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Don’t you hate it when THIS happens? I’m going to a party! *Terrible dancing ensues* Clean your room first Oh noooooooooo- Moooom *boom sound effect* *another boom sound effect* ‘ol around me r familiar face-‘ M A C!!! I don’t even know what just happened. Hey guys! What’s- what’s up? So I’ve been requested by Twitter- Gimme that promo Follow me on Twitter ;)) -by multiple people to do a video reacting to Instagram comedians. Follow me on Instagram ;)) gimme me that promo bitch I don’t even- I don’t even know. Now, I am not fully certain what Instagram comedians are nor have I ever really known that was actually a thing but apparently it’s a thing and it’s reactable and if it is what I think it is then I am absolutely terrified did a video about this earlier this year and that video got a lot of views And as you know I am trying to get famous like we’ve already established this like this is a thing that’s already happening also since I technically am an Instagram comedian as in there’s a video of me that will never stop going around on Instagram I didn’t even put it there, and I guess it’s comedy I don’t know. I maybe I was serious in it I decided I might as well react to my kind, my people my, my brothers you know? So this is an Instagram comedian reacting to other Instagram comedians you like that clickbait-ass title? You like me being so meta??? Can’t be clickbait when it’s true, right? It’s technically true. dont fight me *snap* and here we go One thing. I do know about Instagram comedians Is their constant use of *B O O M* which I hope I found this sound and I inputted it right there I did it that I just inputted a bow don’t judge me. Let’s make this a drinking game for you guys at home whenever you hear the sound Let’s also throw in a little bit this compilation looks promising Persona 1: Uno out,
Persona 2: You think your’re bad? I’m so done, captioning this is going to take forever. So thats what were dealing with
H A H A H Wow that’s my best man written and directed by okay it’s a production bitch Usually I’m not the type of person who makes fun of people when they’re trying their best But, you know, choices are made. Scripts are written Things are created on the internet that probably wouldn’t survive anywhere else. That’s not mean That’s just that’s just true *confused Mac* *Mac contemplates his life some more* Okay there goes that noise, I keep telling you about the noise. this is already an adventure, I kind of regret taking Nothing says relatable humor like rape, right W O W This entire video’s gonna be me staring at my computer screen in amazement AHHHHHH Instagram comedians volume 2, OK The slap and the ‘what is that’ scream. I should have said that noise I don’t know if I can keep on doing this very cringy. I’m very uncomfortable I’m getting so far Instagram commedia are the epitome of comedy right let’s analyze what we have watched so far what pass That’s funny on Instagram our jokes rainbow Supremacy white people acting like black people. Big dick jokes, small dick jokes. Sexual harassment, huh right and a lot of this *sound effect noise* just a whole lot of this Oh, I’m taking a drink *sound effects* Oh, Im walking to the store. I’m clapping *continuous sound effects* Instagram comedians are like the common white girl or the dory twitter account who are human beings that decided to make Instagram videos Folks like the people that we watched on Instagram is probably in charge of one of those accounts let’s be honest It’s so funny because its cringeworthingly relateable Is that what I’m supposed to be doing? Is that what I’m missing out on? Is that was gonna make me famous? Is that what I need? I can start right now. Let’s do it. L I T Let’s watch some TV. Oh no The battery’s dead :O *Annoying sound effect noise* Oh! He needs some milk! The bible BITCH WHAT THE FUCK? WHaT tHe fUCk? *More annoying sound effects* ehehe I’ll leave you guys with this *snap* there you go, moral of the story Poor Mac, he absolutely hates this. well any ways my name is Mac Sorry if this video is really short, I’ve been dealing with a lot of dental problems to redeem myself, I will unlist a series of old videos that I have in my repertoire Theyre on a playlist, I’ll put a link in the description if you guys want to watch them you guys can watch them They’re terrible They’re cringe-worthy Probably as cringe-worthy as it is. Probably even worse Most likely worse *goddamnit i hate vine for starting this* And don’t really like comment share and subscribe BWAAAAAHH *Jazzy music*

100 thoughts on “REACTING TO INSTAGRAM “comedians”

  1. ah. i LOVE how all of this was me drinking 7 cups of orange juice spritzer with lime la crayon in a unicorn cup.

  2. I have only been on instagram like 5 times in my entire life….i am happy for that.

    Shitty comedians, art theft and dogface filters…that's all there is.

  3. Mac being silent for about 10 seconds is literally funnier than all of those Instagram "comedians" put together

  4. Mac spamming the sounds for the drinking games


  5. “I’m going to a party!
    Oh no you have to clean your room first”

    1. I don’t go to parties
    2. My room is always clean because my OCD is qUakiNg

    Fight me

  6. I laughed more at your blank silent stare after saying "moral of the story is.." than at anything else in the video.

  7. So much underated YouTubers hate Instagram comedians and I understand why

  8. those kinds of videos gave me pinkeye but daddy deliciousness videos has cured me once again and now I am free

  9. i was watching this and i looked away for a few secs and heard complete silence out of no where. i thought the video froze. it was just mac being a little betch

  10. It's not a true Mac video until there's that awkward freeze frame (but not actually frozen) 10 seconds of silence followed by laughter because u can't hold ur expression like Mac does to the point of wondering if the video froze. 😂

  11. We all know that there's only one funny Instagram comedian…

    Lelelele pons…. JK it's Thomas Sanders

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