tyler/Mamrie: Awwwwww Grace: Ew. *laughter* Hannah: It’s cute! Tyler: What is this from?! Hannah/Grace: This is from, you- Grace: We did our no filter show at… Tyler: Awww Grace: …nerd mill I think.. Mamrie: For like, a hundred people. Hannah: Our second show ever! Grace: We were workshopping it and we had Tyler come in and play a guest role- what did you do in that in that show? Tyler: I don’t know what I did. Grace: We did librarians and he like asked a question or something. Mamrie: Does anyone have a question? *audience cheers* Tyler: So i have a question. I just have a quick question. So what happens when like a guy and like another guy want to- *long censor bleep* *audience laughter* Tyler: And then like, do you clean that up after? *more audience laughter* Tyler: It was the first time I ever saw Youtubers on a stage like doing that, and like people coming and watching. I was just so proud. Grace: I like that we’re all individually wearing our own merch. Mamrie: My forehead looks like Charles. *laughter* Grace: But look how far we’ve come. Tyler: I know! Grace: I mean, the lighting’s slightly better now, but only slightly. *train noises* Grace: Hannah’s got a show on the food Network. Hannah: Ohhh Tyler: Why do you say “oh”? Grace: That could have been any emotion! Mamrie: She turned into Don Knotts. Grace: It’s Mondays at 10pm? Hannah: Mondays at 10pm, only on the Food Network. Grace: Heeyy! Tyler: That’s so cool! Hannah: I know, it’s pretty fun! Tyler: Look at how far you came! Little ol’ you! Hannah: Oh, well, you know. We’ll see what happens. *laughter* Hannah: I’m nervous… Grace: If you like confidence like this, check out Hannah’s Food Network show. Mondays at 10pm! Mamrie: She ‘Harts’ food but not compliments. *laughter* Grace: Also we made videos on each one of their channels, so they’ll all be linked in the description below go check them out because they were as emotional of a rollercoaster as this was. Hannah: There was a lot. Grace: Um, that’s it. *laughter* Hannah: or bye… Grace: I don’t know. Tyler: Daddy was a cater waiter, Mamrie: didn’t know what to do. Hannah: Oh oh! Grace: So he put his little girl in the industry too. Mamrie: We’re basically Pentatonix. Hannah: Guys, guest appearance, Pentatonix, us, doing that song. Grace: Where?! Tyler: Sure. *laughter* Tyler: Where?! Hannah: Like at a Pentatonix show! Tyler’s got a great bass! Tyler: *deep voice* Thank you. Tyler: *giggles* No, get outta here, no! Daddy wasn’t this cater waiter!

100 thoughts on “REACTING TO TYLER’S OLD INSTAGRAMS // Grace Helbig

  1. These four wondrous people are the ones that I first subscribed to when Youtube vlogs and videos were becoming a thing… It feels so long, but I still love each one!

  2. Kayla Kusman
    PSA if you're a girl, (bff guy spot is filled) and you enjoy this video and these people.. FB ME MESSAGE ME CALL ME SOMETHING. I desperately need a girl like this in my life. Slide in the DMS. (I think YouTube has dms idk I just made an account to post this comment bye

  3. Tyler:Do ya"ll know Jake Paul
    Mamrie: yes
    Hannah: yes
    Grace:Umm were recording
    😂😂😜😜😂😂😁😀😂😃😵😂😂😂😂I'm dead

  4. grace, honestly im tired of fake friends but yall fucking foursome make me sore. i asked one of my friends if they would care if i was never in their life would they care, they said idk. honestly it made me cry and im super embarrassed. god this foursome can never break.

  5. Anyone else think for most of the beginning of the vid Hannah’s arm look like it’s reaching across grace and landing on Tyler’s shoulder

  6. God, I wish there was footage of the holy trinity and Dan and Phil hanging out. The 2 squads are both so weird and wonderful but so different, it would be delightful. I'm pretty sure there's only like one really old collab between any of them, when Grace was on the super amazing project, which is a bummer bc they're all my faves.

  7. I wish the four of you would do a weekly collaboration video or podcast or something! I would patreon all of you.

  8. I looked and thought that Hannah just had a really long arm and it was on Tyler’s shoulder and was both confused and concerned

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