RC-Reporter® – Inspire Action (2019)

– [Narrator] We live in
a data obsessed world. From the start of our day to when we go home, data drives everything. And yet, data is meaningless. Numbers, KPIs, trend graphs
changing minute by minute relentlessly growing bigger. But ultimately, data
has no value on its own. Data needs context. Context leads to understanding, Understanding leads to insights. Insights lead to real world actions. And through those actions,
we change our world. RC-Reporter is an industry-trusted, building analytics software. A dedicated, comprehensive,
customizable tool to unlock the real value in
your building performance data. A single building can have
hundreds, if not thousands of raw data points flowing
out of it every second and building up into massive data pools. RC-Reporter is your tool to
extract actionable insights from your building data. Identify potential issues,
faults, trends, correlations, opportunities and cost reductions, delivery precise results to the
most demanding environments, no matter the scale of your organization. Focus on what matters and take action. Connect to a variety of data sources. Configure, design and
generate your own reports. Publish to a variety of formats, such as automated email
or integrated directly into your building control system. RC-Reporter’s clear,
dependable and easy to follow analytics reports,
fundamentally change the way your organization makes decisions. Unleash the full productivity
and cost savings potential, locked away in your building. Elevate comfort, banish building issues, enhance productivity,
master your energy needs. Take on the future with confidence. Inspire action, deliver
clear intelligence. RC-Reporter, your clear
choice for clear intelligence. (uplifting music)

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