Rafale Deal पर French Media का बड़ा ख़ुलासा! | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

Greetings Friends. A popular, reliable French News paper did a huge exposé on Rafale deal. Let us look at what exactly this newspaper said and also about Indian Government and Reilance´s response to it. Friends, I had made this video in December, explaining the Rafale Deal from every angle. Many things have happened since then. Let´s continue the story from where I had left off Since then, there have been many more exposés from different people. One name that stands out is ´N. RAM´ N.Ram, The Hindu, ex Editor-in-Chief´ has done many crucial investigating reports and exposés because of which, today, the Rafale deal is reopened in the Supreme Court. In February 08, 2019 he brought out this exclusive report and he alleged with proofs, that… When the Rafale Deal negotiation was going on… Prime Minister´s Office was holding independent negotiation with France Government without Indian Defence Ministry´s involvement. one of the leaked Defence Ministry documents, mentions that… `Because the negotiation was happening from two different places, independently, the Indian negotiating position ended up becoming weak` As a response, BJP trolls trolled The Hindu and N.Ram, attacked him and did twitter trends against him for doing this exposé, And our government says that the documents shown by The Hindu have been stolen from the Defence Ministry. Since the documents shown are classified and stolen from Defence Ministry, it cannot be considered as evidence. Government also says there is a threat to national security by this leak. National threat!! because The Hindu stole our classified document and is exposing it!! Government is hiding behind any and every excuse to hide their actions. Citing National Security, Government begged Supreme Court, not to investigate these documents. But Supreme Court refused Government´s plea and took a decision on April 10, 2019 to reopen the Rafale Case. Friends this was a big victory for independent media and press freedom. That, leaked documents can be considered as evidence and can be investigated, if they are relevant . Instead of hiding behind National Security excuse. Similarly, The Hindu has done few more exposés connected to Rafale Deal. Here, The Hindu alleges that UPA´s Rafale Deal was on better terms in comparison to the NDA Deal. Here The Hindu alleges that… …The new Modi government has waved off the Anti Corruption law. Friends, you can find all the links in the description, below. Now let us look at the latest exposé made by the French newspaper, Le Monde. Before people question the credibility of Le Monde, newspaper let me explain. Le Monde, was started in 1944 in France, It is a globally respected and important newspaper. It is well known for its objectivity and factual accuracy. Even Brittanica Encyclopedia supports Le Mond´s credibility. Anil Ambani has registered a Telecom company ´Reliance Atlantic Flag France´ in France. France Tax Authority did an investigation on this company and found out that… Between 2007 – 2010, Reliance Atlantic Flag France, was liable to pay € 60 million taxes in France. Reliance offered to pay € 7.6 million as settlement but the France Tax Authority refused it. On further investigation by France Tax Authority, it was revealed that… …between 2010 – 2012 Reliable was liable to pay an additional € 91 millions in taxes. PM Modi announced new Rafale Deal in April 2015, by then, Reliance owed € 150 million to French Tax Authorities in taxes. 6 months after the announcement of the Rafale Deal when the negotiation between India and France started… France Tax Authority agreed on a settlement of € 7.3 million with Anil Ambani´s company. € 7.3 million instead of € 150 million !!!! Anil Ambani got € 147.3 million tax waver from France Government. These allegations are made by the French newspaper Le Monde. Naturally, questions arise. Did Anil Ambani get this Tax waiver because Modi Government made the NEW Rafale Deal at a higher price? It was a disadvantage for India. Modi government paid more money to buy the Rafale planes from France, may be that´s why Anil Ambani got Tax Waiver. Can this be the reason? These are the obvious questions everyone has. In response to all these allegations, Reliance spokes person said… …Whatever the original money that France Tax Authority was demanding, was illegal and unsustainable. He denied that neither there was any kind of favouritism towards Reliance company in France. nor Reliance has gained anything from this settlement. On other hand Modi government´s
Defence ministry while responding to all these allegations, says… not to link Reliance Tax issue with Rafale Deal. It also says that any connection made to the Rafale Deal and Tax issue is totally inaccurate , tendentious and mischievous attempt to disinform. What do you think friends? Should we connect these two issues or not? On one hand, Anil Ambani gets such huge tax waiver from France. At the same time the Rafale Deal happened which is ridden with so many questions. The Hindu has done so many exposés on this Deal and now the case is back in Supreme Court. What is your opinion? You can share it in the comment section. Social Media is already buzzing with allegations that Congress has bought French Media, French Media is anti-national etc. Friends, that´s why I felt it was very important to share with you all how reputable and respected the French Newspaper, Le Monde is. Let´s see what happens after this. I feel, some kind of investigation should happen in France. Because the French Government itself is embroiled in this exposé. Friends, I want to know one more thing, please do share your views and opinion about my video. How neutral or objective did you find this video? From my side, I try to present issues as it happened, based on facts. And on the other hand I try to keep my opinion separate. You might have noticed, whenever I am expressing my opinion, you see ´#Opinion` above By this, you can differentiate between 100% pure facts and my opinion. While presenting facts, I try to present it from all angles. Like, in this video, I have tried to tell all about the media reports, What is Reliance angle and .. …What is Government´s angle. From my side, I try my level best. But I would love to know your opinion as how can this be improved. Please share your suggestions in the comment section below. I´ll try to improve my videos to make them more objective. Please share this video widely. If you like my videos, you can contribute on so that I can make many more such videos in the future for you. Let´s meet again in the next video. Thank you so much.

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