R-Truth spoils Elias’ farewell musical performance: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019
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R-Truth spoils Elias’ farewell musical performance: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

Hello, I am Elias. [SOUND] I have some terrible,
terrible, are we good? Now, I have some terrible news for
everybody. In fact, [NOISE] I need you
all to reach out your hands. Grab your loved ones and pull them close. Because tonight is a night
you will never forget. In fact,
tonight is Elias’s farewell performance.>>What? [APPLAUSE]
>>But first I need you all to
silence your cellphones. Hold your applause [NOISE] and
shut your mouths.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Okay, okay, who tuned this, all right? There’s a reason we went
through sound check. Get me the guitar, okay,
get me a better guitar.>>Is there no respect for
Elias around here? Tune the man’s guitar.>>Better get his audio together.>>Okay, now get in the ring,
pick it up, and hand it to me, okay? Dang man, are you kidding me? Supposed to be my farewell. Take that. Give me the good one, okay? [SOUND] Give me the guitar.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hey, it’s Truth!>>Truth is a terrible stagehand.>>Wait a minute, Elias realizing it. Shoulders are down. Elias, [INAUDIBLE] a kick out at two. And now again, inside cradle. Truth, can he become the 24/7 champion? Again, no.>>Run, Elias, get out of there.>>What a great strategy by R-Truth.>>What a great strategy by Elias
to wear the title belt there so the kick didn’t hurt him.>>Another cover,
hooks both legs this time. And Elias kicks out at two.>>Remember, the 24/7 Championship
on the line, any time, any place, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.>>Elias caught off guard,
but look at R-Truth.>>Now what?>>I have no idea what R-Truth
is thinking right now.>>I don’t think anybody does. It’s the mystery and the fun of Truth.>>R-Truth, who are you?>>Truth gonna tune that guitar, and!>>A swing and a miss.>>Elias escapes.>>You’d better bring it back!

100 thoughts on “R-Truth spoils Elias’ farewell musical performance: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

  1. R-Truth and Maverick are the ones who makes the 24/7 title promo fun and entertaining. And I'll say this again, THAT CHAMPIONSHIP IS REALLY MADE FOR R-TRUTH!

  2. We need more "hardcore" and creative moments with the 24/7 title scene. Small packages and roll ups make everyone too weak

  3. You know what’s funny when truth become champion everyone in the back comes out but when it’s somebody else nobody comes after them wtf 😂😂

  4. Rtruth is champion he gets chased around the building by nearly every wrestler all night Elias is champion and he walks out with only rtruth interested in the title Smh.

  5. La traducción :
    Elias : Hola soy Elias , necesito que alcen las manos con todo vuestro amor porque hoy es un día que nunca olvidaréis porque hoy es la última actuación de Elias , lo primero dejad de hacer ruido y a callar . A ver ¿ Quién hizo esto ? Darme otra guitarra .
    A ver no he dicho que me la tires sino que subas al ring y me la des educadamente . Toma esta y dame la otra

  6. R-Truth is really an unbelievable athlete. He's almost 50 but he's still able to pull a high-intensity wrestling move like that on a whim.

  7. Como q Elías le corre para R-truht jajaa🤣🤣 q siga cn el puto d shenomac y nunca subirá y será Naahh x gilada

  8. Since he fights Kevin Owens on smackdown I’ll probably have the feeling that r truth or drake maverick is gonna show up on smackdown to take back the 24/7 title

  9. Why Isn't Everyone After Elias? But Half The WWE Roster Was After Truth. And If R Truth Would've Won The 24/7 Title. Half The WWE Roster Would Came Out After R Truth. Weak Story Line And Elias Walks Out Unscathed. And That Finishing Move By R Truth Weak. Relly

  10. I say fatal 3-way match at Clash of the Champions for the 24-7 championship between R-truth, Elias and Drake Maverick. Winner gets 24 hour off before the title is contested again. Let Drake win and consummate his marriage.

  11. Truth wasted time to hit Elias with the guitar 💯 where was Carmel lol 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂💯

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