(clapping) – Hey guys, how’s it hangin’? I just discovered this
past week that there is an activity log on Facebook
in which you can see your activity on Facebook since
the beginning of time, and so I thought it would
be fun for this week’s video to just dive in to my activity log and see what the (beep) was up with,
how old was I when I started, 2008, what year is it? 2018, so 10 years ago. Would’ve made me 12. Why the (beep) did I
have a Facebook at 12? Anyways, so I just wanted
to see what 12 year old Alyx was up to and then, you
know, we’ll just progress into all the years. I’ve already scrolled down to
2008 and from what I’m seeing so far it’s not good. It’s not good. My first ever Facebook
status was studding. Perhaps I was studding out,
like being really cool, but I think that I meant
studying and I hope that I was studying English. Okay, I updated my status,
sushiandsims with no spaces. Again, I really needed
to take an English class. Me, very casually, Alyx,
March 27, is in India. My family traveled a lot when
I was younger so I’ve been all around the world at
ages where I quite frankly don’t remember anything. Oh, I’m studying again in this status. I was always a pretty hard worker. School, Mulan, I don’t
know what that means. Oh, I was in the play Mulan
in eighth grade, that’s what was going on. Anyways, I spelled clarinet wrong. I used to play the clarinet. I mean, I can still blow a mean one, but. I am such a hard worker. Is doing homework and IMing. Is studyuddddyyudddying. Is doing homework. Is doing homework and
getting sleep for tomorrow. My parents would be so proud
of my Facebook statuses. Here’s a photo of me as a child. This is me. May 25th, Alyx Weiss updated her status. Is trying to defy gravity. Then right above it on May
26, I like Idina Menzel. Clearly I just discovered Wicked. ♪ I’ll try defying gravity ♪ ♪ Kiss me goodbye, I’m defying gravity ♪ ♪ And you can’t bring me down ♪ I’m done. Alyx Weiss is addicted to email. I was 13, that is so me now though. Just reading that was
triggering and now I need to check my email. Who the (beep) was emailing me at 13? I don’t know. Alyx Weiss is watching Degrassi. I loved that show. (Alyx laughing) Oh my God, that’s only funny to me. I’m not even gonna tell you, okay. Aw, my best friend at the
time, she wrote on my wall, “Hey babe, good luck
singing Final Thoughts. “It’s an amazing song and
you’re an amazing singer “so it goes perfectly together, ha ha ha. “That was kinda corny
but whatever, it’s the “thought that counts. “Love you so much.” That’s so nice. If you didn’t know, Final
Thoughts is actually a song that I wrote when I was 13. I actually sang it once in
an Uber video because the Uber concept was that I was
trying to sing to my passenger and then I was pulling shit out of my ass. I sang my song and I said
that I wrote it, which is not a lie, but I was 13 at the time. Here, I’ll sing you a bit of it right now. It’s bad and I don’t know
what the fuck 13 year old me was singing about love. It was beyond my years, okay. Kiss, oh my god, this is embarrassing. ♪ Kiss me before I leave ♪ ♪ Beg me before I go ♪ ♪ Whisper all your final thoughts ♪ ♪ And tell me how much you
have lost and miss me ♪ ♪ Miss me when I’m gone ♪ ♪ And know those times
won’t be forgotten ♪ ♪ And though the
sweetness will go rotten ♪ ♪ You’ll still be by my side ♪ ♪ You and I have to depart ♪ ♪ I’ve grown so much
now you should start ♪ ♪ It’s time to say goodbye ♪ Anyways, now I’m in Israel. Oh no, oh no. Okay, so I am writing to my
two best friends at the time on Facebook because
apparently personal messaging is just not a thing. Do you remember that? The days where you would
actually send someone a personal message on their public wall. Anyways, so I’m telling
them about my trip to Israel and my friend at the time,
mind you, we’re 13, she writes, “Dearest Alyx, some things
sound so depressing.” The holocaust, spelled wrong,
“The holocaust thing must “have been terrible to see
what probably your friends “or family went through.” My friends? Family, yes, but friends? This was a long time ago. And then my other friend
wrote, “I love hearing “about the holocaust.” She spelled it right. And then in quotations,
“that sounded mean.” But she goes on to explain
that it’s not boring. She says, “I don’t know,
it’s fun/sad to learn about “and it’s not boring.” I can’t, I can’t. Here are some photos of
me if you were curious. That’s me, this is me, that’s me. Here I am again. I had braces at the time, clearly. Oh my God, oh my God, yikes. I wrote, ew, delete, nine
years ago, that’s crazy. What? Up until this
moment, I wasn’t even in eighth grade yet. I’ve been in seventh grade
because my friend wrote on my wall “Hey babe,
how was your first day “of eighth grade?” Clearly I liked it because
on September 5th I wrote is loving it. That’s good. Here I am with my new friends from eighth grade, loving life. Look at those titties and
that horrible necklace. I even commented on it. Look, I wrote uh, whoa, boobs, me. My friend Trudy wrote,
“Alyx, way to notice your “own boobs, loser.” I updated my status and
said everyone, Lil Wayne is not dead. Everyone, shh, shh, Lil Wayne didn’t die. He wasn’t even shot. I don’t know why I took on the
responsibility of informing the public about Lil
Wayne’s apparent death. I don’t know. Everyone, I’m in ninth grade
now, so I’m in high school now. What, I made my status just
met Justin Bieber at concert. I definitely did not meet
Justin Bieber that day, so. Okay, so I was tagged in
my friend’s photo who was at the concert with me and
said that we were in a photo with Justin Bieber. We’re somewhere in this area
and that’s Justin Bieber. So that was me meeting
him apparently, great. I’m getting older here, 10th grade. Oh, oh my God, I miss these days. Opening night tomorrow,
Midsummer Night’s Dream. Here I am in my costume. There I am again. My glory days was high
school theater, yeah. Oh, here I am the night
of the performance. Ah, looking good. Oh, and we bow. Yikes, my friend took a camera
to school and was taking photos of everyone and here’s
a really nice one of me. I’m posting less and less on
Facebook now because this is when I got really into YouTube
around this time, so I don’t think my social life at school
was of utmost importance. Oh my God, there’s a YouTube
video of my choir singing. There I am, right there. (joyful choral music) That’s so funny. Why did anyone upload that? No one wanted to hear it. I’m actually specifically
just looking for one video that I want to end this video on. Where is this? I put a temporary barcode
tattoo on my back and felt that I needed to post it. My friend commented and said
“Alyx Weiss never comes free. “She got tired of answering
the question how much so she “just got a barcode so that
her customers can scan and go.” What? Where is this video
that I’m looking for? I updated my status. My dad just asked me if
my mock trial team played the offense or the defense today, lol. ‘Cause it’s prosecution or defense. C’mon, where is this video? I really do feel it coming. Ew, I posted this photo in
my YouTube friend girl group on Facebook and said do you
all like the dress I chose for my dance on Saturday? I look the hooker. If you guys don’t know,
I have an anteater. I have a pet anteater and
this is said anteater. That’s him, his name’s Joe High. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I’m feeling the video approaching. Whoa, this is deep. I updated my status and I
wrote has been losing a lot of keys lately. Oh wait, this is a Jack Johnson lyric. Loosin’ a lot of keys lately. I don’t know what that means
but maybe I’d be better off with things that can’t be locked at all. Oh my God, I was like Jesus,
I am a writer at heart. But that’s not, I didn’t write that. Well, I cannot find this
video that I’m looking for, but I know that I uploaded it
and privated it, privatededed, on my YouTube channel a long
time ago because I never wanted to lose this video. So I’m just gonna go there
and play it for you and then we’re gonna do the outro because
I need to pee really badly honestly, more so than anything,
it’s because I need to pee and I need to go for that reason. But my friend at the
time wrote me this song. He wrote it right after I posted
a video called How To Wear A Dress 20 Different Ways and
you’re probably like, why is that relevant information? But it is and you will see. Here we go. – This is my Ayydubs introduction. (cheerful guitar music) ♪ If you’re seeing this ♪ ♪ Then you want to know ♪ ♪ If it’s possible to wear a
dress for seven days in a row ♪ – Oh, that’s what the video was. How To Wear A Dress Seven Ways. ♪ Well, Ayydubs knows ♪ ♪ And she will share ♪ ♪ So pay attention and
listen with lots of care ♪ ♪ So tune in ♪ ♪ The Ayydubs show is about to begin ♪ ♪ She does reviews ♪ ♪ Fashion tips and other
sorts of helpful clues ♪ ♪ If you’re seeing this ♪ – Sorry, that was probably
way more entertaining for me than it was for you. I hope you guys like this video. It got a little bit
complicated with the order of the activity log on Facebook,
so we probably didn’t even see the juiciest of the juice
but we got a little juicy. Anyways, I have to go get juicy. I have to pee. If you like this video,
give it a thumbs up. Leave a comment down below. By the way, the winner of
the piece of art that I made last week is this person. Sorry, I’m kind of rushed. I really need to pee. Make sure you subscribe. I upload videos every Thursday, bye. ♪ So tune in ♪ ♪ The Ayydubs show is about to end ♪

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